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Medical colleges may be reopened on September,2021 after long time due to COVID pandemic

Last update:Medical College reopened date: First week of September 2021

(Re-edit: 22/08/2021)

The Department of Health education has proposed to open all medical colleges in the Bangladesh from August 20,2021. A proposal in this regard has recently been sent to the Health Education and Family Welfare Department of the Ministry of Health for approval.

According to the Department of Health Education, the medical college has been closed for a long time for COVID pandemic, which is causing a lot of damage to the students’ education. Although online teaching is continued, it is not possible to give practical classes to the students. It was not possible to take the final exams of different years as the practical classes were very important in the medical college. That is why the Department of Health Education wants to start teaching physically in a short time.

According to the source, the medical Colleges do not have to face many problems in complying with the health rules as there are not a large number of students in the medical colleges like the universities. In addition, many students have already been vaccinated against corona virus. Considering the overall aspect, it has been proposed to open all the medical colleges from August 20,2021.

Asked about this, a senior official of the Department of Health Education told The Daily Campus on August 8th on condition of anonymity that a proposal has been sent to the ministry seeking permission to open all medical colleges from 20 August, 2021.With the final approval from the ministry, physical classes will be started in the medical college from 20/08/2021.

He added that keeping medical college classes closed for such a long time could not be a solution. Students are losing a lot of Practical class. The Professional MBBS exam,Term,Card exam are off. This has been proposed considering everything for better our future doctors in Bangladesh. 

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