MBBS BDS Admission Circular for Foreign Students (Session 2022-2023)

  1. Please be informed that the Directorate General of Medical Education of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Bangladesh has announced admission of foreign students in Government Medical and Dental Colleges for the academic year 20122-2024. Total 216 seats are reserved for the foreign students this year of
    which 117 scats are allocated for SAARC countries and 99 seats are allocated for Non SAARC countries under Bangladesh Government’s scholarship programme.
    Country-wise allocations of seats are as follows:
MBBS BDS Admission Circular for Foreign Students
MBBS BDS Admission Circular for Foreign Students 2023

MBBS BDS Admission Circular for Foreign Students 2023 (Seats Reserve)

Seats reserved for candidates of SAARC countries

Seats reserved for candidates of SAARC countries

Seats reserved for candidates of Non-SAARC countries

Others country all over the world4922
Seats reserved for candidates of Non-SAARC countries

(Note: Non-SAARC country student will be given admission in the seats reserved for the Non-SAARC candidates)

Scholarship like SAARC countries

  1. In addition to admission in Government Medical/Dental Colleges de Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will consider application of foreign students for admission in Private Medical Dental Colleges in Bangladesh List of Government and Private Medical & Dental Colleges and allocated number of seats are available in Website www.dgme.gov.bd. For Private Medical/Dental College maximum number of foreign students is 45% of their total allocated seats.
  2. Criteria and procedure of application for foreign students are enclosed at www.dgme.gov.bd.
  3. Interested candidates have to submit an online application from 22.02.2023 only through http://foreignstudents.dgme.gov.bd/login, www.dgme.gov.bd. No hard copy of application will be needed to submit to Bangladesh foreign mission abroad. Deadline of submission of online application is 30 March, 2023 for both Government and Private Medical Colleges/Dental Colleges/Dental Units. No application will be considered after the deadline.
  4. Candidates have to upload recent Passport size Photograph, Passport document, all academic documents
    (certificates and marks shoets of SSC/O level/10 class completion/cquivalent examination and HSC/A level equivalent examination) and copy of Telegpaulic Transle (T.T)/SWIFT Message of USD 100 (One Hundred US Dollar) in specific template of each online application. All submitted academic documents required to be attested by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign affairs of the respective countries. After submission of online application through online platform candidates have to collect a system.
    generated printed cupy of the application form. Eligible applicant must submit the allested document to Bangladesh mission to obtain visa. Fabrication of any documents in the admission process subjected to cancelation of admission and will be punishable under law. Applicants must have aggregate CPA&D (Eight) in CPA 5 (Five) scale for Government Medical/ Dental Colleges Dental Units and GPA 7.0 (Seven) in CPA 5 (Five) scalc for Private Medical/Dental Colleges Dental Units with CPA 4.0 in Biology in HSC/A-level’equivalent examination in both instances.
  5. Detailed information of application procedure (including online application) and its deadline will be found in following websites: www.dgme.gov.hd
  6. For admission of foreign students in Bangladesh admission policy of MBBS and BDS course 20023 will be

NB. Candidates have to apply online for government medical college, private medical college, government dental college and private dental college individually and separately.

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