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How to read for FCPS Part 1 Medicine : a Study Plan

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Study Plan for FCPS part 1 in Medicine

How to prepare for Passing FCPS part 1 at first attempt?

You have to work hard for pass fcps part 1 at first time. Ans you also have to follow some rules following are-

  1. Fixed your aim (Which degree are you want to Do?) as early as possible (we are recommended in MBBS third year)
  2. Know the syllabus properly as early as possible (we are recommended in MBBS third year) you can see the FCPS syllabus Here.
  3. Read Davidson Principle of Medicine regularly and Daily at least 1 hour from MBBS third year. Or
  4. Read Davidson Principle of Medicine regularly and Daily at least 3 hours from fifth year year.
  5. Read Davidson Principle of Medicine regularly and Daily at least 5 hours after MBBS final professional Examination.
  6. You have to remember : You have to give at least Six month(total)  to Davidson/Medicine for Passing FCPS part 1

Recommended Book For FCPS part-1 Medicine

1. Davidson Principle of Medicine 23rd Edition

Davidson Principle of Medicine 23rd Edition – This book will cover 85% of the entire preparation.At the beginning of each chapter of this book, along with a picture of a human body, there is a page showing the symptoms of the diseases of that system,Anatomy and Physiology of the system which very important for FCPS part

Firstly read Anatomy, physiology, presentings problems, investigation with clinical features, investigation & treatment of specific disease and conditions.

Some kind of words are commonly found in Davidson Principle of Medicine and that’s is repeatedly come in FCPS part 1 examination.

How to read davidson principle medicine book:

You have to find out the important topics,important system,important chapter,important disease from the exam question bank which you will sit next such FCPS,MRCP. Point of view, consult seniors and see previous years question Bank for selection of the important topics and system,and disease for Next examination such as, FCPS,Residency, MRCP, and Licencing Examination etc.
  • You have to priority all flow charts and tables from those topics. Things like criteria’s,investigation,  and treatment regimen are very important for that examination.
  • You can make a note by combination of Past Question of Your exam (Such as FCPS) and Davidson Principle of Medicine Book.
  • What is the 1st line investigation of Disease/Symptoms?
  • What is the 1st line of treatment of the Disease?
  • What is the Gold standard Investigation of the Diseases/Patients?
  • What is the Gold standard treatment of the disease?
  • What is the most specific sign or symtoms of the diseases?
  • What is the choice of Investigation?
  • What is the Diagnostic feature of the diseases?
  • What is pathogonomic sign of disease?
  • What is the treatment of choice for the disease?
  • what is the Early sign/Symptoms of the diseases?
  • what is the Early sign/Symptoms of the diseases?
  • what is the Late sign/Symptoms of the diseases?
  • what is the Cardinal sign/Symptoms of the diseases?
  • What is triads of Disease/Syndrome/others?
  • Which is the Screening method of choice
  • What is the Hallmark of the diseases?

2. Khaled-El-Magreby

Khaled-El-Magreby – It is a Very important Book for MRCP preparation. But the precious important words have been made bold. You should have to read this book after reading Davidson Principle of Medicine.

3. Ganong/Vision/Gyton Physiology

You have to keep a clear knowledge about Physiology by reading Guyton / Ganong’s textbook or any sheet to create a clear conception. Most important systems are Neurophysiology with neuroanatomy, cardiovascular System physiology, Endocrine physiology. Some of the topics in the respitatory system, renal physiology.

For neuroantomy & neurophysiology
Snell Neuroanatomy & Mohammod Ibrahim-el-husseiny book will be the best for MRCP as well as FCPS.

4. Lange microbiology

Lange microbiology – basically immunology With virology & bacteriology you have to read.
If you have very few moment I recommend read the Box of this book atleast.

5. FCPS Question Bank

If want to buy a Question Bank of FCPS, you have to buy Matix Question Bank. So many doctors are recommended the Book.You can purchase Exclusive question bank for FCPS for SBA.

  1. Doctors Gang Question Bank (Free on our website)
  2. SBA practice book
  3. 500 SBA in medicine
  4. Synspse Medical Academy/ genesis online University /Axis Medical School etc
  5. Download free Medical Book

6. Statistics

Biostatistics and Research Methodology by Professor Mozammel Sir or some seat available about Biostatistics by  Dilip sir & Professor Mozammel Sir.

7. Doctors Gang Advice

Must Remember –

Davidson will cover 85% of the preparation,remaining 15%, you have to read some specific topics of physiology & anatomy of some system, Book for this already mentioned before.

You can Pass by only reading Davidson Principle of Medicine beacuse it will have about 85 marks in each paper of FCPS part 1.

Type of FCPS Question :

75-80 question are about clinical Question/Problem Solved Question.
Remaining Question are about Basic medical Science.
35 question are (Multpl Choice Question) Question
15 Question are Single Best answer(SBA).

Example of Question :

1. Multiple Choice Questions

2. SBA(Single Best Answer) Questions

You can see previous year fcps part 1 question :

When to start reading for FCPS part 1 preparation?

We recommend all MBBS students to read for FCPD part 1 from Fifth year or during MBBS period, If you want to pass FCPS part 1 at first attempt.

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