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Anatomy Viva question for MBBS students in Bangladesh | Doctors Gang

Anatomy Viva question for MBBS students in Bangladesh 


Anatomy subject exam has three part

Written,practical and Viva.

Viva exam has two part. 

  1. Hard part that deals with Bones anatomy with Histology 
  2. Soft Part that deals with Viscera and Embryology 

We will discusse Hard part and Soft part of anatomy. 

Anatomy Viva question Soft part

Anatomy Soft part Viva Model Question 1

Anatomy Hard part Viva Model Question
apex r position kno important
great vessel dekhao
ascending, arch of aorta
pulmonary & systemic circulation
artery supply
venous drainage
coronary sinus kothay thke
coronary sulcus dekhao

vagina dekhao
kn wall
dui wall r length
anterior wall short kno
fornix ki
vagina kothay open kre
vestibule e r ki open kre
urethral r vaginal opening r distance
artery supply of vagina, kar branch

artery supply.. kar branch
venous drainage… kothay drain kre
Histoligical structure
parathyroid gland…koi
koyta thke.. ki type r gland??

paracentral lobule dekhao
( voluntary control… blte hbe)

what is embryonic period
& its importance..
Anatomy soft part

Anatomy Soft part Viva Model Question 2


great vessels
artery supply
superior vanacava formation
blood circulation
heart er supplied artery gula kiser branch.
ri8 atrium a open kore ki ki…

epididymis, sinus dekhao..
testis a ki ki cele ase, function ki..
kon cele vitore kon cele baire thake.
artery supply… konta kiser branch..


hind brain dekhao..
cerebelum er artery supply..
funtion of cerebelum..

laryngx, phyraynx trachea dekhao.. extension..
cricoid cartilage.
larynx er sensory nerve supply…

back of arm…

X-ray of chest
occipito frontal view….

Anatomy Soft part Viva Model Question 3

Ana point, great vessel dekhao,branch of arch of aorta & brachiocephalic trunk, formation of SV, greater & lesser circulation
Ana point, curvature r attachment, content of lesser omentum & its another attachment, artery supply, why coeliac trunk, fore gut, kon layer asbe fore gut theke, layers of mucosa, type of gastric gland
Nasal cavity sob, littles area, peculiarity of olfactory epithelium, olfactory nerve
#cerebral hemisphere
Calcarine sulcus, visual area, function, artery supply of occipital lobe, kar branch
Ovulation time, kn next menstruation bola hoy, secretory phase
Post triangle
Front of arm
Para nasal air sinus

Anatomy Soft part Viva Model Question 4

Lung: lung er medial surface dkhao,koyta part,hilum kon part e thke,hilum dye ki ki strctr enter kore,emerge kore,bronchus k artery r vein thke kvbe alada korba,bronchus r bronchiole kivbe alada korba,
apex er covering,suprapleural mmbrn er formation,function,base er niche ki ki viscera thke, apex kothay thake,respiratory zone er part, extension,artry supply

Kidney:inferior venacava, abdominal aorta dkhao, abdominal aortar
uporer portion tuku ki, dvlpmntlly gut koy dhoroner,kothay kon artry supply dey

hemisection:pharynx dekhao,pharynx er extension, muscle er nam,nerve supply,sinus gulo dekhao,phyrnx er lining

Brainstem:brainstem dekhao, ki ki part niye,basillar groove e ki thke, basilar artry er termina branch ki, basilar artry er formation,formation kothay hoy,occipital pole e k artry supply dey

Dissection:rectal sheath,cubital fossa
Radiology:foot, chest er x-ray

Anatomy Soft part Viva Model Question 5

heart: ana pos, pericardium r layer showing, konta kemon tissue,nerve supply of it,
how apex formed,how basench(aorta,sup vena),k kothay drain kre, pulmonary circulation,r ki ki circulation ase,system circulation blo, coronary sinus koi thake kothy drain kre,branch of it, artery supply of heart,branches of arteries, nerve supply of heart, development fibrous pericardium and atrium, atrium e ki ki open kre.

female genitalia: uterus r part,kvbe vag kra jay vitore and baire theke, supports of it, ki ki layer thke,kothy implantation hy, konta functional layer, artery supply of it(endomtrium e k konta layer e supply dy),artry konta shedding hy and again konta thke ase, fetus kothay implantation hy, kvbe placenta fromation hy, decidua ki.

tongue-larynx-pharynx: pharynx dkhw, larynx r parts,lining, hemisection e dkhate hbe, ustesn tb r parts, biman e uthle ki hy,tkhn ki krte hbe. larynx r nerve supply

eyeball: layer, retinar layer optic nerve kto no layer thke ase, kmn nerve eta, ki kaj.

embryo: implantation ki, kothay hy, ectopic preg site, gray matter composition, 1 derivative of neural crest, heart tube,gut tube koi thke ase.

radiology: chest x-ray, wrist joint

dissection : scapular region,inguinal region.

Anatomy Soft part Viva Model Question
Apex, base er relation, medial surface er imprsn, kar branch, nerve supple of pleura, apex er covering, layers of pleura, konta kon surface a thake,formation of supra pleural membrane, hilum diye ki ki pass kore, bronchus kivabe bujhba, cartilage artery supply. Konta kon part a dey, conducting and respiratory zone er extension.

Male genitalia:
External organ ki ki, testes ki, main func ki, testes scrotum a kno thake, abdomen a thakle ki hoto, temperature regulation testes er, scrotum er layers, nerve supply, descent factors

Nasal cavity, air sinus, function, cut section a konta konta dekha jabe, jabena, air sinus er lining.

Spinal cord :
Parts, ki ki thake, meninges, layers, cauda equina, filum terminalae, cord er extension, dura pia matter er extension, sub arachnoid space, lumbar puncher, csf

Intercostal space
Front of the leg

anatomy soft part
# diaphragm
ana point
right and left dome er relation
central tendon kno shiny hoi
impression ta kon organ er jnno and kon opening thake content bolo
sob gulo major opening er content and characteristic or significance
opening er vertrebral level
nerve supply motor + sensory
nerve er root value
# female genital organ
ana point
parts ki kI ache dakhaw
uterine tube length part bolo ampullar importance
ki ki ligament dakhte paccho( round ligament of uterus and round ligament of ovary)
uterus er part
fundus dakhaw kivabe trace korba?
fundus er importance kothai implantation hoi
uterus er layer bolo kon layer a implantation. hoi( stratum funtionally)
uterus er artery supply uterus er lining epithelium

uterus kon position a thake ( ante version and ante flexion thke sob dhore)
supports of the uterus
# larynx
interior of larynx
motor and sensory supply of larynx
vocal fold er lining and function
recurrent and internal laryngeal nerve kon arch theke ase
arch kon germ layer theke develop hoi
# cerebrum
calcarine sulcus dakhaw
kon type er sulcus?
konlobe a thkee occipital lobe er artery supply kon branch thke ase functional area bolo and function
( last man chilm ti besi khon raakhe naii😁😂)

Anatomy Soft part:8.06.2018
apex er formation, body te koi thake,Great vessel dekhao,pulmonary trunk koi theke ase,ascending aorta koi theke othe,apex er nerve supply,circulation,arch of aortar branch,sup.venacava formation,blood e gaseous exchange koi hy
★Female genitelia
intarnal part,ki ki ligament ace,,uterine tube er artery supply,kar branch,pouch,recto uterine pouch er imp,vagina,vaginar canal er length,uterus er part(r o kicu cilo mne nai)
(pharynx er part with lining,auditory tube er opening, length,cartilage,
★Full brain
Brain stem,basilar groove,content, fomation, fate(Circle of willis),
★cubital fossa
Boudary content
★scalp er layer,dangerous zone,emissary veein er kake ble
Heart,trachea,aortic knucle er formation(Discending aorta)
★Paranasal air sinus
-Implantation ki,koi hy,r kto din por hy..

Anatomy soft part
Heart :-
Anatomical points, apex base surface formation, atrium, right left kmne chinba,sulcus terminalis, crista terminalis, interior of r atrium, fossa ovalis foetal life ki chilo, foramen ovale kokhn close hoi, functionally and anatomically, blood koi shunt kore, kon circulation oppose kore,

Liver :-
Points, porta hepatis dekhao, ki ki enter kore, portal blood, arterial blood er composition, portal blood koi theke ase, pore koi jai, direction of blood, kothai arterial r venous blood mixed hoi, sinusoid koi thake, hepatic vein koita ache, kothai open kore, heptic lobule, portal lobule, portal acinus, another name of these

Thyroid gland :-
Parts, isthmus er level koto, clinical importance, parathyroid gland koita, devlopment, inferior ta 3th pouch theke kno, thymus gland koi thake, tracheostomy kokhn kora hoi, artery supply of thyroid gland, er artery duitar sathe kon nerve thake, clinical importance ki,

Cerebrum :-
Paracentral louble, function, boundary, children er kno micturition maintain korte pare na, artery supply of medial surface, babinyski sign kokhn dekha jai.

Dissection :
Face : boundary , parotid duct, length, ki ki cross kore, facial artery, course, masseter buccinator er nerve supply devlopment,
Front of forearm :- muscles with nerve supply, identification

Anatomy Viva question Hard part 

Anatomy Hard Part Model test 1

process,er sathe attached bones,infraorbital margin er attachment,infraorbital nerve sensory naki motor,maxillary hiatus,function of maxillary air sinus,lining of maxillary sinus,development of maxilla.

obturator canal,content,enter kore naki emerge kore,obturator nerve koothay supply dey.
joints ki ki ache & kon type.

Articulated hand :
sob joints,hamate er hook lateral relation,
muscles between two metacarpal,sesamoid bones er function,

Bone remodelling cell,location,other bone cells,junction between two osteoblast,
anaphase stage e ki hoy,non-disjunction,anaphase lag.
sarcomere ki,kothay thake.
surface marking :
arteria dorsalis pedis,

Anatomy Hard part:
Radius:anatomical point,radial tuberocity’r attachment….Radius er articulation,konta ki type er joint,movement….pivot joint r kothai ase….movement er shmoy pivot ghure naki ring ghure…..??growing end kondike….interosseous membrane er direction….
Tibia:anatomical points,tibial tuberocity’r attachment,shaft er attachment….guy rope e ki ki muscle thake…..nerve supply….knee joint er upr guy rope ki kaj kore…..??growing end kondike…..
Frontal:ki type er bone,ki ki part ase……nasal part er articulation,base of skull e nasal part e medial to lateral ki ki bone thake…..pneumatic bone kano bola hoy…..Frontal sinus kothai open kore….
Adult bone er artery supply,periosteum er layer,ki type er tissu….periosteum er receptor ki…..??simple squamous kothai paoa jai . ….lungs e kon type er cell e beshi thake…..??bone cell ki ki…..
Surface anatomy:thyroid gland & tibial nerve….

Anatomy Hard part(4.6.18)
★Articulated foot
-number of bone,tarsal bone dekhao,sb gulo joint,subtalar joint er movement,Ankle joint kivabe formation kre,calcanius er posterior surface e ki lage
-tubercle dekhao,(lower end er)tuberosityrr attachment,Ki ki joint form kre kn typer
★Base of the skull
-Suprameatal triangle, Hypophysial fossa,content, ki typr circulation hy,hard palate kivabe form kre,styloid process er attachment,transver sulcus,content, attachment,post.cranial fossai ki ki thake),ossification of skull
-cell surface modification,transitional epithelium er location,flagella er example,Wt is growing end
★Surface marking
Duodenum (length),ulnar nerve(medial cord)
-apendix, vein

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