AMC exam (MCQ & Clinical) Preparation for international students – Career in Australia as a physician

A guide to the Australian Medical Council AMC exam 2023

AMC exam stands for Australian Medical Council. We will discuss in this article all about AMC exam preparation and Proper Guidelines for international students.
Content of the article :
  1. What is AMC exam?
  2. Primary Procedure of AMC
  3. Best Book for AMC or Materials of AMC
  4. AMC MCQ exam
  5. How to Prepare for AMC McQueen exam
  6. AMC Clinical Exam
  7. How to Prepare for AMC clinical exam
  8. How to apply for AMC exam
  9. AMC Exam Date
  10. AMC exam Result

Australia is currently at the top of the list of doctors’ preferences. There are three ways to become a permanent resident of Australia:

  1. Clinical
  2. Non-clinical
  3. Skill migration

Today I will discuss about clinical career in Australia as a doctors for international students.

What is AMC exam?

AMC means australian Medical Council. It is a licencing examination for practicing as a physician in Australia. If you want to pursue a career in Australia as a physician, you must pass the AMC (Australian Medical Council) exam.

AMC exam has 2 part :

  1. AMC-MCQ
  2. AMC-Clinical / OSCE

Primary Procedure of AMC exam:

You have to apply on the website to verify that you are eligible for the AMC exam. First open an account Through the website. Then you will get a candidate number in your e-mail. Apply for AMC along with all your documents from that account with 305 AUD(Australian Dollar) . An online form will be provided, fill up correctly. Send all documents to Australia via DHL after receiving next confirmation. The Authority will then send this document to the ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate) in the USA to verify your studentship. After sending your documents by ECFMG from USA. You send again after attested the documents from your College via DHL. It again Send to USA. In a few days you will receive confirmation from AMC whether you are eligible for AMC exam.

Which Discipline to read for AMC exam preparation:

Major Discipline: Medicine, surgery, Gynecology & obstetrics, Psychiatry, Medical ethics, Statistics preparation.

Meterials or Book for AMC exam Preparation :

  • AMC Handbook clinical & MCQ
  • General practice:John Murtagh,
  • Latest edition of Oxford handbook of clinical surgery
  • Gynaecology & obstetrics: Lellewn Zones
  • Medical ethics: 100 cases of conrad fischer
  • USMLE – KAPLAN series
  • Psychiatry- Barbara Fadem
  • Pediatrics- Royal Melbourne paed handbook, David Hull, RACGP (Royal Australiann College of General Practice) website.

You have to read City scan, Fundoscopy pictures from internet. With some more recall cochines available, keep them in the collection at Near shop or online Shop. Reading takes a little time to understand, but not hard to grasp. More focus on group study at Least Between two reading partners.


You can sit the AMC exam just after pass the Final Prof MBBS exam. Internship and IELTS is not required for this exam. The total cost will be 2550 AUD. It has no center for AMC exam in Bangladesh. The nearest center is Delhi, India. There are also a few more exam centers in India, choose center from the AMC website of your choice. It happens 7-8 times per month. Few years ago, doctors used to get GP job after MCQ exam pass by doing IELTS . But now it is not available only by passing MCQ.

MCQ AMC exam has 2 stages:


  • Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, and Paediatrics skills.


  • Multi station assessment of clinical knowledges

The question of 125 marks is asked in 2 stages.

Exam Duration: is 3 hours.

How to prepare for AMC MCQ exam:

You can follow below the tips for Pass AMC MCQ exam at first attempt.
  1. First you have to Find a study group , or  reading partners.
  2. organize the recalls from latest to earliest ,
  3. divide the all questions among the group try to find out the solution by searching first in murtagh Book then Australian guidelines or some respectable websites.
  4. Keep a time to discuss the answers with your study group.
  5. Do not forget to read handbook at least two times most probably you will get 1 or 2 questions out of the Book but the most important is the discussion for each question you will find answers of other questions in there.

AMC-Clinical Exam

Full registration : For AMC clinical exam you have to complete 1 year internship in your medical college after Passing Final Professional MBBS Exam. The test type is Multi-stational. The cost will be around 3400 AUD. You have to go to Australia on a visit visa and take this test. 

It takes 2-3 years to complete 2 parts of AMC, so there is a possibility of clinical experience gap. If there is a gap of 2-3 years of clinical experience, the Australian Board does not give registration. This is a major problem. So no matter how to plan, there should be no clinical gap. Come to the country after passing AMC-Clinical and give IELTS.
You can take OET (Occupational English Test) instead of IELTS when giving clinical test in Australia. IELTS-7 / OET-B is required to get full registration. OET is a more easier for doctors than IELTS, as it is medically related test. Don’t forget to plan to give IELTS from Australia. Repent later. There are 7 score found too much tough for us. Then come to the your home and get a job as well as drop your CV at various online agencies from your home. Job interview will be taken on Skype or video call. If you selected, you will get visa in 457 category. Then Go Australia, and join your your job as physician in Australia. At last you are the successful man and inspiration for junior doctors. Share your experience for your juniors by our platform. We will diffuse your experience amongs the world. 

Best of luck for you. 

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