A guide to the Postgraduation in Japan for international doctors

Post-Graduation in Japan for Doctors

Japan is currently at the top of the list of physicians’ preferences. Among the Asian countries, the most research is done in Japan. The method of studying here is also a little different than other countries. In Japan MD means MBBS equivalent. After that, Post graduation means only PhD in Japan.

If you want to study in Basic subject, you have to do PhD on that subject, again if you want to do Clinical Post Graduation, you have to do PhD on that subject in Japan.

PhD courses are primarily research based. If you want to do PhD in basic subject, you have to do research in basic line. If you want to do clinical PhD, you have to do clinical research. Before switching to a career in Japan, you must have a dedication to research. Otherwise you will not be able to survive there.

Fresh graduates are not allowed in Japan.

You must have a degree after passing MBBS. Suppose, you can MPH after MBBS, then you can apply in Japan. After MBBS they recover an additional one year of education life.
In Japan, everyone goes to study with a scholarship because the standard of living there is much higher and more expensive than asian country. Part time jobs can be done in Japan like in Europe. You can be managed pocket money, living and accommodation by part time Job, but can not be managed tution fee by part time job during  any continuing course in Japan.

Additional Qualification for scholarship in Japan

Some additional qualifications are required for the scholarship in Japan, such as 

  1. language proficiency. IELTS / TOEFL, GRE / GMAT are required for language proficiency. 
  2. The study in Japan is research based so try to find out the publication. If you do not have a publication, you can take a authorship by working with different researchers. If not here’s a new product just for you, Then start mailing the Professor from the University website as usual. 
  3. Remember you are applying for research based study so you will need some of the research. So if you have nothing to do with research, at least submit a research proposal before mailing it to Professor. If He/she (professor)  like your proposal, He/She will take you to Japan with funding from the university himself/herself. 

After completing your PhD in Japan, you can get a job at a highly paid salary in Japan. Job is very much available. So there is no reason to worry. With a little dedication, you can make a awesome career  like in Europe  or America.

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