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FCPS part 1 Medicine july 2019 Question bank

Questions 1 to 35 : Topics from where MCQ’s  were given
Rest: SBA

Paper 1 :FCPS Part 1 Medicine faculty July 2019

1. Patterns of inheritance
2. Barriers of communication
3. Target cells found in?
4. Questions to ask in chest pain
5. Apoptosis
6. Features of near drowning
7. Effects of enzyme defect
8. Protein mutation in different diseases
9. Extrapyramidal system (Connection, Function, Lesions)
10. Features of cauda equina syndrome
11. Cerebellar lesions
12. Cerebral Cortex Lesions (Davidson Table)
13. Features of Cerebellum (Connection, Function, Blood supply)
14. Occular examination (3rd CN Palsy, Location of Macula, Papilloedema)
15. Scenario: GBS, Ques: Other features
16. Scenario: Myasthenia Gravis, Ques: Other Features
17. Features of right sided lower motor neuron facial nerve palsy
18. Features of brown sequard syndrome
19. Causes of raised APTT
20. Structures forming porta hepatis
21. Pathological features of duodenal ulcer caused by H.pylori (Histology)
22. Features of immunocompetent stage of chronic Hep B infection

23. Causes of SAAG >11g/l
24. Precipitating factors of venous thrombosis
25. Features of chronic extravascular hemolysis
26. Long term use of PPI is associated with?
27. Drugs causing chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction
28. Features of mesenteric ischaemia
29. Causes of megaloblastic anaemia
30. Functions of gastrin
31. Salient features of reflux oesophagitis
32. Salient features of portal hypertension
33. Drugs causing raised gamma glutamyl ttansferase
34. Indications of upper GI endoscopy
35. Diseases associated with NAFLD
36. Indications of prospective genetic counselling
37. Features of beta thalassemia trait
38. A 18 year old female presents diplopia with dissociative nystagmus on right side. The saccadic movement to the right is dysconjugated with impaired abduction of left eye. What is the diagnosis?
a. Internuclear Ophthalmplegia,
b. Occular blobbing,
c. Optokinetic nystagmus,
d. Progressive supranuclear palsy
39. A male patient presents with fever for 5 days and unconsciousness for 1 day. Important bedside sign for diagnosing meningitis.
a. kernig sign,
b. neck stiffness,
c. absent plantar response,
d, e: forgot

40. M/A of ribaroxaban
41. A 20 yrs old muslim man icteric during ramadan and otherwise normal dx?
a. G6PD deficiency,
b. Gilbert’s syndrome,
c. Pyruvate Kinase deficiency,
d and e. Crigglar Najjar Syndrome I and II
42. 25 yr old patient with recurrent episodes of seizures for 1 month. which investigation should be done?
a. CT scan of brain,
b. MRI of brain,
c. CSF study,
e. Forgot

43. Forgot the question (My bad) 44. Icteric patient suddenly become restless in ward. Imp clinical sign to assess status
a. Constructional apraxia,
b. Dressing apraxia,
c. Sensory Ataxia,
d. Flapping Tremor,
e. Tail Back sign (Confused about this stem)

45. Neurological deficit of gradual onset and progressive constitutes what type of disease?
a. Nerve entrapment,
b. Vascular disease,
c. Demyelinating disease,
d. Infection

46. A 55 yr old male smoker, alcoholic, presents with recurrent central abdominal pain radiating to back with newly diagnosed DM. What investigation should be done to confirm the diagnosis?
a. Serum Lipase,
b. Urine amylase,
c. ERCP,
d. CT scan of abdomen,
e. Plain X-ray of abdomen

47. A 65 yr old male presents with weakness lethargy, weight loss. There is generalized lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly. Investigations show Hb: low, WBC: N, PLT: N, Reticulocyte: 10%, PBF: Increased number of lymphocytes, Direct Coombs test positive. Dx?
a. Aplastic anaemia,
b. ALL,
c. CLL,
d. CML,
e. Auto immune hemolytic anaemia

48. Characteristics of an ideal chemotherapeutic drug
49. A 15 yr old female presents with gum bleeding, blanching rash over legs 2 weeks following sore throat Investigations show  Hb: N, WBC: N, PLT: 19000/cumm, PBF: Thrombocytopenia. Dx?
a. Dengue hemorrhagic fever,
b. ITP,
c. TTP d and
e. Forgot

50. Female with rheumatoid arthritis developed pallor. Confirmatory test to diagnose iron deficiency anaemia.

Paper 2 :FCPS Part 1 Medicine faculty July 2019

First i would like to apologize that i could not remember all the SBA except for 1 (Ques 36).
Ques 1-35 are topics from which MCQs were given PAPER 2

1. Jugular venous pressure
2. Secondary prevention of MI
3. Features of Hypertensive retinopathy on ophthalmoscopy
4. Substances responsible for vasoconstriction (ions responsible)
5. Features of Graves thyrotoxicosis
6. Causes of hypergonadotropic hypogonadism
7. Cardiac muscle action potential
8. Myocardial changes in heart failure
9. ECG
10. Amorphous substances in dermis
11. Brain natriuretic peptide
12. Treatment of Acute coronary syndrome
13. Diabetic neuropathy
14. Cells of epidermis
15. Essential amino acids
16. High risk features in ETT for evaluation of ischaemic heart disease
17. Classification of anti arrythmic drugs
18. Mean, Median, mode, range, variables 19. Paired t test (Biostatistics)
20. Features of folate deficiency
21. Pharmacology of TCA
22. Clinical trial of a new drug
23. A type 2 diabetic with serum creatinine 5 gm/dl. anti diabetic drug to avoid
24. Withdrawal symtoms of opioid
25. Pharmacology of incretin
26. Biological factors associated to major depressive disordee
27. Somatic symptoms of depression
28. Causes of secondary hyperaldosteronism
29. Lab findings of primary hyperparathyroidism
30. Hormones released in pulsatile fashion 31. Names of quantitative variables
32. Poisonings causing major acid base imbalance
33. Treatment of paracetamol poisoning
34. Pharmacology of carbimazole
35. Features of mineralocorticoid deficiency in adrenal insufficiency
36. A 70 years old man presented with edema of both legs and shortness of breath. He has been taking refined rice for 2 years. Deficiency of which nutrients is responsible for this?

Paper 3 : FCPS part 1 medicine Faculty July 2019 Ques from 1-35: Topics from where MCQs were given –
Rest: SBA

Paper 3 :FCPS Part 1 Medicine faculty July 2019

1. Viruses disrupting immune system
2. IgA protease producing bacteria
3. Brucella
4. Ramsay Hunt syndrome
5. Sepsis
6. Cryptosporidiosis
7. Ancylostoma duodenale
8. Exotoxin producing bacteria
9. Conditions requiring post exposure prophylaxis
10. Drugs contraindicated in pregnancy
11. Lung volume and capacities
12. Respiratory membrane
13. Causes of upper lobe fibrosis
14. Drugs causing pulmonary eosinophilia
15. IgA nephropathy
16. HACEK group of organisms
17. Causes of low PO2 and PCO2 in ABG
18. Common features of DPLD
19. Bronchial asthma
20. Non metastatic extrapulmonary features of bronchial carcinoma
21. Proximal Renal Tubular acidosis
22. Drugs causing interstitial nephritis
23. Urinary incontinence
24. UTI
25. Indications of renal biopsy
26. Lab findings of osteomalacia
27. Pathological basis of osteoarthritis
28. Substances produced by chondrocytes
29. Salient features of uric acid
30. Causes of increased ESR with normal CRP
31. Organisms causing decreased T lymphocytes
32. Conditions associated to hypomagnesemia
33. Conditions causing shifting of potassium into cells
34. Geriatrics
35. Forgot the question (Sorry)
36. A 50 year old diabetic woman is on paenteral nutrition for 6 weeks following abdominal surgery. She has now developed fever. Blood culture revealed candida. Predisposing factor for candidemia?

37. A 25 year male presented with non tender joint swelling with discharging sinus. Pus shows yellowish granules wih mass of filaments. Which organism is responsible?
a. MTB
b. Bacillus anthracis
c. Listeria monocytogenes
d. Sporothrix schenchii
e. Actinomyces israelli
38. Factors increasing GFR
39. A 28 year old female with SLE presented with foetal loss. Which investigation is important regarding foetal loss?
40. A 60 year old man presents with low back pain for 1 month. Which history is suggestive of red flag for spinal pathology?
41. A 40 year old man develops shortness of breath on lying. Which parameter is important for ventilation (The ques is distorted as i forgot the exact words)

42. A 27 year old man presents with fever and altered consciousness for 5 days. He has history of malaria and was treated with quinine sulphate 6 months back. Thick blood film show malarial parasite. What is the cause of malaria in this case?
a. reinfection
c.persistence of merozoites
d.treatment failure

43. Forgot the question (Sorry) 44. A 70 year old man developed disorientation. His sodium level is 115 mmol/l. What is the diagnosis?
a. CCF
b.Nephrotic syndrome
c.Cushing syndrome
e. Adrenocortical failure

45. A 30 year old woman presents with fever for 1 month and right sided upper apical cavitary lesion. She was treated for CAT 1 TB 1 year back. Which sputum examination is important to confirm the diagnosis?
a. gram stain,
b.bacterial culture and sensitivity,
c. AFB stain,
D. AFB culture and sensitivity,
e. Gene Xpert for MTB

46. Diuretic acting on PCT 47. A middle aged woman presents with difficulty in standing from sitting position. On examination there is violaceous rash on the extensor aspect MCP joints. Which investigation is pivotal to confirm the diagnosis?

48. A 25 year old male with history of recent travel to Thailand presents with pain and swelling of right knee. Which feature with guide you to confirm your diagnosis? (one stem that i could remember was circinate balanitis. i forgot the other stems)

49. A 28 year old female with SLE for 5 years was treated with cyclophosmamide and methyl prednisolone. She now has developed flare of the condition and on evaluation was diagnosed as diffuse progressive lupus nephrotis. What is the treatment option now?

50. Forgot the question (Sorry)

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