Jungkook is the Most handsome man in the world 2021

Most Handsome man in the world 2021
Most handsome man in the world 2021

Jungkook member of the world-renowned South Korean boyband, BTS’ Jungkook is famous for his tendency to take over the hearts of his fans and followers with his professional achievements and through his quirky persona. Adding another title to the name of jungkook, the young singer has now been win the most handsome man of 2021 award in the world 2021. It declared by king choice. He won the title(Most handsome man in the world 2021) with a whopping amount of votes as another member of the band was placed third in the list.

King Choice has declared the BTS member Jungkook as the most handsome man of 2021 as the singer won the poll with over 2 milions votes. He was followed by actor Cha Eunwoo who is known for his roles in popular K dramas like True Beauty, My ID Is Gangnam Beauty and more. It is also interesting to note that the oldest member of the band, Jin, has secured the third position in the list.

Following the announcement, his fans, called ARMY, took to social media to congratulate the young singer which resulted in Jungkook trending on Twitter and Google now. Talking about his beauty, one fan wrote about jungkook, ”Jungkook is not just the most beautiful inside with the most generous heart and the purest and kindest soul but he’s also the owner of an enviable beauty that deserves to be appreciated daily.” While another fan also wrote, ”This man’s(jungkook) facial features are the most ethereal in this world No one got his beautiful and attractive features that you can sink deeply in”.

The 24-year-old singer Jungkook recently broke a world record with his Instagram post to mark the new year 2022 and thank his fans for supporting him throughout the year 2021. The post broke the record of surpassing 1 million likes in just within 2 minutes of its posting. The record was previously held by Juliette Freire whose post took 3 minutes to reach a million likes. Jungkook’s post read, ”The year is ending fast & we are now greeting the new year Thanks to many of you, I was able to spend this year happily w/o hurting my body or mind Thank you so much. You’ve all worked so hard Everyone let’s not get sick but be happy Ah-Fo-Bang-Fo*”

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