A guide to MCPS for Bangladeshi doctors (MCPS Degree in Bangladesh)

A guide to MCPS for Bangladeshi doctors & overview of MCPS Degree in Bangladesh

What is MCPS?

The full meaning of MCPS is Membership of the College of Bangladesh and Surgeons.MCPS Full from is Membership of the College of Bangladesh and Surgeons.MCPS examination held under BCPS.

It is a membership degree affiliated to BCPS, it is considered equivalent to  Diploma degree of BSMMU.

MCPS degree in Bangladesh

What are the eligible criteria for MCPS Degree?

Update elligble Criteria 2022

MCPS degree in Bangladesh 2023-2024
Update elligble Criteria 2022

Eligibility criteria for MCPS degree in Bangladesh before :

Criteria 1: Must have to be completed at least four (4) years training after MBBS or graduation complete.

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Criteria 2.

(1) year residency training in the respective subject in an Institute or Hospital which are recognized by BCPS.

1.Exceptions in dentistry: –

One year training for

(a)1 year training in any one of the following specialties of Dental Department: –

  1. Orthodontic and Dentofaal Orth
  2. Prosthodontics
  3. Conservative Dentistry
  4. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.


(b) six months training in any two of the following specialties of Dental Department: –

  • Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedic
  • Prosthodontics
  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

(2) exception in Family Medicine: –

Out of one year training:

(i) six months training in Medicine and

(ii) six months training in any one of the following subjects: –

  1. Surgery
  2. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  3. Paediatrics.

Criteria 2. Internship training will not be allowed in MCPS examination.

Criteria 4. Honorary training in District Sadar Hospital will not be accepted for MCPS  examination.

Criteria 4. A certificate for a period of less than six (6) months at a time will not be accepted

What are the documents for enrollment of MCPS?

Documents have to be submitted during submission of enrollment form for MCPS.

a.photocopy of MBBS/BDS Certificate(attested). 

b. photocopy of BMDC Permanent Registration Certificate(attested). 

c. Money receipt of Tk 1000 / – only for enrollment fees.

d. 2 copies passport size size recent color photos as directed in the form.

e. Training Certificates (Original and as per proforma of the College).

BCPS Notification for july 2021 mcps examination 

The MCPS Candidates have to scan & upload the following documents through the online registration form:

  1. Scanned copy of recent colour photo (Resolution: 300*300 pixels, Size: below 300 Kilobytes).
  2. Scanned copy of candidate Signature (Resolution: 300*80 pixels, Size:below 300 Kilobytes).
  3. Scanned copy of Bank deposit slip NB:Please write candidate Name, Mobile No and BMDC Registration number in Bank slip during deposition of money in Bank.
  4. Scanned copy of the permanent registration certificate of BMDC
  5. Scanned copy of the certificate of MBBS/BDS

After online registration 

After completion of the online registration, every candidate must have to submit the hard copy of the following documents on or before 18 May, 2021; otherwise the application will not be allowed:

  • 1) Printed copy of online registration form 
  • 2) Bank deposit slip copy 
  • 3) the permanent registration certificate of BMDC copy
  • 4)MBBS/BDS certificate copy.
  • 5) Training Certificates copy.
  • 6) Posting Order or Placement Order or Attachment Order & Joining Letter in support of training period.
  • 7) Other necessary documents.
  • For the Old Candidates copy.

What are the subject to give MCPS?

MCPS given in this subject :

  1.  Medicine,  
  2.  Surgery,  
  3.  Paediatrics,  
  4.  Obstetrics  &  Gynaecology,  
  5.  Ophthalmology,                                  
  6.  OtolaryngologyHead  &  Neck Surgery ,
  7.  Psychiatry,
  8.  Anaesthesiology, 
  9.  Radiology
  10.  Radi otherapy, gy  &  Imaging,
  11.  Dermatology  &  Venereology, 
  12.  Dental  Surgery,
  13.  Forensic  Medicine,
  14.  Family  Medicine,
  15.  Transfusion Medicine and
  16.  Laboratory  Medicine

MCPS test system :

  • Part 1 is not required,MCPS final has to be given directly.
  • Written test at 2 PM1st and 2nd letter,Then on the same day as Clinical and Viva,There is no ospey

What are the benefits of MCPS?

Different people have different opinions on this matter, but I put forward my opinion in this article. 

If you have one year of training, you can do a degree in a short time.

For those who are doing residency / diploma from BSMMU, the advantage is that they do not need separate training for doing this degree. They can directly increase their holdings by one degree with MCPS.

How much does MCPS cost?

Examination fee is 13500 taka, additional 1500 taka for first time registration, total 15000 Taka.

What Are there books or coaching in the market for MCPS?

Yes, questions bank  for MCPS is available in the market. You can see last year’s questions. You can also take advice from different mentors.you can see previous year question bank in this website by following link.

MCPS Question Bank by Doctorsgang

When is the MCPS test occurs?

Every January and July session is with FCPS. For this know the info about MCPS you can take care of BCPS Website.


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