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Medical Admission Circular 2023 in Bangladesh

MBBS exam result
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MBBS Medical Admission circular 2023

Medical admission test Circular 2023-24 [ Latest Update News]

TraitsMedical Admission 2023 Description
Medical Admission Circular 2023 publish date09/02/2023
Medical admission test date 202310th March 2023
Dental admission test test date 2022-23Waiting for Medical admission test official Circular 2022-23
MBBS Application Start Date 2022-202313/02/2023
MBBS Application Last Date 2022-202323/02/2023
Payment Last date of Application 2022-2324/02/2023
MBBS Admit Card download date06/03/2023
MBBS Result dateWithin 7 days after admission test (10/03/2023)
MBBS Total Seats in Bangladesh 2023Here
MBBS Government Medical Seats 20234350
MBBS private Medical Seats6772
Total Number of Medical College in Bangladesh 2023Here
Medical admission test 2022-23 Total Applicants1,39,217
Medical admission test 2022-23 Participates in test
Medical admission test Total Passing Students
MBBS admission test 2023 Passing Percentage
Test city
Test center
MBBS admission Result 2023 LinkDGHS MBBS Result 2022 pdf download
MBBS admission Result 2023 Published DateWithin 7 days after admission test (10/03/2023)
Source of official notice1.
Medical admission circular 2023

MBBS Medical Admission circular 2023

Medical admission test circular 2021-2022

Medical admission Circular 2023 and Medical admission 2022

TraitsMedical Admission 2023Medical Admission Circular 2022
Medical Admission Circular 2023 publish date09/02/2023
Medical admission test date10th March 20231st April 2022
Dental admission test test date22nd April 2022
MBBS Application Start Date28 February 2022 (10.00 AM)
MBBS Application Last Date10 March 2022 (11.59 PM)
Payment Last date of Application11 March 2022
MBBS Admit Card download date26/03/2022
MBBS Result date
MBBS Total Seats in Bangladesh10,697
MBBS Government Medical Seats44004,350
MBBS private Medical Seats6,347
Total Number of Medical College in Bangladesh107 (The Number of Govt Medical College is 37, on ther other hand number of private medical College is 70.)
Medical admission test 2021-22 Total ApplicantsAbout 1,43,700
Medical admission test 2022-23 Participates in test
Medical admission test Total Passing Students
MBBS admission test Passing Percentage
Test city
Test centerAll Medical College and Surrounding Others institutions
MBBS admission Result LinkMBBS admission Result 2022 from
MBBS admission Result Published DateAfter 2-7 day of MBBS admission test 2022
Medical admission circular 2023 and 2022

Medical admission 2022-23 will be held 10/03/2023. The official notice are published at 9/02/2023, we published and Replace with original notice. Medical admission test online application start from 13/02/2023 to 23/02/2023. Medical admission 2022 result will be published after 2-7 days of admission test. The date we use in this post for medical admission test, all are probable date.


Medical admission test 2021 and 2022 Data Analysis

TraitsMedical Admission test 2021-2022Medical Admission test 2020-2021
Medical admission test
1 April 20222 April 2021
Application Start Date28 February 202211 February 2021
Application Last Date10 March 20221 march 2021
Payment last date11 March 20222 March 2021
MBBS Result dateApril 2021
MBBS Total Seats ( Govrnment + Private)10697 (4340+6347)10697 (4350+6347)
MBBS admission Total Applicants122,874
MBBS admission Participates in test116,789
Medical admission Total Passing Students48,975
Medical admission Passing Percentage39.86%
MBBS admission Admit card download last date26/03/202225 March 2021
Medical admission Test centerAll Medical College and Surrounding OthersAll Medical College and Surrounding Others institutions
Medical admission 2022-23 vs medical admission 2021-22 in Bangladesh

Medical admission circular 2023-24 pdf download

We will attache official circular after publishing Medical admission circular 2022-2023.

Dr Md Noman Islam Nirob, MBBS.

PDF Download – Medical admission circular 2021-22

Medical Admission Circular 2021-22
medical admission circular 2022 : page 1

How to apply for Medical admission test 2023-24

  1. Visit the official website after 10.00 am.
  2. Then follow the steps following photo.
Medical Admission Circular 2021-22
Medical Admission Circular 2021-22: page 2
Medical Admission Circular 2021-22
Medical Admission Circular 2021-22: page 3
Medical Admission Circular 2021-22
Medical Admission Circular 2021-22: page 4
Medical Admission Circular 2021-22
Medical Admission Circular 2021-22 : page 5

What is the link of Medical admission test application?

কিভাবে মেডিকেল চয়েজ দিবেন- এখানে দেখুন


On 2 April 2021, 122 thousands people took part in the Medical admission test 2020-2021 for medical college. A total of 10,890 students, including 4,350 students in 37 government medical colleges and 6,340 students in 70 private medical colleges, will get the opportunity to become doctors.

Read following articles:

Medical Admission circular 2023:

Medical Admission Candidates can apply online as per Medical Admission Policy Medical Admission Test Circular 2021-2022. According to the circular, the eligibility for application for admission has been determined as SSC and HSC combined. Total GPA-9 has been fixed. Eligibility criteria will be published on the website

Eligibility criteria for Medical Admission Test 2023-24

  1. The students of Bangladesh  who have passed SSC/Dakhil or equivalent examination of 2020/2021 and HSC/Alim or equivalent examination 2022/2023 in all examinations including Physics, Chemistry and Biology are eligible to apply for mbbs Medical admission test Will be considered.
  2. Students who have passed SSC / equivalent examination before 2018 will not be considered as eligible to apply for Medical MBBS Admission test 2023.
  3. In all domestic and foreign education activities, SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent and HSC / Alim / Equivalent in both the examinations, the GPA should be at least 9.00.
  4. The minimum GPA for SSC / Dakhil / Equivalent and HSC / Alim / Equivalent examinations should be 8.00 in case of Non-Tribal Admission Candidates in all Tribal and Hill Districts of the country.
  5. However, if the GPA is less than 3.50 in any single test, it will not be considered as eligible to apply. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.50 in Biology in HSC / Alim / Equivalent Examination for all.
  6. Distribution of medical admission test: 1 hour examination of 100 (one hundred) MCQ questions of 100 marks will be held.

Subject wise number in written test:

Biology (1&2)30 Marks
Chemistry (1&2)25 Marks
Physics (1&2)20 Marks
English15 Marks
General Knowledge (Bangladesh & Liberation War)10 Marks
Medical admission subject wise marks distribution

See Medical Admission 2023 Question Pattern :

GPA Score for MBBS admission test 2023

In the academic year 2021, the total number of candidates who have passed the MBBS or BDS admission test in the previous year (2021) HSC exam (SSC/Dakhil/equivalent exam 15 times the GPA obtained)

SSC GPA multiplying with 15

If anyone has a GPA of 5

  • 5 * 15 = 75 score.

HSC GPA multiplying with 25

25 times GPA obtained in HSC / Alim / equivalent examination
HSC GPA * 25
If anyone has a GPA of 5

  • 5 * 25 = 125 score.

Total score on GPA (HSC+SSC)= 75 + 125 = 200
MCQ will be number 100.

Second time medical admission test 2023:

Merit deducts 05 (five) marks from the marks obtained by the second time mbbs admission test 2022 candidates and deducts 7.5 marks from the marks obtained in the case of students enrolled in government medical or dental college or dental unit from the previous year. 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer in Written MCQ test of Medical admission test 2022.

Medical admission test 2023 pass mark:

In order to pass the written (MCQ) exam you have to get minimum 40 marks out of 100 marks. Those who get less than 40 marks in the written MCQ test will be considered as unsuccessful. Only successful or passed candidates will be included in the merit list. If you get below the 40 marks, you cannot apply to private medical College in Bangladesh.

Number calculation on GPA in Medical Admission Test 2023:

GPA obtained in SSC and HSC exams will be considered as 200 marks and the score will be calculated.

  • A) 15 times GPA obtained in SSC / Dakhil / equivalent examination = 75 marks (maximum)
  • B) 25 times GPA obtained in HSC / Alim / equivalent examination = 125 marks (maximum).
  • Total (A+B)  200 on GPA
  • Written MCQ 100.
  • Total Score 300.
  • You have to get 270+ marks for chance to govt medical College in Bangladesh.

Merit list will be prepared on the basis of the number obtained in the written admission test and the result obtained in SSC / Dakhil / equivalent and HSC / Alim / equivalent examination.

All the details about the rules and admissions for filling the online form can be found on the following websites.

Medical Admission Test Application Fee :

Medical admission test 2021 application fee was 1000 (one thousand) Taka, Medical admission test 2021-2022 possible application fee will be 1000 taka.

Medical Admission Test date 2022-23

Medical admission test 2022-23 application time and announcement has not come yet, in fact will be updated. Medical admission test 2021-2022 will be February 2023.

  • Medical Admission Application start : 
  • Last date for  payment for online application:, 11.59 pm
  • Medical admission test 2022 date :Date , 10 am – 11 am
  • Medical Admission Test 2022-23 Admit Card : Links to Collection:
  • Download the admit card from the link above.

When will the medical admission test be?

Admission Medical admission test 2022-23 will be held on 10th march 2023 but have not published Official notice yet. Medical Admission test 2023 date: 10/03/2023, 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Medical Admission test 2020-21 was be held on April 2, 2021. Medical admission test is being delayed due to delay in giving results of HSC examination. The Medical Admission test 2020-2021 was be held on April 2. This is the most reliable information so far.

How many Medical College in Bangladesh?

Medical Admission 2023 Results date?

Medical Admission Test 2023 Result will be published within 4 days after Medical admission test 2023. Medical Admission Test 2020-21 Result was be published on 4th April 2021 . Medical Admission Result 2021, go down to see the results of Medical Admission Test, submit with the roll number in the box given below and you will get your Medical Admission Result 2022 immediately.You can See your Result following link

How many seats of Medical college in Bangladesh?

Medical Admission Test The current number of government seats for 2022-23 is 4350 (according to the latest data). Medical admission test The current number of private seats for 2021-2022 is 6250 (according to the latest information). & Doctors Gang
Admission test with all the information, results etc. will be published on the following website.

When will the medical admission test 2022-2023 be?

MBBS Medical Admission Test 2022-2023 Medical Admission Test for the next 2021-22 academic year will be 10/03/2023. Keep an eye on the website.

  • the medical admission test 2022-2023 was held on 10 March 2023.
  • Arm Forces Medical College Admission Test will be (date not published)   2023.
  • Dental admission date, will be Between 30 april 2022 to 30 may 2022.
  • Online application of MBBS admission test started from February 2023 to February  2023 and
  • online application of BDS started from march 2023 to march 2023.

Procedure for submission of medical admission application fee:

The procedure for submission of application fee is described below-
Go to Message option of mobile phone with Teletalk prepaid SIM, type MBBS, enter user ID with <space> and send SMS to 16222.

how to write first SMS for application of Medical admission test 2023-24:

Write MBBS <Space> Roll and send to 16222.
You will get a pin number in the returned SMS, the name of the candidate and permission will be sought with the information of deducting 1000 Taka as examination fee. Another message / SMS should be sent to 16222 to allow the money to be deducted.
Go to Message option then type MBBS, give space then type YES followed by space followed by pin number (pin) found in the previous message followed by space with maximum four Center Code comma and send SMS to 16222.

Sample of how to write the second message:

Type MBBS <Space> YES <Space> 123456 <Space> 11,15,20,30 and send to 16222.
After sending the SMS with the correct PIN number, 1000 taka will be deducted for the exam fee from your mobile with Teletalk Prepaid SIM (015……….)and the user will be sent a user ID and password in the return SMS to the test center (where he will take the exam). Next you need to download your Admit Card using that User ID and Password so do not delete the SMS.

Medical Admission Application Rules and Required Meterials:

Medical admission candidates will be able to submit their applications online online. Link to Medical MBBS Admission Website The rules of application are described below- First dghs’s website
Go to and fill out the form with the required information. The information needed to fill out the form

1. Scanned image

The scanned / oiled picture on the digital camera should have a resolution of 300 x 300 pixels. However, if the image size is more than 100 KB will not be uploaded, so the image size must be reduced.

2. Signature required

Sign well on a white paper then scan it. In this case also the scanned image size should be 300 x 80 pixels. However, in this case the image size must be below 60 KB.

3. Address of the applicant

The medical admission applicant must enter the district or district, current address and permanent address (district, police station or upazila, local paste code, etc.).

4. List of medical colleges of choice

The names of the medical colleges of the MBBS admission applicant should be written in the order of ranking of their choice. And the list of medical calls is given in the notification. Take a look at the list notification. Or it is also given in your admission guides.

5. SSC & HSC exam information must also be given

The information is not wrong so the previous Marksheet  Keep the photocopy in front. Then submit application.

How to check Medical admission test Result 2023-24

How many days after the medical admission test results?

Medical Admission Test results are usually given within three days of the Medical Admission Test (but can sometimes be more or less). You can see from here

Number of Medical College in Bangladesh 2023Number
Number of Dental College in BangladeshNumber
Public/Govt Medical College37
Armed Forces Medical College6
Private Medical College70
Govt. Dental College with Denta Unit8
Private Dental College with Denta Unit26
Number of Medical College in Bangladesh 2023

Author : Dr Noman Islam Nirob, Rangpur Medical College, Rangpur 

Medical admission circular 2023-24

Medical admission circular 2023-24 was published at 9 February 2023. Above information about mbbs admission circular 2023-24 os applicable for MBBS admission test 2022. And it is also applicable for hsc session 2020-21 and 2022-23.

When will be held Medical Admission 2023

It is not confirm now, senior officials of Ministry of health will be discussed about this. It will be confirm within the weeks. When it officially declared we will inform you as early as possible. Possible medical admission test 2021-2022 is 1st april 2022.

Read more:

How to Check Medical MBBS admission Result 2023

To find MBBS Result is very easy, Follow below the steps. For Getting your MBBS admission result 2023-24

  • First you have to visiti DGHS official Website
  • Then Type your Roll
  • Then Press the Result Button.
  • You will find your result


When will be published Medical admission circular 2023?

Medical admission circular will be published within a month after publishing HSC Result. Medical admission circular 2021-22 will be published within the current week of February 2023 (tentative). When it will published we will share in this, keep up with us.

DGME application date

Medical admission test application date is from 13 February to 23 March 2023.

DGME teletalk admit card download

You can download your admit card of medical admission test and also dental admission admit card follow the link – Medical admission 2023. medical admission test admit card download date is 06 March 2023.


How many students give medical exam in Bangladesh

Total applicants are about 1,43,700 in Medical exam 2022.

When will be held Medical admission test in Bangladesh in 2023?

MBBS admission test / Medical admission test will be held 10th March 2023.

what is the official website of medical admission admission notice 2023-24?

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