Current Job Market in Middle East for Medical Professionals – After COVID Pandemic

Current Job Market in Middle East for Medical Professionals 

Nowadays the most common question being asked is about job status in Middle East from my peers. Before replying to this question, let us some details of Middle East Health System. It will help to make the decision if moving to Middle East is a good option for you or not

Why do you want to move to Middle East??

It is very important to know your reason to move to Middle East. Every doctor has different reasons and circumstances. Some have reasons which leave them with no other options. Like most of the female doctors are dependent on their husbands and they need to move after marriage so they are not left with any other option.
Other reason can be finances which may force you to move abroad.

What are your future plans?

• If you have plans for post graduation then its a big No for Middle East.
• If you have completed your post graduation then you are more than welcome.
• If you are married and your husband is here then you don’t have any other option than to try your luck in the Middle East.
• If you are career oriented and interested in progressive career growth then the best advise would be to try to complete your post graduation if your shoes allow you.
• Chances of Post graduation in nearly all Middle Eastern countries are the same; and the chances are pretty slim to enter into their system. So don’t take that risk.

Current Job Market

Before deciding your next job destination, you should have good home work so that you don’t get fireback on your decision. Currently Job market in Middle East very badly affected especially after covid -19 Pandemic. Though Health organizations earned most during this Pandemic but they are having lame excuses that they don’t have business. Lot of terminations happened during current and last year. Many organizations reduced salaries of staff forcefully. I am one the victim of job terminations last year. So currently job market is at its worst. Nearly all Middle East countries having same circumstances. Let us wish this market will get better soon. But currently market is over saturated.

What it means by Bad market?

It means there are jobs available but not at good salary packages. Nowadays salary packages being offered by most organizations for GP is from 8K to 16K. It is very wide range and all depends where you get the job. For specialist doctors job still job market is viable. Salary structure for Specialist with Asian qualification is from 35K to 45K maximum. Again variation depends on organizations. Western qualification with western training and passport are very highly paid.

Saudi Arabia is very big countries so is job market. There it is bit easy to get a reasonable job. After Saudi Arabia next country to consider is Kuwait or Qatar. Currently job market is better in Qatar & Kuwait. United Arab Emirates is presently most saturated and if you are happy with low packages then you can continue to move United Arab Emirates.

Analyze your other options

• If you have options other than Middle East where you can continue with your post graduation then take that as priority.
• If you have no other options to move abroad and Mid East is the last resort, then you should try your luck. Job and Rizq is Destiny. Purely believe in God (ALLAH) and give your best to search for a job.

What are the job options for Medical Doctors in the Middle East?

• Medical qualified doctors can work as Clinical Physicians, Health insurance claim officers and demonstrator in medical colleges.
• To work as a clinical Physician, you need to get a license to practice.
• To work as health insurance claim officer, you don’t need to get a license but mostly such jobs are preferred for doctors who are already in the country and own visa, plus if you have previous experience in similar field.
• To work as demonstrator you don’t need a license but again there are only limited jobs.
• Lastly can work as a health care management officer but mostly requires MBA or MPH plus previous experience.

Special Attention 

What many may not know is that if you work there for 6 months after passing any license exam in the Middle East, then you can move to another province without having to take any exams.If someone has passed DHA and got a job, then after 6 months he can shift to Abu Dhabi or Oman or any other province.

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Abdullah Al Junayed

General Practitioner,Saudi Arab

Doctors Gang
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