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FCPS means Fellowship of College Physician and Surgeon in Bangladesh

FCPS tests are usually conducted 2 times a year in January and July. You can take the test only if you have BMDC registration. BCPS is the policy maker for this exam and the entire course. Under BCPS, courses in various subjects are running in various affiliated institutes and medical colleges (you can find it on the website). Apart from medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, there are many other subjects which have different questions. Questions in these subjects like Haematology, Radiology, Biochemistry etc. are different. And the sub-specialty questions of medicine, surgery, gynecology, paediatrics are with the questions of that subject (except some exceptions such as Haematology). What are the subjects in some faculties, what are the syllabus, you can find them on BCPS website. You can find the syllabus by this website we will be attached the syllabus link. FCPS does not have a specific seat. If you pass, it will be done. It is difficult to pass. FCPS exam fee is  11000 Taka for the first time and 10000 taka for second time.
Examination is 3 papers in 3 days. Paper I, II, III.

Each paper contains a total of 50 True-False (30) and SBA (20) questions. Mark 2 of each question.
There is no negative marking in FCPS entrance test.
If you get 210 in 3 papers (60 or at least 75 in 1 paper and more than 70 in the other 2) then you will pass. Each paper has a different syllabus for each subject.

FCPS Course Curriculum

Now let’s get a chance on FCPS and its curriculum

This is a 5 year course now, It was 4 years ago. Here too, like the residency, it has been divided into two phases. Mid-term exam which was earlier known as FCPS preliminary and was given only by sub-specialty candidates. But now everyone has to give for it. General, sub-specialty everyone. If you pass this test after 2 years of training, the next training count will be.

BCPS will count a maximum of 1 year of training before you pass FCPS Part-1. This means that if you have trained for 1 year before and after training for 1 year, you will be able to take Mid-term exam. If passed then BCPS will count the next training.
After 3 years you have to train in the subject in which you want to train and give Part-2 final. Then if you pass, you will get BCPS. While in training you will get an honorarium 20,000 taka per month for 5 years, which was not recently introduced. FCPS has many advantages and disadvantages

FCPS syllabus

  1. FCPS Medicine PART – I (Paper III) preparation and Syllabus
  3. FCPS part 1 Opthalmology Syllabus | BCPS| Doctors Gang
  4. FCPS part 1 & 2 hematology syllabus : BCPS syllabus
  5. FCPS PART – I Anesthesiology Syllabus in Bangladesh
  6. FCPS PART 1 PAEDIATRICS Syllabus Bangladesh | BCPS Syllabus |Doctors Gang
  7. FCPS SURGERY PART 1 SYLLABUS in Bangladesh | BCPS | Doctors Gang
  8. FCPS PART 1 Dermatology Syllabus in Bangladesh | BCPS| Doctors Gang
  9. FCPS Part 1 (Medicine and Allied) Syllabus by CPSP – (Paper I & Paper II)
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