Medical Job opportunity for Doctors in Australia with or without AMC

Medical Job opportunity for Doctors in Australia 2024

Clinical Job for Doctors with AMC

Medical Job opportunity for Doctors in Australia
Medical Job opportunity for Doctors in Australia

You have to get an internship position after passing the AMC exam, otherwise full registration is not available, but Australians have not been giving internship positions to IMGs for several years. So if IMG can manage the job then you will get full registration. Those of you who visit the internet will see Power Requirement of full registration on many websites. It’s the old system, keep yourself updated. Australians are graduating, so jobs are becoming more competitive, but not impossible. You can apply some techniques to get a job:

1. Apply for a job online during any job in the country, it is the most effective way. Emergency in Australia, ICU in high demand. Come to the country after passing AMC, get a job in Emergency, ICU, Physiotherapy, it will work well. Note that, The more clinical experience the more chance to get a job.

2. Think about GP practice, GP’s income is higher in that country, job is much easier to get. GPs have to go to the village. From there the patient has to be referred. Show the experience you have in your country (such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan etc.) as a GP, honestly it will be easy to get a job. To get full registration in Australia, you have to pass Both parts of AMC exam (AMC MCQ and AMC clinical). But to do the job as MO(Medical Officer) / GP(General Practitioner), Part-1 is the requirement. Although now it is difficult to get a job by passing Part-1(AMC MCQ).

3. You will be able to apply for GMC Registration after 1 year job for getting full registration for which you can apply for Residency Training Post from Royal Australian College of Physicians & Surgeons. Training Post is Well Paid Job. Or if you want to pursue a career in GP, ​​you can apply for a training post at FRACGP (Fellowship of Royal Australian College of General Practice). Once GMC is registered, you can apply for Permanent Residenship(PR). Note that, AMC is not PR related. But GMC & Fellowship is PR related.

4. Keep in touch by e-mail in the management section of each hospital, Clinic and drop the CV through the online agency, and also keep eye on each state’s government recruitment website regularly. You have to collect state government recruitment web addresses for applying job and to be updated.

5. Remember you can apply to 4 of the 8 states in Australia if you do not have PR / Citizenship. And if you have PR you can apply all States. So if you don’t have PR, forget about those 4 states for applying Job in Australia.

Non-Clinical Medical Job opportunity for Doctors in Australia

Not all non-clinical subjects are available in Australia. You can go for student visa with admission in MPH even though it is very expensive. The minimum tuition fee for any Bachelor Program / Masters program is 22000-35000 AUD / year.
2 semesters a year.
Part time job – 20 hours/week.
you can take admission following sector:
2.MD (Doctor of Medicine)
3. BSC in Nursing
However, if you want to study in MD, you have to pass the MCAT Exam, along with IELTS 7.5 and the tuition fee will be around 55,000 AUD per year. This is a post graduate entry into Australia.

Type of Job in Non Clinical Sector for MD/MPH/Nursing students :

  • Public Health, 
  • Health service management, 
  • Family Medicine, 
  • Reproductive medicine, 
  • Sonography etc

Skill Migration is another option for doctors for getting job in Non clinical Sector:

This is very difficult and challenging for doctors. You cannot directly apply for Skill Migration. If you have work experience in the public health field, you can migrate as a public health worker. In this case you have to show your experience 2.5-4 years, the cost will be 5-6 lakh BDT, it will take about 2 years. And of course IELTS takes 7.

Medical Job opportunity for Doctors in Australia
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