Tips to read for Dental & Medical Admission Test in Bangladesh

In this article,  we discuss about “How to get chance in government medical college” Medical admission test is a place of extreme competition, if you want to put yourself ahead of everyone, you have to work harder than everyone else. There is no such thing as talent, it is all a game of hard work. The reason I had the good fortune to study medicine was because of intensive and hard work. If you can follow the following words, you will get a chance in the medical admission test insaallah.

How to get chance Dhaka Medical College

Required Merit score for Dhaka Medical College admission test

Requirement to chance in Dhaka Medical CollegeDescription
Merit Score280+ (It can vary year to year)
Merit Position1 to 226 (4 seats for freedom fighters)
Test Score80+ (If total GPA 10)

Required Merit score for any Government Medical College admission test in Bangladesh

Requirement to chance in any Govt Medical CollegeDescription
Average Merit Score270+ (cut off marks can vary year to year)
Merit Position1 to 4340
Average Test Score70+ (If total GPA 10)
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The way I study, I get a chance in govt medical college

How to get chance in government medical college in Bangladesh by Dr Md Noman Islam Nirob
How to get chance in government medical college in Bangladesh

Dr Md Noman Islam Nirob,MBBS (Rangpur Medical College),  Generel Physician and Clinical Sonologist 

  1. Must read 12-14 hours daily(Last 3 month of Admission test), You have to read from HSC first year for good basic. If you have good basic, you can cover with less Period. It depends on your memory capacity
  2. You don’t have time to see the light of day.
  3. At this time there will be no friends or close people
  4. No time can be given online, the time it takes to turn on the internet will be read one line.
  5. While eating, you will have a plate of rice in one hand and a book in the other hand. When you eat, your thoughts and eyes will be on the book.
  6. Sleep will come while reading so put some water in the dish near the reading table, sleep actually give tears to the eyes, read again, fall asleep while actually standing or walking during reading.
  7. If you feel very bored, leave the book you are reading and read another book, listen to an audio song for five minutes.
  8. Write down the topics that you don’t remember in small pockets in different pockets, read while walking, read the story with someone, go to the toilet and read if needed.
  9. Be so rude in reading, people advise you to read less, you are criticized.
  10. Eat less rice at night, then sleep will come less.
  11. Fruits, juices, soft drinks, coffee can get energy.
  12. Analyze each board question, read the topics from which the board questions came up.
  13. Increase self-confidence, if there is a seat in the medical admission test that is mine.
  14. Pray regularly to the Allah, your hard work and The Allah’s will will be you the doctor in future.
  15. Don’t waste time, you have no fault if you don’t get a chance to read like that, don’t think, it would have been better if you had read a little better.
  16. Thousands of students do not get a chance in medical admission test for 0.25 number.
  17. If you get less than 40 marks, you will not be able to get admission in private medical college.
  18. Life is a race, there is no time to stop here, as long as you run, you will be ahead, you will be backward from the day you stop.
  19. Now just remember which is the correct answer which will be difficult to understand.
  20. Memorize the little maths.
  21. Read Biology, Chemistry and Physics well, I hope this will be the chance.
  22. I didn’t speak English myself, I scored 75, I got a chance at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College, Barisal.
  23. The Medical admission test coaching is best  in Dhaka, that is actually their misconception. If you read well, you can get a chance without coaching. However, I did coaching in Dinajpur.
  24. The biggest thing is that I was a student of the Madrasah, in my time there was no English grammar in the Madrasah(2014). That is why I am telling the students of the Madrasah that you should go to the Madrasah and do not go back.
  25. Again, I say not go online, go to the table, open the book and start reading.
  26. Remeber,Same preparation for MBBS,BDS and Armed Forces Medical College Admission test.

How to get chance in government medical college in Bangladesh

Author : 
Md Noman Islam Nirob
46th MBBS Batch, Rangpur Medical College,Rangpur,  Bangladesh.
For contact any help: Noman Islam Nirob’s fb address
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How to get chance in government medical college, follow the idea and advice from my own experience or you can create your own life style for reading and getting chance into medical College.
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