New COVID-19 variant “Omicron” Update in Bangladesh

Omicron variant in Bangladesh
Omicron variant in Bangladesh
Corona Update
Number of Case and Percentage
Today New Case1146
Total Case15,91,093
Total Omicron Case20
Today Death1
Current Positive Rate5.67%
Total Positive Rate13.68%
Total Recovery15,50,534
Total Recovery Rate97.45%
Corona Update Today

The World Health Organization has declared a new variant of coronavirus and named this variant is Omicron last day(26 November). Acording to world Health Organization, It had a large number of mutatation of spike protein, and early evidence suggested an increased re-infection of COVID risk. The new variant of corona virus , Omicron, whose scientific name is B.1.1.529, has caused panic all over the world. It is feared that this mutant can lead to a new outbreak of corona infection in the world.

In Bangladesh, have not detected omicron variant COVID 19 cases.

Bangladesh also take step to prevent omicron variant infection and raise alertness among Bangladesh people via internet, daily news paper and television channel. 

Some step are taked to prevent omicron variant in UK by Borish Johnson

Arrivals from all countries  would have to stay in self-isolation until receiving a negative result from a RT-PCR test  for COVID 19, said Borish Johnson. He also said, “The Face masks must be worn in retail settings and it was time to step up booster jabs ” in reuters news. He aslo added that they need to be bought time for their scientists to understand exactly what they are dealing with. Johnson said those who had come into contact history and positive testing for a suspected case of Omicron variant would have to stay in self-isolation for 10 days and that face masks must be worn in outside home

Already two cases of omicron variant are found in UK.

This type of variant was first identified on November 24 in South Africa. The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday (November 26th) described the Omicron variant as the “worst and most worrying” type.The biggest concern of medical scientists about the omicron variant is the number of mutations or mutations in the virus. The coronavirus uses radical spike proteins to enter the human body. And the spike protein of the Omicron variant has more than 30 mutations, which is twice as much as the highly contagious than delta variant of the coronavirus.

Scientists have speculated that some of the existing mutations in the new variant could quickly become infected. It is also known that some mutations are capable of evading the immune system.


Scientists believe that even the natural antibodies that are produced in the body after recovery from corona or the antibodies that are produced in the body through vaccination which may be less effective against this new variant. This means that people who have recovered from corona or who have been completely vaccinated against corona virus are also at risk of being infected with the new strain of corona virus.

Scientists have begun extensive research to find out the details of this terrible new type of corona strain. At the end of the observation, they think that the danger of the virus can be confirmed.

New Omicron variant found Country 

Omicron variant first found in sout Africa, then it can be identified some country. Confirmed case found following country. New variant identified country Names are below-

  • South Africa 
  • Botswana
  • Belgium 
  • Hong kong
  • Israel 
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany 
  • Italy etc

Omicron variant symptoms :

New omicron variant symptoms are about same of the old variant. Most common feature are-
Its features are like to typical COVID patients. Scientists are research about the new variant, so have no enough info about the variant. We will edit after get new information about the variant.
Source :
  1. WHO
  2. BBC News
  3. CNN news etc.

How to prevent Omicron variant infection

Omicron variant are more transmissible and more dangerous due to high capabilities of mutations of spike protein. So we have to follow below the tips.
  1. Must worn facemasks in outside home, 
  2. handwash by  (70% alcohol + clorhexidine hydrochlorife) at least 60 second or handwash by Alkali soap at least 20 second.
  3. Eat food which help and boost your immunity. 
  4. Stay in sunlight at least 30 minutes daily.
  5. Maintain socail distance. 
  6. Self isolation for contact with omicron positive cases.
  7. Consult with your GP. 

Name of variants of COVID-19 :

  1. Alpha variant 
  2. Beta variant 
  3. Gamma variant
  4. Delta variant 
  5. Lamda Variant 
  6. Omicron Variant (Latest) 


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