Advantage and Disadvantage of FCPS and MD and deference Between FCPS and MD [FCPS vs MD in Bangladesh]

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Advantage and Disadvantage of FCPS and MD and deference Between FCPS and MD in Bangladesh (FCPS vs MD in Bangladesh)

FCPS vs MD in Bangladesh
FCPS vs MD in Bangladesh
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FCPS vs MD in Bangladesh

  1. FCPS is the degree offered by BCPS. Most of the previous MS / MD degrees are offered by Dhaka University / Rajshahi University / Chittagong University. However, those universities do not play any role other than typing marksheets and certificates. However, these degrees are currently being run by BSMMU under the Resident Program. But BCPS is managed by specialist doctors / professor counselors.
  2. One and a half years after passing MBBS, one is qualified to give FCPS 1st paper examination. Tests are conducted in an internationally recognized manner. Admission test for MS / MD 1st paper is conducted in different institutions under the same rules. However, this admission test is conducted by the concerned institution itself. As a result, many irregularities were reported. Recently, however, BSMMU has introduced a central admission test system.
  3. After passing the FCPS 1st paper, the concerned candidate has to qualify for the 2nd paper examination by log book, training, work performance, dissertation (research) etc. as per BCPS guidelines. After doing some classes in MS / MD, 1st paper exam has to be given. If you pass, you have to complete the training and take the 2nd paper exam. If you pass the 2nd paper, you have to go to the thesis stage. The 3rd paper along with the thesis has to be examined.
  4. Candidates cannot know the location of FCPS exam, examiner etc. MS / MD examinations are conducted in the respective institutes and all the examinees are known to the candidates.
  5. FCPS comes from foreign examiners (India, British, Pakistan, Singapore etc).There is no such system in MS / MD examination.A total of 6 examiners from Viva / Practical / Practical took the FCPS test. There are also 7/8 more examiners in the OSP center. In the meantime, if an examiner is a direct trainer of the candidate concerned, he does not remain. A total of 4 examiners took the exam in MS / MD. One of them is directly his trainer and guide. Others are also known. No foreign examiner ever came. In addition, there are many instances of not being able to pass FCPS and being admitted to MS / MD courses. There is also the issue of exerting influence. But there is no such precedent in FCPS. Many make false accusations. But that is completely false. FCPS (Fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons) means sometimes called hypocrisy: Fail Confirm Pass Seldom. That means the side is a very solid object. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But once you pass the admission test in MS / MD, the pass is almost confirmed. It goes without saying that there is no record of getting hit in the storm.

Advantages and disadvantages of FCPS and MD

FCPS Advantages:

  • Part 1 can be given immediately after completing the internship. No need to wait for 1 year.
  • 5 years course. If you start training after completing the internship, you will pass the exam after 5 years. Until then, only “Phase A” of the MD course will end.
  • Training can be done at a good institute of one’s choice.
  • If you want during the training, you can do outside duty and chamber.
  • Only one test at the end of four years.
  • There is no fear of course out.
  • The training time is 4 days a week in some places.
  • MCPS can be given after one year of training.

FCPS Disadvantage

  • No allowance is available during training.
  • Teachers do not take classes if they do not go to the course.
  • No supervision.
  • It is difficult to come to the training post from BCS. Mama, uncle, money is needed.
  • The pass rate is low. However, in the last few sessions, the pass rate has increased in the 2nd episode.
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MD (Residency) Advantages

  • Training allowance is available.
  • Teachers tries to take classes.
  • It is easy to come from BCS in training post.
  • 4.3 months after the test (block final).
  • It is possible to assess yourself.
  • Good program for those who have BCS.

MD/MS (Residency) Disadvantage

  • The course starts about 18 months after the internship. You will take the exam aftet 1 year of complete of internship.
  • Two tests: Phase A (Internal Medicine / General Surgery), Phase B (own subject).
  • It is difficult to run for one person with 10 thousand Taka now, on top of that chamber, private practice cannot be done. If you do private practice, you will not study.Without study you cannot pass in Block test.
  • Must be cleared in phase within 5 years (2 years training + 3 years core training). Maximum 4 times can be given in this phase.
  • During the training period it takes a lot of work and pressure like an intern doctors.
  • Although the pass rate was good before, the pass rate is much lower than previous years.
  • If a block needs to be repeated, then the chance to give in automatic 6 month loss.
  • It takes a day to go, even on Fridays.
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