Doctor Careers in Dubai — How to Get Started Career in UAE as a Doctor

Doctor Careers in Dubai|Careers in Muddle East — How to Get Started Career in UAE as a Doctor

Talking about DHA,HAAD,MOH

If you want to see yourself as a doctor in the 6 provinces of the United Arab Emirates(UAE), you need to pass any one of these & your registration will be activated if you pass & your license will be activated if you join the job in Dubai.
DHA – Just for Dubai.
MOH -others
However, you can convert your licenses after 3 months.
I chose DHA Exam.
Seeing the desire to stay in Dubai.
I took the exam on October 12, 2020,
I finally passed by the infinite grace of Allah.

DHA: Dubai Health Authority exam

Exam system:
Marks: 150 (MCQ)
Pass mark: 70% (at least 105)
Time: 2 hoours 50 minutes.
System: Compute Based Test (CBT)
For genarel physicians (no viva) which is Just simple Job Interview.
For Specialist They probably takes Viva.
Exam dates: 15-20 days are available in every month.

How can you apply DHA?

I did the certificate verification at the beginning, which is called
Dataflow Verification.
Then I took the exam.
DataFlow Verification:
There are 4 steps.
Data Flow: (Requirements)
> MBBS Certificate
> Intern Ending Certificate
> Job (if you have experience, Better)
Experience Certificate
At least 2 years.
> BMDC Certificate
> University Certificate (Degree Certificate)
> University Transcript
> Good Standing Certificate from BMDC

Later on needs (At the time of joining)

> Recommendation letter From 2 Person.
> Nikahnama / Marriage Certificate (If Married)
Main Degree Certificate Attestation (from UAE Embassy & from Ministry)

Who Can Actually apply DHA?

Anyone can apply, but needs at least 2 years gap from Inter Ending.

Cost of DHA: 35,000 Taka in dataflow
Exam fee : 25000 taka
It doesn’t usually take more than that, and the rest of the 10,000 taka takes Embassy attestation.

IELTS / OET: no needs for it.
Exam attempt: 3 times (Highest)
Study material:
Step 2 CK (5th Edition)
Glory Files(Previous Questions & Important)
Some Question Banks.

After passing DHA, I got calls from 4 places in total & gave interviews in 3 places.
Finally, I gave Amat hospital,Zulekha Hospital,and Al Nahda-2(Department of ICU).

Salary Range usually:
It depends on your joun.
If you join in Clinic (it means You have to see outdoor basis)
It will be than 10000-15000 AED
If you Join Hospital (indoor & Outdoor patients)
It will be 15000-22000AED
Contracts: Usually 2 years and you can expand Upto your choice.

Benefits of DHA

> Health Insurance
> handsome Salary
> Residence Permission & later on Permanent Residence.

In fact, this post is for those who doesn’t want to stay in own country but there is confusion about where to go abroad,
I hope I have been able to give you guidelines for Dubai journey as a doctor.
I will say from my personal experience Since UAE Tax free & Salary is also good, if the working environment is good, I will suggest, You can try to taste in Dubai.
Maximum Indian and Pakistani people are working Dubai as a doctor,If they can, why not we?

Frequently asked Questions:
Sorry sobar reply deba somvob hocche na.

1)First : Don’t run for Agency.. They will take at least 3 lac for full procedure.
Better to try by yourself.

Just first creat an account

After that you can apply for exam/data flow.
Its not to difficult.

2)have no lingual disturbance,Don’t need to know Arabic Language.English is the main language.You can use Hindi language. 
Maximum patients and doctors from India & Pakistan.
3) according to 2021, Doctors & Engineers can apply for PR & will get PR after certain its for specialist this is true but GP will get eventually.
You can get Health insurance for Youself.
(If good Institute)
& also for your family if you paid yearly to insurance company.
Studio apartment :
1 room er basa
Non furnished :
2200-2700AED (Average)
Furnished -3000-3500AED

5)BDS can apply..
6) Exam every month e hoy..
10-15 days dewa jai..You can select dates.
Banani dhaka American Alumni Association (AAA) Center
7)tutorial about dataflow,you can see

8)Glory files

Step 2 CK(5th edition):

Cumilla Medical College

Doctors Gang
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