RU Final Prof Question November 2021 Obstetrics and Gynaecology : Paper-II

RU Final Prof Question November 2021
RU Final Prof Question November 2021

Final Professional MBBS (November) Examination,2021
Short Answer Questions(SAQ)
Obstetrics and Gynaecology : Paper-II
Time:2 hours 30 min
Full Marks: 70
(N. B.: Marks for the question are shown in margin. Answer any SEVEN questions from each group



1) (a)Classily mullerian anomalies.
(b) What are the clinical manisfestations of uterine anomalies?

2) Mrs. x, 30 years old lady has been suffering from bilateral lower abdominal pain with fever and prulent vaginal discharge and dyspareunia.
(a) What is your provisional diagnosis?
(b) How will you manage the patient?

3) (a) Define infertility. What are the causes of male infertility?
(b) Mention the role of laparoscopy in female infertility?
4) (a) Define contraception. What is the mechanism of anti-fertility effect of CU-T380A?
(b) What are the indication of D&C? What are advantages of MCV over D&C?

5) (a) What do you mean by recurrent miscarriage? What are the causes of recurrent pregnancy
loss in 2 trimester?
(b) A 25 years lady presented at 10 weeks pregnancy with previous history of 2 recurrent abortion at 14 and 16 weeks pregnancy -How will you manage this patient?

6) (a) Define secondary amenorrhoea. Mention the causes of it?
(b) A 20 years obese lady presented to you with weight about 80 kg. inenstrual irregularity and infertility-What is your probable diagnosis and how will you manage her?

7) A patient attended to you with the complains of history of evacuation of molar pregnancy 4 months back. Now she is having irregular per vaginal bleeding with cough & occasional haemoptysis.
(a) What is your diagnosis? What are the investigations you should suggest?
(b) Write down your treatment plan.

8) Write short notes on:
(A) Pelvic abscess (b)Chocolate cyst of ovary


1) (a) Define and classify AUB?
(b) A 14 years girl came to you with menorrhagia and anaemia-How will you manage her? other screening procedure?

2) (a) What are the screening method of CA-Cervix? What are the advantages of VIA test over
(b)Give the treatment modalities of CA cervix. Mention the risk factors of endometrial CA?
3) Define hysterectomy. Mention the types of it. Mention 5 common indications of TAH?
(b) How will you prepare a patient with DM for TAH?

4) Mrs. X, 26 years old housewife presented with continuous leakage of urine per vagina
following 4 days of difficult and prolonged home delivery.
(a) What is most likely the diagnosis?
(b) How will you manage the patient?

5) (a)Define menopause. What are the complications that may developin menapanse?
(b) Give the treatment protocol of post menopause symptoms of 55 years old lady having DM and HTN?

6) A 25 years old lady, P-1+0, presented with menorrhagia and 16 weeks size lower abdomin lump.
(a) What is the most likely diagnosis? How will you treat her?
(b)What precaustion you want to take before operation?

7 (a) Classify germ cell tumor of ovary. Mention the complications of ovarian tumour?
(b) How will you differentiate benign and malignant ovarian tumor clinically and

8 Write short notes on: (a) LARC (b) Tumour marker.

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