MPH after MBBS from Nipsom, BSMMU, and Private

Tips about MPH career guidelines after MBBS degree 

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Some scenario of MPH in Bangladesh 

Scenario 1: 

If you want to do government job – then the only option for you is BSMMU (NIPSOM, RMC, DMC, SSMC, MMC these five, all have been covered by BSMMU r since 2012) because only MPH degrees of these institutes are recognized by BMDC. . So for promotion in government service this institution will not be without MPH.

Senario 2: 

You are not willing to work for the government – in this case you can think of private universities.

Learn more : BCS guidelines for MBBS students and Doctors in Bangladesh.

Scenario 3: 

MPH Guidelines for Bangladeshi students

You are doing a public health or research job and you are satisfied with your job – continue the job in this case (why? – because, you can not do MPH from BRAC / BSMMU, because these MPHs are full-time. So, in this case Your options may be NSU AIUB IUB or STATE University MPH programs – because these programs can be done on weekends as well as on the job.

Scenario 4: 

You are very concerned about quality education – it is natural that there will be a difference in quality between full-time and part-time MPH – but I think that difference is not sky-high. There is a common ranking of MPH in our country which is based on human experience, perception and word of mouth. There full-time MPHs are supposed to stay ahead naturally! It is followed by NSU AIUB IUB State University. Quality depends on the organization as well as on yourself – your learning interest and ability, your passion, your hard work, etc. The trend of MPH shaming has started again in the country (without considering anything, it is said that MPH of such and such a university is of no use or fraudsters do MPH in such and such a university!). It is very sad. I think it’s important to have rankings (albeit unofficial), but I’m against stereotyping. I have seen bad students come out of good MPH programs; Again, I have seen many people do very well without part time MPH.

Scenario 5: 

Your financial capacity is limited – MPH costs the lowest in government institutions (academic costs like 60,000 at BSMMU, 3 semester fees & admission) BRAC costs the most. The cost at the rest of the universities is moderate (as far as I know it is around Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh).

Scenario 6: 

You are very busy with other work, so you can spend less time for MPH – in all these cases you can think of part time MPH. Or you want to do MPH too fast to go out or for any other reason. To do BSMMU MPH you have to wait a certain time (1 yr after completion of internee) after passing MBBS – that should be planned keeping in mind.

If you think about these three things, you will never be able to work in public health.

  1.  Misconception: Public health reading is nothing
  2.  Misconception: If you work in public health, you don’t have to go to the village, you can work in AC room.Big danger if you think about it. What does public health mean? Public health !! For this you have to go to the community to ensure public health care. Talk to you soon. People who work at BRAC have to spend two weeks a month in the field. And this field is not like clinical. You have to work in slums, go to remote villages.
  3.  Misconception: Working in public health can earn you a lot of money. Brother, it is possible to earn more money in the clinical line, it takes a little more time. Salary is fixed in most of the jobs here. You can earn extra money by doing chambers in the clinical line, you can also do it here, by doing statistical analyzes! Will depend on you!

Most important part about Public health career   :

By the time we become doctors by passing MBBS or BDS, an idea about clinical career is formed among us. Everyone knows what challenges lie ahead, what to do, what not to do.

Many do not have a detailed idea of ​​the outline of a public health career – talking to many younger siblings seems to limit their idea to MPH. They don’t have a clear idea of ​​what the career turns are after MPH, what the challenges are!

Since our medical curriculum does not teach actual public health, most doctors are involved in public health through MPH. Many started their careers in this field by working on various public health projects. Study or Job – Whichever way you start your career, within a few days, three tracks of a public health career unfold in front of a doctor.

1.Teaching – After completing MPH, one can join government or private medical colleges as a teacher. In this case it is very important to have BMDC recognized MPH. Many now work as MPH faculty in private universities. In this case, foreign masters and PhD degree holders are preferred. In your teaching career you will be able to become a professor, in addition to teaching you will be able to work in various projects of public health, and you will be able to do consultancy etc.

2. Program – A huge part of public health is the field implementation that is done by various national and international NGOs. This career track is called progam in bold. Bangladesh has the most opportunities to work in this field.

WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, BRAC Save the Children, CARE – all these organizations have a lot of opportunities to build this kind of career. To get on this career track, you need experience working in the field, management capacity, policy, diplomacy, negotiation, etc. While PhDs and publications are not mandatory, many on this track do them. While this truck has a project-based job, job security is not bad at all. The peak of this truck is to be the director or country-manager of any organization. Many again get the opportunity to do consultancy in different countries.

3.Research – To work on this truck, one has to work in an organization that conducts research on public health after completing MPH. There are only a handful of public health research organizations in Bangladesh – icddrb JPGSPH, IEDCR etc. Its truck people have the lowest job security – because all research jobs are project-based. There are three career advancement tools – higher education abroad, research papers, and research grants. Higher education opportunities outside the country are most in this truck. After completing their studies, many of them started their careers outside the country, while many of them returned to the country and worked in research organizations or private universities. The peak of this track is to become a professor, scientist, etc. of any university in the country or abroad.

Public health is a very big career field, where one’s career develops one by one. So these three tracks may not apply to everyone. Decide according to your likes, dislikes, ambitions!

Above all, make a decision based on your own position – that would be wise!

Admission Info about MPH:

Admissn test will be in March, Diploma Mphil & MPH will be examined on the same day, Diploma Mphil in the morning MPH in the afternoon,

venue: BSMMU premise.

Form fill up in February (5000 / -)

Form has choice option for subjects & Institutions, institution selection according to merit or Serial upon ur choices given on Admission form but subject Fixed,

Now come on, most work, 

How to study to get MPH admission ?

There is nothing wrong with starting with the MBBS er guide book, I will say for those who have not read the guide, then read what you have read and passed!

If there is time, some important topic Park (latest edition), Any public health related news, Health bulletin can be seen (recent issue / emerging / re-emerging issues, National, International eye catching latest news Sir’s choice, updated person is more in Public Health Well done, personal opinion)

If you study the question well from 2012-2019, you will understand what type of question it is, what it takes to read,

*** 75-80 Marks from Community Medicine,

 Matrix / Phrenic / MPH question is available at Bank NIPSOM library & Aziz market,, I think this is enough,

20 marks in English, vocabulary of GRE / IELTS or English from BCS book.

Sometimes there are some miscellaneous items 5 marks, there is nothing to worry about!

The only thing to do about MPH in the country and abroad is that in our country MPH also teaches Statistics (General & Advanced) in the same way but who will learn how much on their own, even if the statistics are light in teaching but Statistical Analyses in International NGO / Org. , Field Epidemiology, Research Methodology #MUST (You can also take courses outside)

In the context of Bangladesh, MPH + Govt Job is a very good option, many foreign scholarships for the next degree, posting scope, promotional aspect, etc. BETTER.

Course duration:18 month, 3rd semester,

Academic fee varies but avg 1 lakh +/- in all institutions under BSMMU

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