Best youtube channel for doctors 2023 (Top 10 best youtube channel for doctors in bangladesh)

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Best youtube channel for doctors 2023

Best youtube channel for doctors 2023
Best youtube channel for doctors 2023


There are various type of channels on YouTube from home and abroad to explain the complexities of various medical science in a simple,easily and beautiful way.

Medical teachers and students from different parts of the world are constantly imparting lectures on various difficult topics including basic medical science to clinical knowledge l through their own channels.

Best youtube channel for doctors 2023 in Bangladesh

1.Dr Chandana Sarkar’s channel


If you want to get the most beautiful and test-friendly Anatomy lectures for medical students in Bangladesh, there is no alternative to this channel of Dr. Chandana Sarkar, Head of the Department of Anatomy and Associate Professor, Patuakhali Medical College,Bangladesh.
Many thanks to mam for giving students the opportunity to learn and know in this way.
Channel link: Dr Chandana Sarkar channel

2. Callosum BD

Description :This channel has the most beautiful and neat demo videos on Basic Anatomy, Physiology and other topics in Bengali.

Channel link: Callosum BD

3. Dr Mahmudul Hoque jessy’s channel

Description: There are several lecture videos of Dr. Mahmudul Haque Jesse Bhai on Pharmacology in this channel.

Channel link: Pharmacology Videos by Dr Jessy Hoque vai

4. Axis medical school 

Description: Axis Medical school one of the best platform for learning medical science through the online.It can get all type of video which you needs.

Channel link:  Axis Medical School channel.

5.White coat Gallery


Italso another best YouTube chanelbin Bangladesh by Dr sawgat ehasan vai.He teach us medicine and Davidson based clinical medicine.

Channel link: White coat Gallery

6. Doctors Gang

Doctors Gang is a new platform for learning medical science,publish news,career releted blog and sharing info around the world.It will be Gradually uploaded academic video on doctors gang by Noman Islam Nirob, CEO of Doctors Gang,and MBBS student of Rangpur Medical College.

You can get on Doctors Gang after 1 month, it is under construction
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Community Medicine
  • Forensic medicine
  • Clinical medicine etc.

Channel link: Doctors Gang

7. Dr Rabiul Haque

Description :
Dr. Rabiul Haque of Rajshahi Medical College has explained various aspects of pathology in his channel.

Channel link: Dr Rabiul Haque

8. Prof Dr Shamsuzzaman sir

Description :
Prof Dr Shamsuzzaman,Ex head of Department of Rangpur Medical College has explained various aspects of pathology in his channel.

Channel link: Prof Dr Shamsuzzaman

Best English YouTube channel for Medical students:

1.Dr Najeeb lectures

Channel link: Dr Najeeb Lectures
Description: Dr. Najib Sir’s YouTube channel. The most famous channel for all kinds of big competitive exams like USMLE, PLAB, MRCP etc. From Clinical Medicine to Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology there are lectures by Dr. Najib.However, not all of his lectures are available on YouTube. All new and old lectures are available on his own website if you are a paid subscriber. You can also download 69 GB lectures from torrent if you want.

2. Viren Kariya

Description :
This channel has a very nice demo on the hard part bones anatomy. If anyone wants to watch the videos here before or after reading any bones, I hope the confusion about the bones will go away. There are playlists in the channel according to the part.
Channel link: Viren Kariya

3. The Noted Anatomist channel

Description :
Perhaps no one else has tried to explain anatomy in this way through humor and beautiful presentations.
Channel link: The Noted Anatomist

4. Osmosis

Osmosis – Another informative medical studies channel. Numerous medical topics have been explained through extraordinary animations. Detailed lectures on osmosis can also be found on the paid website outside of the YouTube channel.It has short video but huge information not boring.
Channel link: Osmosis

5. Ahmad Jabar

Description :
This channel is also very helpful for anatomy. Ahmad Jabar explain anatomy very easily for MBBS students.
Channel link: Ahmad Jabar (Anatomy)

6. Human Anatomy Education

Lectures on many more topics including Neuroanatomy, Histology, Embryology are uploaded in this channel.

7. Kenhub Anatomy

Description :
Here is a gross demo on Bones, Viscera, beautifully animated. Kenhub anatomy had details article about all information of Anatomy.

8. Dr Matt and Dr Mike

Description :
The youtube channe made by Doctor Matt and Mike’s. They are discuss various type of medical science easily for doctors and medical students.
Channel link: Dr Matt & Dr Mike

9. Ninja Nerd

Ninja Nard Science contain Lectures on various basic subjects including Immunology, Endocrinology, Hematology. Subject Wise is playlisted also have in this chanel.

Channel link: Ninja Nerd

10. Dr John Campbell

Description :

Dr. Campbell has given lectures on various topics of medical science here. All the lecture videos on topic wise are arranged in the playlist on youtube.
Channel link: Dr John Campbell

11. Armando Hasudungan

The channel has lectures on almost everything.

Channel link: Armando hasudungan

13. Speed Pharmacology

Pharmacology related channel.
Channel link: Speed Pharmacology

14. The Viva Voc Anatomy

 Channel link:  The Viva voc anatomy
It is also anatomy related. Demo with detailed explanation of necessary bones and viscera will be available.

15. The Anatomy Zone

Channel link:  The anatomy Zone
Another trusted and popular channel for anatomy.

16. Rob Swatski

Channel link: Rob Swatski
You will get beautiful short lectures on different topics in this channel. You have tried to explain many things in a very simple presentation.

17. Amoeba Sisters

 Channel link: Amoeba Sisters
Cell and biochemistry related

18. Dr Bhanu Prkash

Channel link: Doctor Bhanu Prakash
Indian teacher Dr. Vanu Prakash has given lectures on various topics in his own channel. He is uploading all the new lectures regularly.

19. Khan Academy Medicine

Channel link: Khan Academy Medicine
We have all heard the name of Khan Academy. Lectures on medicine from Khan Academy can be found here.

20. Medical Snippet

Channel link: Medical Snippet
Although there are not many videos, some good topics have been discussed here

21. Anatomy Made simple by Dr T

Channel link:  Anatomy Made symple by Dr T
The channel is Bones related,you can know about hard part of anatomy through this channel.
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Top 10 best youtube channel for doctors in bangladesh
Best youtube channel for doctors 2023 Edited By:
Md Noman Islam Nirob,Rangpur Medical College, Bangladesh.

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