Career After SSC in Bangladesh : HSC,Diploma in Engineering, and Nursing and Paramedical

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Where to take admision after SSC examination in Bangladesh

Your Career plan starts after SSC exam result. Basically students should think from SSC level in Bangladesh.
It is best time to decide what tasks I feel most comfortable doing and whether I can be admitted there. That means you should study wherever you like and think you can do better in the future.

After the SSC exam, you can three options. It contains-

1. HSC
2. Diploma in Engineering
3. Diploma in Nursing and Paramedical

HSC Admission

After passing SSC, a student normally wants to be admitted in college. After completing HSC, starting from BCS cadre, there are many good opportunities in government jobs by the lines. If we assume that 95% of the students in Bangladesh start studying HSC after completing SSC or get admitted in college.

Why do you choose HSC after SSC exam in Bangladesh?

1. You Get admission in any University, Medical and after studying there can study for BCS cadre
2. You can study honours or degrees
3. You can study  BSC in nursing
4. You can apply for 95% government jobs.
There are also many more courses that can be done after completing HSC.

Diploma in Engineering

It is important to make the right decision at the right time to become proficient in today’s world. Diploma in Engineering is very important to build a career-oriented life. After SSC in Bangladesh, you can get admission in Diploma in Engineering for four years. Among the things you can be admitted to are the following subject:
• Civil Engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Electronics Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Architecture Engineering
• Mechanical engineering
• Chemical engineering
• Automobile Engineering
• Food engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Refrigeration and air condition engineering
• Telecommunication engineering etc.
By studying these, you will have the most acceptance in the job market in Bangladesh. Admission to diploma course after SSC examination is a good decision. The scope of technical education is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. It is a blessing for the workplace. The chances of being unemployed after studying are very low after completing the courses. So after SSC examinee can be admitted in Diploma in Engineering course. A student will be able to do BSc in Diploma Engineers after four years and have the opportunity to easily pursue higher education.

HSC,Diploma, and Nursing after SSC
Career after SSC examination in Bangladesh

Eligibility for Diploma Engineering Admission:

If you want to study in Diploma in Engineering under Technical Education Board, you have to pass SSC entrance test. If you want to apply for Government Polytechnic Institute, you have to have Mathematics and Higher Mathematics 3.5, you have to have 3.00 in Mathematics.

Diploma in Nursing and Paramedical:

Nursing carries a little more benefits for girls in Bangladesh. However, at present both boys and girls are studying nursing science. In that case, the government hires a large number of nurses every year. Moreover, the demand for nurse in the paramedical sector is much higher in the country. So those who study at nursing science never have to be unemployed. They can easily get a job anywhere govt or private  with their own skills or by looking at a certificate.

Author :

Dr. Md. Noman Islam Nirob, MBBS.
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