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Career after MBBS in Bangladesh and Post graduation degree in Bangladesh

Career after MBBS in Bangladesh and Post graduation degree in Bangladesh

Career after MBBS in Bangladesh


  • Introduction of Some Degree and Diploma
  • FCPS Guidelines
  1. What is FCPS and BCPS?
  2. FCPS Part 1 Marking system 2021
  3. FCPS Syllabus
  4. FCPS part 1 sample Question
  5. Eligibility criteria of FCPS examination 2021
  6. FCPS training Rules
  • MD Guidelines
  • MD/MS Residency Subject List
  • MPH GuidelinesGuidelines(
  1. Eligibility criteria for MPH
  2. Evening or Part time MPH m
  • BCS guidelines for Doctors
  • A guide to PLAB test
  • Important topics for PLAB 1 exam
  • USMLE career guide for Bangladeshi
  • Collection of PDF for Doctors and Medical Students
  • Read more: BSMMU MD/MS Residency and M. Phill/M.Med/Diploma, and MPH admission circular and notice 2021
  • Fb/Telgram Group link for FCPS help

Introduction of Some post graduation Degree and Diploma

FCPS, MCPS :career after MBBS in Bangladesh 

FCPS and MCPS examinations are held under BCPS. These are considered to be the greatest among the postgraduate degrees in medicine in Bangladesh. FCPS exam has two parts — Part-1, Part-2. Part-1 is held twice a year. After completing Part-1, you have to train for four years and take part in Part-2.
To take part in the MCPS exam, one has to apply after completing at least four years of training after graduation. The MCPS (click for more info) exam follows the MRCP or MRCS exam system in the UK.
More read :
  • notice
  • MCPS degree in Bangladesh
  • FCPS vs MD degree in Bangladesh
  • Tips on Medical Treatment in India

MS or MD :career after MBBS in Bangladesh 

Two years after passing MBBS, one has to apply for MS or MD. This course can be done in specialized government hospitals and first tier medical colleges.
MD/MS degree awarded by BSMMU.
BSMMU Website  :

MPH : career after MBBS in Bangladesh 

 This degree can be obtained from NIPSOM, BRAC University, State University, NSU, Northern University and AIUB. In the case of jobs of various NGOs including WHO, BRAC, this degree is preferred. Apart from this, there are opportunities for higher education in various subjects like diploma and basic subjects of medicine.

Higher Study abroad for Bangladeshi doctors

USMLE : career after MBBS for Bangladeshi

In the USA, you have to take an exam to get a license to do medicine in various subjects. USMLE has three steps — Step-1, Step-2 (CK, CS), Step-3. There are two Phase-I and Phase-II (CK) examination centers in Bangladesh. Phase-2 (CS) and Phase-3 examinations are to be given in USA. The MD degree is awarded after completing three steps. Note that you will get honors while being an apprentice. For details of USMLE go this site

AMC : career after MBBS for Bangladeshi

You have to take part in this exam to do medicine in Australia. Of the two parts of this test, the first part test center is in India.
Read more : AMC exam Preparation
AMC official website :
PLAB: To be a doctor in Britain, you have to take part in this test. For details

MRCP or FRCS : career after MBBS for Bangladeshi

The highest honorary degree in the world. The degree is awarded by the Royal College of Physicians in Britain. MRCP or FRCS examination centers are in Bangladesh.
Apart from this, Bangladeshi doctors are going to Canada (MCC), Saudi Arabia, Iran, New Zealand and other countries to do higher education as well as medicine.

FCPS Guidelines : career after MBBS in Bangladesh 

FCPS part 1 exam preparation

What is FCPS?

FCPS stands for Fellow of the College of Physicians & Surgeons.

What is BCPS?

BCPS stands for Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons offers this degree.
This is the most popular degree in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.
However, the degree is long-term and no honors are given to the trainee during the training period, again the pass rate is not as expected. So to successfully complete the degree requires a combination of both patience and talent.

What are the subjects on which FCPS degree can be done?

The names of the subjects for which FCPS degree can be done are attached below in the form of Picture.


  • Advantage and Disadvantage of FCPS in Bangladesh

Steps of FCPS:

FCPS exam steps For parent Subjects:

1. FCPS Part 1 exam
2. Training +/- Course
3. FCPS Part 2 Final exam

FCPS exam steps For Branch / Subspeciality:

1. FCPS Part 1 exam
2. Training
3. FCPS Part 2 prelimenary exam
4. Training
5. FCPS Part 2 final exam

When and how to sit in FCPS Part1?

FCPS Part 1 exam is held in January and July every year.

After completing the internship and getting full registration of BMDC, a doctor can sit for FCPS Part 1 exam.

Candidate has to apply through online (

FCPS Exam Fee:

New candidates have to pay a fee of Tk 11,000৳. And the fee for old examinees is 10 thousand Tk.

FCPS part 1 marking system before :

  • The whole syllabus is divided into 3 parts and the test is held in 3 days.
  • Each paper has 50 questions and 100 marks.
  • Pass marks are 80 for each paper.
  • Although if you get 3×70 = 210 in all, you pass, but if you get above 65 in one of the papers, he/she will pass.
  • If he gets below 65 in any paper, he/she will be considered unsuitable to sit for the exam next time.

FCPS Part 1 marking System 2021

1. There will be no oral or practical method in the FCPS part 1 examination 2021. FCPS Candidates will be assessed through written by Multiple Choice Question and Single Best Answer test2. The pass mark in each paper of FCPS part 1 exam will be 70% marks.
3. There will be no negative marking for wrong answer.
4. Out of total 300 marks in three papers, a total of at least 210 marks should be obtained. If someone gets less than 70% marks in one paper, but more than 75% marks rest in two paper or gets more than 70% marks in other papers and 210 marks in total, then FCPS candidates will be successful too If he/she gets less than 65% marks in any paper, he will not be considered successful even if he gets 210 marks in total.5. The examination number method is as follows:
Type of multiple choice question (MCQ) / true-false question/:
Question No :25,
Marks No: 25*2=50

Single Best Answer(SBA):
Question No :25,
Marks No: 25*2=50

6. Each question will have 5 stems.

7. There will be 0.40 marks for correct answer of each stem in multiple choice question(MCQ/True-false) and 2 marks for correct answer in single best answer(SBA) question.

8. FCPS part 1 Test time 1 hour 40 minutes for each paper.

9. If a candidate gets less than 25% marks in a paper, he / she will not be able to participate in the next session of FCPS part 1 examination.

BCPS notification for July exam 2021

For download notice 2021 fcps or mcps examination Click the image below:
FCPS examination July 2021 notice pdf

Download marking system of FCPS part 1 examination 2021

FCPS Part 1 Criteria and Marking System

Sample Question of FCPS part 1

FCPS Question Pattern

A 72 years old woman has a four day history of profuse watery diarrhoea coupled with abdominal pain. He was seen by his Genarel Physician 2 weeks ago and started on oral amoxicillin for a lower respiratory tract infection. Stool sample analysis reveals  Clostridium difficile  enterotoxin. His observations are within normal range and the patient is apyrexial. Which of the following is the most appropriate treatment for this patient’s condition?

A. Vancomycin
B.  Metronidazole
C. Intravenous  metronidazole
D. Oral  ciprofloxacin
E. No antibiotic treatment required

Ans: B Metronidazole

35 – multiple true / false type questions:70 numbers.

Each multiple true / false type question has 5 steps with 0.4 marks in each.

Sample question:

1. Risk factors for suicide are-






ans: F F T F T

The correct answer is to fill in the answer sheet circle.Circles can be filled with pencil.There is no negative marking for false answer.1 hour 40 minutes is given for each paper exam.All the sub specialties and the coaching of the parent subject are the same as mentioned in the attached picture.If a candidate passes the exam for Parent subject, he / she can change the subject within the next 1 year and take any subject of Sub specialty of that subject.

Syllabus for FCPS part 1:

  • FCPS Medicine Part 1 Preparation and Syllabus
  • FCPS physical medicine part 1 Preparation and Syllabus
  • FCPS Part 1 Dermatology and Venerology Syllabus and Guidelines
  • FCPS Part 1 and 2 Opthalmology Syllabus

Eligibility criteria for FCPS examination 2021

FCPS Part 1 Criteria and Marking System

Eligibility Criteria for Fellowship & Membership Examinations : FCPS

FCPS Training Rules:

Note that the training done before FCPS Part 1 Pass counts up to 1 year.If the MD / MS degree is completed, 2 years training for that subject is waived for FCPS.

FCPS Training for Parent Subjects:

FCPS With course:

  • 3 years training (up to a year and a half can be done at the branch) and

1 year course

FCPS Except course:

  • 4 years training (minimum 1 year with payment).

FCPS Training for Sub Specialty / Branches:

For Preliminary FCPS Part 2:

  • Two years training (6 months can be done in the branch except 6 degrees in that subject)

For FCPS Part 2 final:

Training above 3 years degree in branch


sub specialty 2  years out of 3 years of training must be done after passing Preliminary Part 2.

Details : FCPS training rules according to BCPS

FCPS final Exam:

Eligibility to sit for the exam:
Complete the training as per the rules
To complete 1 dissertation / thesis.

FCPS Test type:

Written, OSPE, Conventional Viva, Clinical
If he gets 15 grades or above in the written test, he

FCPS part 1 examination and Mid term examination notice 2020
FCPS part 1 examination and Mid term examination notice 2020

will be exempted from taking the written test next time.Exam can be given up to 7 years and maximum 10 times.

Read more:

  • FCPS: Suggestions and Guidelines
  • FCPS Physical medicine Suggestions 2020

MD/MS residency Guidelines: Career after MBBS in Bangladesh

residency exam 2021

What is MD?

MD means Doctor Of Medicine its a Post Graduate degree for doctors.

MD/MS entrance exam in Bangladesh:

The MD/MS exam is held twice a year. The first thing that happens in April is non-residency. At the same time Diploma and M.Phil exams are also on the same question. However, it is not possible to say for sure whether there will be non-residency this time or not. There will be MPhil.
The number of questions in this exam is 100 and the time is 60 minutes. The residency exam is in November. The time here is 3 hours and the questions are 200. You can participate in this exam 1 year after the start date of the course from the end of your internship.

Learn : 

  • Advantage and Disadvantage of MD/MS-Residency Degree in Bangladesh
  • Tips on Medical Treatment in India

Why is the residency program different?

  • This is a complete and remarkably supervised program. You have to learn every moment from under a supervisor. One-three month block posting in different subjects will make your knowledge more integrated, your training will be more effective.
  • Will be graduating from the same institute with a degree for five years. There is no hassle of running around for training. BC)S cadres will also get deputation. If you have BCS during the course, you will get maximum three years leave. Come later and join in completing the rest of the course directly. There is no possibility of factionalism, file manipulation, harassment.
  • Phase ‘A’ is two years and phase ‘B’ is three years. When phase ‘A’ ends, go directly to phase ‘B’. Unlike non-residency, there are years of Part-1 Basic Science exams and suffering from depression. In this excellent course you will be able to reach the ultimate goal very nicely if you are fairly regular.
  • This program has been started in 2013 in several medical colleges outside BSMMU only. So the chances of getting a chance are more now in Bangladesh.
  • The program seeks to show a little respect for doctors, in contrast to the world’s “honorary vata” system. Residents are currently getting 20 of thousands.

Learn more: 

  • BSMMU MD/MS residency Question Bank
  • MD/MS Residency Subject List

Not only positive but also some negative have this Residency course ?

  • The provision of giving separate certificate as training to the residency has not been introduced yet. This can cause your FCPS Part-1 to hang.
  • According to the written rules, employment, practice, examination cannot be given outside. However, the application of this rule has not yet been observed to be strict.
  • Who will be considered for the test? Now those who have 37th BCS, will they be able to take the next residency exam?
  •  Sorry. Participants in the 33rd BCS will not be able to sit for the residency / non-residency examination before the next two years. However, anesthesia and basic science exams can be given after one year of service. There are no restrictions in the case of FCPS.

How many marks of the residency test?

  • Number 200, total time 160 minutes. As it was in previous years, there is no reason not to stay this time.

When can the residency test be done?

  • Written Exam – Friday, November 26, 20__ at BUET  Campus, 9am to 12pm. Date of submission of examination fee is 26th October to 13th November 202_.

How much residency exam Fee in Bangladesh? 

  • Residency exam fee in Bangladesh is 4000 Taka.

MPH Guidelines

mph admission test questions nipsom

What is MPH?

MPH Stands for Master of Public Health
It takes 1 to 2 years to do Public Health . It varies depending on the university. It is important to have a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and social sciences.

Only BMDC(Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council)  recognized MPH degrees are awarded by NIPSOM(National Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine)  and BSMMU(Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University) . Other universities will help MPH NSU,AIB, AIUB,RU,BOU, and BRAC to provide more help in the field of good quality and public health. But BMDC’s recognition will probably not match.

Public health jobs after MPH degree

  • Government Department – Government Administration, Public Health and Community Medicine Sector.
  • In the private sector – private NGOs like ICDRB, BRAC, USAID, UNICEF, UN, Siligao, OGSB, Damien, CIPRB, RBIS, water supply etc.
  • Community medicine & Public Health teacher
  • Research Assistant
  • Hospital administrator
  • Health research plan
  • Epidemologist


Admission test will be displayed to verify the eligibility of the candidates. Admission tests are usually held on the last Friday of March and applications are invited in February.(Read more :MPH career after MBBS in Bangladesh)

Eligibility Criteria of MPH:

  • Applicants with MBBS degree: MBBS degree recognized by BMDC + one year internship / residential / equivalent training in a recognized hospital + 1 year work experience in public health area.
  • Applicant with BDS degree:BDS degree recognized by BMDC + 1 year internship in recognition of BSc degree + 1 year Public Health Area experience.
  • Applicant with Nursing Degree: BSc in Nursing recognized by Bangladesh Nursing Council + 2 years work experience in Public Health.
  • Field of MPH in Bangladesh must be needed MBBS or BDS degree :
  1. MPH (Community Medicine),
  2. MPH (Reproductive and Child Health),
  3. MPH (Non Communicable  Disease)
  • Age of the applicant: BSMMU rules will be applicable. Government rules will apply to government candidates.

MPH admission  exam in Bangladesh will be generally of 120 minutes duration. Questions will be of multiple choice question (MCQ) type pattern. The examinee need to opt for the right answer from the alternate set of choices.
All applicants are required to take a written MCQ type test of 100 questions, of which 20% is allocated for the English language test. A candidate has to get at least 40% marks for admission.

No distribution of MPH question papers for MPh admission program 2020-2021 in Bangladesh 

  1. Community Medicine 90 number for 90 question
  2.  English 10 number for 10 question

How much MPH seats available in Bangladesh?

MPH seats limited in Bangladesh.

MPH Course duration and Cost:

M Phil – 2 years,
MPH – 18 months.
Class schedule 5 days a week, fully residential.
It takes a year and a half.
  • Admission Fee tk 13000.00 only
  • Semester Fee tk 13000.00 only per Semester.
  • Total Cost: tk 52000 only.

Benefits of studying National Institute of Preventive and Social Medecine(NIPSOM):

Completing the MPH program at NIPSOM offers some great opportunities are following –

  • NIPSOM teacher. Great results are needed for this.
  • Teacher in Community Medicine Medical College. Associate Professor is required to be an MPhil / PhD.
  • Various posts of IPH, IPAN, DGHS, IEDCR, Junior Clinics, Deputy Manager, Line Manager, Line Director etc.
  • UH&FPO/Hospital Director/Civil Surgeon/ DDI etc.
  • Various government service projects in NGOs

BRAC MPH Program:

  • MMHH51 Credit Residential Program which starts early in the year and lasts for 12 years.
  • During this period 2 to 3 weeks leave is given
  • Best for learning Public Health.
  • Costly.

Programs are available in BRAC

  • Epidemiology,
  • Biostatics,
  • Medical Orthopedics,
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Mixed Research Methods,
  • Health Management Systems,
  • Health Economics etc.

BRAC Institute MPH Fee:

  • Admission fee 75000 only.
  •  100% discount and scholarship is available according to the admission test results.

What are the Eligibility Criteria of MPH?

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Health Sciences and Social Sciences (Medicine, Nursing, etc.).
  • Admission time : January, April, August.

What are the Advantages of completing MPH from BRAC University?

  • Global recognition of BRAC University and their skilled thesis program that will prepare graduates to do better thesis work to get a better working life.
  • The BRAC MPH program covers almost all MPH subjects, which will provide a better knowledge of public health to the public.
  • BRAC University, North South University provides MPH programs. They are requested to go through their website for detailed information.

Evening / Part-time MPH course
in Bangladesh:

For those who want to do MPH in addition to jobs and studies, there are North South University (NSU),IUB (Independent university Bangladesh), AIUB (American International University), State University and Bangladesh University of Health Sciences. Admission test is required according to the semester. The cost will be two lakh to three lakh. It will depend on the university. Classes are to be done on Fridays or any 2-3 days a week. This type of MPH is effective if you want to go abroad or work in a private NGO. However, it should be kept in mind that MPH BMDC is not recognized in private universities.

Can I get a job by doing MPH?

If you have MPH, you can get a job. Because MPH is a masters degree, like the other 10 general masters. So it will not give you job security. Whether you will get a job will depend on your research experience, skills, communication skills and presentation style, proficiency in English, good results, good communication with faculty and your networking. Many are doing very well without part time MPH, while many are suffering from depression even after doing it from a very good place. In this highly competitive line you have to survive with your PhD abroad are:

  • Test Score (GRE, TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Institutional performance
  • Recommendations
  • Research experience
  • Publications

PhD opportunities after MPH:

You can great opportunities after MPH in National or internationally.

What is needed for good PhD opportunities?

  1. Decide where to do the PhD, in which country firstly.
  2. It is almost impossible to get full funding for the MPH program without Sweden. But as a PhD candidate, the chances of getting a scholarship are higher.
  3. After choosing the country, one has to appear for IELTS, GRE or other exams and do well.
  4. If it is an Australian or European university, IELTS is required.
  5. Then Search the university’s website and send an email to the admissions office. Scholarships must be set.
  6. Then Check the website of the university for the purpose of awarding scholarships, select the faculty and contact him / her.

MPH career in Europe  for Bangladeshi students with European Commission Scholarship :

MPH program in Europe as a Bangladeshi you can get Erasmus MundUs Scholarship
To know more about: Erasmus MundUs Scholarship

Social Group Fb/telegram group link for postgraduation help

Bangladesh and globally has numerous facebook group and teligram group which help us to prepare FCPS,MD,PLAB,USMLE and MPH exam.
I share some group about that.
Website address required for higher education research:
For more query comment please with your topics or question .
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