Second time medical admission test 2023-2024 guidelines

Second time medical admission preparation
Second time medical admission test 2023-24

If you want to put a doctor in front of the name, the first obstacle to be overcome is the medical admission test. It is a little easier to say but not so easy to do. But not impossible. Because if it was easy then everyone could. This theory is for anything. Not just medical, but everything in life.

For medical exams, SSC and HSC exams need to have a GPA of 9 out of 10. Only then can you take part in the examination. Merit will be evaluated in the medical admission test out of a total of 300 marks. MCQ test of 100 marks, and the remaining 200 marks will come from GPA of SSC and HSC.

There is a special race in this admission test which is known as second timer. Some number of donations were taken from them in the Second time medical admission test. This means that being a second timer will deduct an additional 5 marks from their total 300 marks, which will not be deducted from the first timer. There is a little more time available than others and the syllabus is already over for most second timers.

Tips for Second time medical admission test preparation

This post covers all the problems of second timers and their solutions. The problems that a student encounters while preparing for the second time are –

Be Confident:

The first thought that comes to mind in the case of a second timer is 5 Marks less (those with less GPA will cut more marks) will I get a chance at Medical? It is because of this weak self-confidence that many are left behind in the admission war. Either way, you need to strengthen your potential and self-confidence. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Listening to regular motivational or inspirational speeches or sayings works very well in this case. And one important thing is, STOP THINKING YOURSELF AVERAGE. Because you have to get a chance in medical with low marks. Maybe you can cut 10, 15 or more numbers. But doesn’t matter. You can win in the exam of Second time medical admission test.

Prevent Depression & Frustration:

The thing that consumes the second timer the most is depression. This unusual imaginary object called depression is normal for second timers. There is no second timer that does not have depression. So, you have to fight against this Depression technically. First you need to find out the reasons why you are depressed. The reasons may vary from person to person.

However, there are some common facts among everyone

  1. Classmates or friends are taking classes at good medical, university by chance, sharing daily life events through social media. You feel bad seeing them, because you are now an Intermediate 3rd year student.
  2. Everyone’s parents have big dreams about their children. They want to fulfill the unfulfilled dreams of their own lives with their children. And that’s why they invest so much in us. They sacrifice a lot for our beautiful future. And when we can feel it and realize that we can’t give anything to our parents, then frustration works. In many cases, all kinds of thoughts, fears, frustrations start working when you sit at the reading table or open the book. All and average is such a tie for everyone. There may be other reasons individually. However, do not be discouraged. You have to trust in the Creator. Always be motivated. And what if you’re studying at a friendly university, medical, if you work hard, you can go to a better place, of course.
  3. Remember that even if a tiger or a lion is very hungry, the prey waits for it, but will not fill its stomach with leftovers.

Another big problem for second timers is the correct guidelines. That means a guideline is very important to always stay on track. In this case, those who do coaching must follow the coaching guidelines. Because only those who have experience can guide you well. Moreover, if you have older siblings in the family or you can take regular guidelines from any experienced person. And now there is internet. Get instant answers to any question. However, the guidelines must be followed.

What are the Method of Second time medical admission test Preparation:

I have read a lot, again I have not read a lot, how to study? Since you are a second timer, you must know the distribution of admission test. In the time you have, you have to take maximum preparation of 100 marks so that your minus mark is covered. Now your question is, how to read, how long to read, etc. The answer to one of my words is that for all of you, 24 hours fixed, eating, urinating, and always reading without sleep. Not more or less for someone. Naturally, those of you who use the best of these 24 hours will undoubtedly get the best results. And since you are the second timer, since your extra number can be deducted then how do you think of yourself as average? Since you want to get a chance in medical with less marks than others, it means you want to achieve something exceptional. Naturally you have to do something exceptional more than others. Isn’t that so?? So you have to study a lot. You have to be regular in your studies. I can give you a demo on how to read; Since you are a second timer, I hope you have the ability to carry more load. And more load must be taken. Your complete book on Zoology can be revised in 3 days. Botany books can be revised once in 3 days. Physics for medical comes from the basics. Just read the important topic and give a revision. It doesn’t even take 2 days to revise. Chemistry 1st and 2nd papers can be revised in 4 days. Those who do not coach somewhere will read 2 hours of regular reading of all subjects every day. And the rest of the time will revise a specific topic. And those who do coaching can follow the coaching guidelines or read the way it is said here by managing time. The important thing is to give more revisions and practice a lot of exams. You can get admission in exam batch from coaching or medical brothers for examination. Coaching classes are not necessary for you, if you did well last time. There is no alternative to repeated revisions and exams. Remember, the light will come after the night.

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