How to prepare for DU admission test with special Tips for all Unit

DU admission test Tips

How to read for Dhaka University (DU) admission test and Tips and important information 2021

Dhaka University admission test 2022-2023
Dhaka University (DU) admission test in Bangladesh

How to prepare for Dhaka university A unit admission test

Advice for A unit admission test

If you want to get admission into Dhaka University, first of all you have to know  a strong basic on physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. There are some writers from whom you will get most questions from HSC subject.

Best Book for DU A unit admission test


Biology First part by Abul Hasan
Biology Second part by Gazi Azmal


Chemistry First part by Hazari & Nag
Chemistry Second part by Hazari & Nag

Physics :

Physics First part by both Ishaq and Topon
Physics Second part by both Ishaq and Topon


Higher Math by Ketab Uddin

English :

English Grammar by anyone SOS/Apex/English Competitive Exam

Bengli :

Bengli Gramamr of Class Nine & Ten
Any of the Bengli Guide Book for DU

Question Bank:

Any of the publication DU admission test question Bank upto last year.
BCS preliminary  question Only for GK and Bengli

You can write Bengli or English by replacing your fourth subject.

Tips for DU A unit admission test

  1. Don’t Be stressed
  2. Be confidence
  3. Search your weakness
  4. Read and Prevent your weekness
  5. Read the Marks Distribution and Circular Properly
  6. Read regularly 6-15 hour Daily with full of concentration
  7. Don’t use electoronic device during rrading period.
  8. Daily participate a exam or solve model question for self assessment
  9. Remember, you can win against if you try hard.
  10. Don’t be depend on the coaching or private, they can be show the road to you, remember you have to walk the road alone.
  11. Read read read,
  12. Solve model question or MCQ question more than enough.
  13. Don’t be frustrated during the coaching exam, try keeping up good marks(average) constantly.
  14. If you are sure of only 100/120 answers then answer 100. This will help you to gain a better merit position without cutting off your marks due to  negative marking.
  15. If you have medical admission preparation you can try English /Bengli by replacing Mathematics Subject. 

How to prepare for Dhaka university B unit admission test

Under construction(B,C,D and E unit), Please wait for this

If you have any question, comment below the box.

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How to prepare for Dhaka university B unit admission test

  1. At first you have to know DU B unit marks distribution and Question Pattern
  2. Read the Main Book Bangla and English Properly.
  3. Solve the Past Questions of DU B unit admission test.
  4. Read Generel knowledge from any book amd read current affairs, and current event etc.
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