Kuwait Medical Licensing Examination (KMLE) & MOH in Kuwait – How to start career in Kuwait as a doctors

Kuwait Medical Licensing Examination (KMLE)

Kuwait Medical Licensing Examination (KMLE)
Kuwait Medical Licensing Examination (KMLE)

Kuwait is divided into six goverrnorate regions

  1. Capital Governorate
  2. Hawalli Governorate 
  3. Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate
  4. Ahmadi Governorate
  5. Farwaniya Governorate
  6. Jahra Governorate 

with each region having a general public hospital, and many private Hospital which provides full outpatient services and 24-hour emergency services in Govt Hospital & some private Hospital. In addition, there is a wide range of specialist public hospitals in Kuwait. 

What is Kuwait Medical Licensing Examination (KMLE)?

It is the licencing examination in Kuwait for doctors, in short it is called KMLE. To ensure minimal professional standards and highest excellency for those who wish to practice medicine in Kuwait, a licensing examination(KMLE) has been established and approved by the Ministry of Health(MOH) in Kuwait which is mandatory for the practice of Medicine in Kuwait.  All medical school graduates (Kuwaitian & Non-Kuwaitian)  who do not currently hold a license to practice as a physician in Kuwait are must required to pass the KMLE examination in order to practice medicine in the public or private sectors in Kuwait. It is also mandatory for foreign candidates

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Kuwait Medical Licensing Examination Eligibility criteria : 

A doctor who achieve a professional medical qualifications conferred by a Medical school/Medical College/Medical University recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Kuwait (as listed in the most recent issue of the World Directory of Medical Schools, published by the WHO is eligible to apply for The KMLE(Kuwait medical licencing examination). 

Validity of the KMLE examination: 

The results of the Kuwait medical licencing examination are valid for 5(five) years subsequent to the date after passing the KMLE examination. 

Format and content of the KMLE examination: 

Kuwait medical licencing examination is  a  one  day  written  examination  in  English,composed  of  two  MCQ papers(Paper 1 & Paper 2). And The professional exam (KMLE) of candidates are evaluated by means of the following examination criteria: 

Paper 1 

  1. This is an MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions) paper of 100 questions.
  2. Medicine, Paediatrics,   Surgery   and Obstetrics and Gynaecology are the 4 major disciplines
  3. 25 questions are derived from each of the 4 major   disciplines.
  4. Questions on Psychiatry, Community Medicine and Primary Care are included in the four major disciplines. 
  5. Each  question  has  5  answers,  of  which  one  is  correct. 
  6. The  total  mark  for  this paper is 100.
  7. There is No minus marking for this examination.
  8. The time allowed is 150 minutes. 

Paper 2 

  1. This  paper  consists  of  40  questions(True / false) 
  2. Medicine, Paediatrics,   Surgery   and Obstetrics and Gynaecology are 4 major disciplines.
  3. 10  from  each  of  the  major  disciplines,  and  deals  with clinical  problem-solving questions.
  4. Each  question  has  5 stems,  each  of  which  may  be  true or false. Each has to be marked as true or false on the answer sheet.
  5. The total mark for this paper 2 is 200.
  6. There is no minus marking in this examination.
  7. The time allowed is 150 minutes. 
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KML Examination schedule: 

The Kuwait medical licencing examination is administered thrices in a year, generally in October, February and June month.  

KMLE Result:

The KMLE examination results will be published within 2 weeks/14 days of sitting for the Kuwait medical licencing examination. 

Resit for the examination:

There is no limit to the number of attempts at the KMLE or Kuwait medical licencing examination. 

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Application procedures of KMLE

KMLE Candidates must submit following documents:

  1.  A completed application form 
  2. The full fee (20KWD)  for the KMLE examination
  3. A certified true copy of the candidate’s diploma for the basic medical degree
  4. 2 passport(PP) size photos(Recent photo) 
  5. Contact Ministry of health Kuwait 

Recommended Text Books for KMLE 

Medicine Book

Text Book of Medicine:

  1. Text Book of Medicine by A.L. SouhaMi, J. Moxam Or 
  2. equivalent text book Such as kumar clark clinical medicine,oxford clinical medicine or davidson principle of medicineS

upplementary Revision Medicine Guides:

  1. The Cleveland Clinic Intensive Review of Internal Medicine by J. K. Stoller, M. Ahmed, D. Longworth
  2. Pretest medicine-Pretest Self-assessment and Review
  3. Pretest Step 2 Simulated Exam-Latest Edition- by McGraw Hill

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Book

  1. Williams Obstetrics -Latest Edition.
  2. Comprehensive Gynaecology by- Arthur L. Herbst et al

Paediatrics Book

  1. Illustrated textbooks of Paediatrics by -Tom Lissauer and Graham Clayden
  2. Practical Paediatrics by – M.J. Robinson and D.M. Roberton

Surgery Book

  1. Principles of Surgery by –Schwartz, latest Edition.
  2. Bailey and Love’s Short Practice of Surgery 

After passing KMLE you will apply in MOH (Ministry of health in Kuwait)  for Physician License. Application Criterias are different for both Government and Private hospital in Kuwait. 

Eligibility or Criteria for Government sector: 

  1. The MOH licence applicant’s scientific certificates must be approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait. 
  2. The professional license from the Ministry of Health(MOH) must be obtained
  3. The applicant’s must pass the personal interview at the Ministry of Health, for foreign doctors such as american,australian,british, canadian,indian, and Bangladeshi. 

Required Documents

  1. You have to write a Letter  to the Ministry of Health in Kuwait for requesting to issue professional license.
  2. You have to required professionl certificates 
  3. You also have required a copy of Certificates of experience or training 
  4. You also have required to Photocopy/colorcopy of the professional license in the applicant’s own country
  5. Ready to Copy of the passport 
  6. Three (3) personal photos(recent capture)
  7. you have to  do document stating by who is a member in Kuwait Medical Association(KMA), for Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti foreign physician. 


  1. You Visit the Medical License Department of the Ministry of Health and submit the required documents which are needs.
  2. Fill the service application form
  3. Pay the KMLE fees (20 KWD) 

Eligibility or Criteria for Private Medical Sector

  1. Your Private medical institution or you must submit the request at Department of the Ministry of Health in Kuwait.  
  2. You must pass a personal interview in Department of the Ministry of Health.
  3. You must pass a medical check-up. 
  4. A primary approval of licence must be obtained from the Medical License Committee
  5. The scientific certificates and certificates of practical experience or certificate of training must be authenticated to request the professional license committee

You have to prove as doctors :

1. Generally speaking, the ideal candidate would possess Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT), or equivalent certification, in their specialist area. The equivalents accepted from other countries include:

  1. American board registration
  2. Canadian Board Registration,
  3. Facharzt (German)
  4. French Board DES
  5. Australian Fellowship
  6. New Zealand Fellowships

2. In addition, the candidate will also have a at Least of 3 years’ substantive post experience.
3. High Priority of Arabic speaking & look for excellence in spoken English.
4. Female doctors are more preferred especially Paediatrics,Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist area.

Positive Points of Kuwait as a physician

You have to know following point, It is according to internet information 

1. A Doctor Minimum salary for Only MBBS is 4990 USD Monthly in Kuwait

2. A Specialist  minimum salary is 8000 USD to 10,000 USD Monthly

3. Maximum earning of a doctors in Kuwait about 20,000 USD to 50,000 USDD Monthly. 

4. Pathologist are more in demand with higher pay than other specialist doctors in Kuwait.

5. Demand of physician in Kuwait according to country:

  • United States(US)
  • Canada
  • India
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Others European Countries

(Please check all info directly by who are already practice medicine in Kuwait)

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N.B. We have no enough information beyond this article about KMLE to Guide you completely, Please take help from your Senior who are alredy in Kuwait or passing KMLE or Direct contact with Ministry of health of Kuwait.

Dr. Md Noman Islam Nirob, MBBS(Rajshahi University, Bangladesh), DMU(Ultrasound)
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