RU Final Prof Question November 2021 – Surgery Paper I

Final Professional MBBS (November) Examination,2021
Short Answer Questions(SAQ)
Surgery Paper-1

RU Final Prof Question November 2021
RU Final Prof Question November 2021


  1. (a) Define shock? Classify shock according to severity.
    (b) How will you resuscitate a patient with hypovolumic shock?
    (c) What do you mean by dynamic fluid response?
  2. A 60 kg weighted female developed 35% burn
    (a) Calculate the fluid to resuscitate the patient.
    Write down the other immediate treatment?
    (c)Mentions the late complications of burn?
  3. (a) What are the type of regional anaesthesia?
    (b) Mention the complications of subarachonoid block.
    (c) Write down the principle of treatment of spinal headache.
  4. A 60 years old male underwent right hemicolectomy 3 days back. On morning follow up you found that patient was anaemic, having fever with reduced urine output
    (a) Write 3 possible causes of fever in this patient.
    (b) How will you asses fluid and electrolyte balance?
    (c) If the patient is hypokalaemic, how will you correct it?
  5. (a) Mention the characteristic of ideal suture materials.
    (b) Name the suture materials used in following surgical procedures- bowel anastomosis, tendon
    repair, vascular wall repair
  6. Write short notes no:
    (a) Nutritional Assessment (b) Trucut biopsy.


  1. A middle aged female presented with dysphagia of liqid food and gradual weight loss for last 2 years, her appetite is good
    (a) What is the most probable diagnosis?
    (b) Write down two diagnostic investigations with expected findings.
    (c) Mention the options of treatment.
  2. (a) What do you mean by early gastric cancer and advanced gastric cancer?
    (b) What are the treatment options of gastric cancer?
    (c) Mention 2 early and 2 late complications of gastrectomy.
  3. A 40 years male presented with abdominal pain and distenstion for 2 day’s. One examination you
    found there is tense, tender swelling in left inguino scrotal region with shiny skin
    (a) What could be the possibility and how this happened?
    (b) Mention initial manageemnt of this patient.
  4. A 12 years old young boy presented with sudden severe pain on one side of scrotum with nausea
    and vomiting for 3 hours. On examination the hemi scrotum was swollen and redness
    (a) Mention two differential diagnoses.
    (b) How will you reach a diagnosis?
    (c) Mention the treatment of your differentials.
  5. A 60 years old male came to you with H/O per rectal bleeding, tensesmus and early morning
    diarrhoea for last 3 months
    (a) What is the most likely diagnosis?
    (b) Suggest investigates with rationale.
    (c) How will you counsel him before operation?
  6. Write short notes no:
    (a) Phimosis and Paraphimosis (b) lleostomy


  1. 45 years old female presented with large multinodular gorter
    (a) Write the mechanism of formation of multimodalu poter
    (b) How will you investigate the patient
    (c) Monteon the complications of multinodular gorter
  2. (a) Write clinical features of acute pancreatitis
    (5) Outline the catly management of acute inating pancro
    (c) Mentions local complications of acute pancreatitis
  3. 45 years old female presented with paundice for 2 days after lapecoeche
    (a) we surgicales of jandice in this patient
    (5) Wienestigations you will do for diagnosis
    (c) How will you prepare the patient for surgery?
  4. years old female presented to you with his of nipple discharge for at
    (a) What are the probable causes of nipple discharge?
    (b) How will you bestigate her?
    (c) How will you course the patient if she is
  5. diagnosed as having a big disorder
    A 25 years made presented with severe colicky pain in le lumber resten
    (a) What is sostinical diagnosis
    (6) Mantenimestigations to reach a dingosi
    (c) Write down the treatment options
  6. writes short note on: a) Hydrocephalus b)empyema gallbladder

Group – D

  1. A 30 years old motor biker faced had coming truck sunce
    dre parts of the body
    (a) How will you manage this patient in a world hospital
  2. (a)what do you mean by delayed union,mal-union,and non-union.
    (b) Mention the causes on non-union.
    (c) give the radiological findings and treatment of non union.
  3. A 35 years old lady fall of outstretched and and declared pain, and the
    (a) What is your possible diagnosis
    b) Name the typical deformity of such conditions
    c) write down the treatment and complications of this patients.
    Name Suures
    A 15 years boyprenied with boy beca
  4. a) five common paediatric fractures.
    b) how will manage a child with supra condylar fracture of right humerus
  5. 15 years old boy presented with bony swelling below knee joint.
    a) Write for differential diagnosis
    b)How will evaluate the patients
    c)Write two important investigations.
  6. (a)Classify brain tumor
    b)Mentions the c/f of brain tumor
    c)how will investigate such a patients?

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