You have to know before NIPSOM MPH admission Test in Bangladesh

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What Book to read before the MPH admission test at NIPSOM in Bangladesh

  • French MPH Admission Guide
  • Matrix MPH Admission Guide
  • Park’s Community Medicine and Preventive Medicine ( not for fakibaz student)

How to read the Book before the MPH admission test at NIPSOM in Bangladesh

  1. First look at the last year’s questions from matrix. From it you can get an idea of ​​what is actually the key type question.
  2. Then Frenic will fall from the beginning to the end. The profit is reduced by the preparation of English. Keep notes on what the problem will seem like when reading this Frenic.
  3. The inner part of the matrix is ​​actually the community medicine guide of the third year, the old thing in the new bottle. You will see the problems you wrote while reading Frenic from the matrix. Here’s the details.
  4. If you have time in hand, read the whole matriculation. This book should not be matrix, it is only if any community medicine is a guide. But at the beginning of the matrix there are questions last years.
  5. You can taste Park’s community medicine and preventive medicine book.
NIPSOM mph admission test in Bangladesh
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How many days of NIPSOM’s MPH Program?

-1.5 year (the result takes a total of 20 months)

How much does it cost to MPH on NIPSOM?

Semester fee: about 13000 Taka (It can vary year to year), three semesters in three semesters, all together will have to pay a total of 52,000.00 Taka to NIPSOM in a year and a half, if a test does not eat suppli. (It is called RETAC in BSMMU).

What is the difficulty of reading in NIPSOM?

It is Full time course. Five days a week from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. There are half an hour T-break in the middle and an hour lunch brake. Classes are really hard to do so long. Due to full time, you will not be able to do any duty or work on the day except the night other than Saturday. If the attendance is not 75%, it does not allow the test to sit, sometimes it is due to the loss of year.

-Test at the end of every month, and that is the semester test. Absolutely like a MBBS Professional Examination. A semester is divided into four cluster, six month semester have four times exam. There are all of Written , Practical, Viva, Assignment.

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