Prometric Exam for Doctors – A complete Guide to the overseas doctors & Career in Middle East

A guide to Prometric Exam for international Doctors

Content of the article :
  1. What is Prometric Exam?
  2. Prometric Exam for Doctors in UAE (MOH,DHA,HAAD)
  3. Saudi Arabia Medical Licencing Examination (SMLE)
  4. Supreme Council of Health – Qatar
  5. Oman Medical Speciality Board (OMSB)
  6. Kuwait Medical Licencing Examination (KMLE)
  7. Prometric Exam Syllabus
  8. Meterials of Prometric Exam
  9. Question Pattern of Prometric Exam

What is Prometric Exam?

It is a computer based licencing Examination in Middle East for Practice as a doctors.

We all understand that you have to pass the licensing test for clinical rotation and post-graduation. We usually think of these countries because we know a lot of information about licensing exams in Europe and America such as USMLEPLABAMC etc. But nowadays, one of the most popular, first choice of physicians is the Middle East! That is why numerous agencies have been formed all over the world including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China. For Recruitment! It is our pride that our country’s doctors are gaining a lot of international reputation. Now “Licensing exam” is best option to Start a Career in Middle East.

Middle Eastern  countries are:

  • UAE (United Arab Emirates),
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Qatar,
  • Oman,
  • Kuwait etc.

Prometric Exam for Doctors in United Arab Emirates(UAE)

UAE has 6 Emirates.

  1. Abudhabi,
  2. Dubai,
  3. Sharjah,
  4. Ajman,
  5. Fujainah,
  6. Ras al-Khaimah,
  7. Umm al-Qaiwain.

UAE has 3 type Licencing Examination

  1. MOH (ministry of Health)
  2. DHA (Dubai Health Authority)
  3. HAAD (Health Authority of Abu-Dhabi)

MOH (Ministry Of Health) -UAE

MOH is required for the remaining 5 emirates except Dubai & Abu-dhabi.

DHA (Dubai Health Authority):

DHA has been renamed, so it may seem unfamiliar to many, its former name: DOHMS (Department of Health & Medical Services). Which only for Dubai.

Prometric Exam for DoctorsDubai Health Authority(DHA)
Exam PatternMCQ Question -150
Exam Duration165 minutes
Eligibility CriteriaMBBS with internship (or Equivalent)
And 2 year clinical Experience
Passing Score60%
Number of attempt3 attempts
OMSB exam fee

HAAD (Health Authority Of Abu-dhabi):

it is only for Abu-dhabi.

Details of MOH, DHA, HAAD

Requirement & Rules:

  1. Detailed curriculum Vita in English or Arabic form
  2. Copy of attested basic degree and Certificate
  3. Basic degree transcript
  4. Certified Internship Certificate
  5. Certified experience certificate
  6. 4 pictures (Recent Photograph)
  7. Photocopy of passport
  8. Registration Fee is 100 dirhams
  9. At least 2 years experience after internship
  10. Cannot fail more than 3 times.

Regarding the Prometric exam in UAE:

The test is done twice a year, in 3 parts.

  1. Written
  2. Practical
  3. Oral

Where to take the Prometric exam test?

You can choose any one center, date as desired through the website of prometric.
prometric website:
You have to go at your own risk and cost. Generally, those countries which do not have exams, take exams with visit visa from their own country. Failure to pass between 2 attempts will disqualify the Ministry / Private for any

Job. See Current Job Opportunity in Middle East (Here)

UAE Prometric exam fee:

5000 / – only


All documents must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Embassy in your country.
Document Type: Must be between PDF, JPG, JPEG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, ZIP, RAR
Document Size: 4882 KB (maximum)

More: MOH,HAAD,DHA in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Saudi Arabia Medical Licencing Examination (SMLE):

The name of the licensing exam in Saudi Arabia is also SLE (Saudi Licensing Exam).
Exam type: MCQ
Exam cost: 100 US $.
Note that in case of those who did not get PR (permanent resident) of that country by birth, in order to give SLE, they have to have 2 years clinical experience after internship in their country. And after passing the SLE/SMLE, if you get a job in Saudi Arabia and have 2 years of work experience, then the government gives you a permanent license.Job must be found through the agency/website. For this you can take the help of some famous websites.

Prometric Exam for DoctorsSaudi Arabia Medical Licencing Examination (SMLE)
Exam PatternMCQ Question -100
Exam Duration2.5 hours
Eligibility CriteriaMBBS with internship (or Equivalent)
With 1 year clinical Experience (at Least)
Passing Score45%
Number of attempt3 attempts
OMSB exam fee80 USD ( 90 USD for asian candidates)

Such as:

  3. etc

SMLE exam time:

SMLE occurs twice a year. In May and September.

Saudi Prometric Exam Fee

Saudi Arabia Prometric exam fee is 80USD, but for asian candidates prometric exam fee is 90USD

SMLE test Centers:

SMLE has 4 center in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Jeddah,
  2. Riyadh,
  3. Dammam,
  4. Mecca

Supreme Council of Health for Qatar:

Qatar’s Licensing Exam Name is SCH (Supreme Council Of Health) Qatar. You can apply from prometry website to center, date. Exam criteria are the same as in Oman.

Prometric ExamSupreme Council of Health (SCH)
Exam PatternMCQ Question -150
Exam Duration3.5 hours
Eligibility CriteriaMBBS with internship (or Equivalent) from Which are listed by IMED FAIMER
And 5 year Postgraduate Experience
Passing Score60%
Number of attempt3 attempts
OMSB exam fee

Oman Medical Speciality Board:

Oman Licensing Exam Name is Oman Medical Specialty Board. In short it also called OMSB.
Cost the OMSB exam for Doctors: 195 USD.
Testing is usually done before each month.

Prometric ExamOman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB)
Exam PatternMCQ Question -150
Exam Duration3 hours
Eligibility CriteriaMBBS with internship (or Equivalent)
And 2 year clinical Experience
Passing Score60%
Number of attempt3 attempts
OMSB exam fee

Kuwait Medical Licencing Examination (KMLE)

Medical Licencing Examination Name is Kuwait Medical Licencing Examination . In short it also called KMLE.
OMSB Exam Fee:

Prometric Exam Syllabus for GP (General Practitioner)

Discipline wise Percentage

Most of the MCQ come from Major Discipline with Percentage which are below the Table.
Major SubjectPercentage
Gynaecology & obstetrics22%

Important topics for Prometric Exam

Major SubjectPercentage
Haematology, Hepatology,
Dermatology etc
Gynaecology & obstetricsReproductive Anatomy and Physiology,
Anti natal Care,
Post natal Care,
Post purtum care,
Newborn,Post purtum infection, Normal and abnormal labour, abortion, Common Surgical Complications of gayne and OBS, Amenorrhea, Abnormal Uterine Bleeding,Infertility, VVF,Eclampsia,Sepsis and septicemia etc
PaediatricsGenarel Paediatrics and Ambulatory
SurgeryCommon Surgery and with complications, Management etc.
See more :

Meterials and Book for Prometric Exam for Doctors

You have to read following Books and note for Prometric Exam at first attempt.
  1. USMLE Step 2 CK- Choice of the Book for Prometric Exam ( PDF available Here)
  2. Umm Al-Qura University SLE Question 2nd Edition
  3. USMLE Step 2 CK Question Bank
  4. First aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK
  5. Tutorial about Data Flow
  6. Glory Files

Question Pattern of Prometric Exam

Question of Prometric Exam is Multiple Choice Question in pattern. We give an example –
1. Bloody Diarrhoea occurs in following infections-
  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • Clostridium Difficile
  • Vibrio cholera
  • Giardiasis
2. A 20 years man presented with red eye and swelling of the left knee,right ankle and tarsal joint of the foot,He had history of Bacillary Dysentery 15 days back. What is the most probable Diagnosis?
  • A. UTI
  • B. Reactive Arthritis
  • C. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • D. Typhoid Fever
  • E. Diabetes mellitus
Ans: B (Rest of the Stem are False)
Author :
Dr. Md Noman Islam Nirob
MBBS (Rangpur Medical College, Bangladesh)
For any update or correction of the post ” Prometric Exam for Doctors ” please comment below the box.
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