Doctor Careers in Dubai — How to Get Started Career in UAE as a Doctor

Doctor Careers in Dubai|Careers in Muddle East — How to Get Started Career in UAE as a Doctor
Doctor career in Dubai:DHA exam

Talking about DHA,HAAD,MOH

If you want to see yourself as a doctor in the 6 provinces of the United Arab Emirates(UAE), you need to pass any one of these & your registration will be activated if you pass & your license will be activated if you join the job in Dubai.
DHA - Just for Dubai.
MOH -others
However, you can convert your licenses after 3 months.
I chose DHA Exam.
Seeing the desire to stay in Dubai.
I took the exam on October 12, 2020,
I finally passed by the infinite grace of Allah.

DHA: Dubai Health Authority exam

Exam system:
Marks: 150 (MCQ)
Pass mark: 70% (at least 105)
Time: 2 hoours 50 minutes.
System: Compute Based Test (CBT)
For genarel physicians (no viva) which is Just simple Job Interview.
For Specialist They probably takes Viva.
Exam dates: 15-20 days are available in every month.

How can you apply DHA?

I did the certificate verification at the beginning, which is called
Dataflow Verification.
Then I took the exam.
DataFlow Verification:
There are 4 steps.
Data Flow: (Requirements)
> MBBS Certificate
> Intern Ending Certificate
> Job (if you have experience, Better)
Experience Certificate
At least 2 years.
> BMDC Certificate
> University Certificate (Degree Certificate)
> University Transcript
> Good Standing Certificate from BMDC

Later on needs (At the time of joining)

> Recommendation letter From 2 Person.
> Nikahnama / Marriage Certificate (If Married)
Main Degree Certificate Attestation (from UAE Embassy & from Ministry)

Who Can Actually apply DHA?

Anyone can apply, but needs at least 2 years gap from Inter Ending.

Cost of DHA: 35,000 Taka in dataflow
Exam fee : 25000 taka
It doesn't usually take more than that, and the rest of the 10,000 taka takes Embassy attestation.

IELTS / OET: no needs for it.
Exam attempt: 3 times (Highest)
Study material:
Step 2 CK (5th Edition)
Glory Files(Previous Questions & Important)
Some Question Banks.

After passing DHA, I got calls from 4 places in total & gave interviews in 3 places.
Finally, I gave Amat hospital,Zulekha Hospital,and Al Nahda-2(Department of ICU).

Salary Range usually:
It depends on your joun.
If you join in Clinic (it means You have to see outdoor basis)
It will be than 10000-15000 AED
If you Join Hospital (indoor & Outdoor patients)
It will be 15000-22000AED
Contracts: Usually 2 years and you can expand Upto your choice.

Benefits of DHA

> Health Insurance
> handsome Salary
> Residence Permission & later on Permanent Residence.

In fact, this post is for those who doesn't want to stay in own country but there is confusion about where to go abroad,
I hope I have been able to give you guidelines for Dubai journey as a doctor.
I will say from my personal experience Since UAE Tax free & Salary is also good, if the working environment is good, I will suggest, You can try to taste in Dubai.
Maximum Indian and Pakistani people are working Dubai as a doctor,If they can, why not we?

Frequently asked Questions:
Sorry sobar reply deba somvob hocche na.

1)First : Don't run for Agency.. They will take at least 3 lac for full procedure.
Better to try by yourself.

Just first creat an account

After that you can apply for exam/data flow.
Its not to difficult.

2)have no lingual disturbance,Don't need to know Arabic Language.English is the main language.You can use Hindi language. 
Maximum patients and doctors from India & Pakistan.
3) according to 2021, Doctors & Engineers can apply for PR & will get PR after certain its for specialist this is true but GP will get eventually.
You can get Health insurance for Youself.
(If good Institute)
& also for your family if you paid yearly to insurance company.
Studio apartment :
1 room er basa
Non furnished :
2200-2700AED (Average)
Furnished -3000-3500AED

5)BDS can apply..
6) Exam every month e hoy..
10-15 days dewa jai..You can select dates.
Banani dhaka American Alumni Association (AAA) Center
7)tutorial about dataflow,you can see

8)Glory files

Step 2 CK(5th edition):

Cumilla Medical College


  1. If anyone complete MRCP and then if he wanna,try to work as a doctor in Dubai then what would be the,procedure?

    1. Dear Sir, we have no any doctors complete MRCP and worked in Dubai. We wanna such type of experience info. If we get it will publish in this website. Thank you.

  2. Assalamualaikum vaia...I am interested in giving DHA exam...I have almost 6 years work experience as a general practitioner in a factory...can I get job easily with this experience...pls kindly help me about it..

    1. If you have fulfil DHA rules and regulations,you can sit the DHA exam. Insaallah you can win.

  3. Sir i my inter is completed just 7 months earlier ,can i apply?

    1. No you have to nedd medical qualification before practicing as a physician in UAE, or you have to take admission in medical school /medical University in UAE.

  4. If one has given usmle step exams one still has to give the exam.


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