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Doctor Salaries in United Kingdom(UK) 2022- Doctors Gang

Salary Range in UK as a Doctor 

Monthly salary rang in UK as a doctor 

A person working in United Kingdom(UK) as doctors earns about average  4440.00 £ monthly. Physician Salary range in United Kingdom(UK) is 2560£ to 9750$ monthly . 

Yearly salary range in UK as a doctor

On the other hand, A person working in United Kingdom(UK) as doctors earns about average 76,300.00 £ annually. Physician Salary range in United Kingdom is 40,050.00 £ to 200,000.00 £ to  annually 

United Kingdom’s medical cost is in the very higher side.The minimum consultation fee ranges anything between 30-45 £ it throug by Health insurance that’s why they have not payment like asian countries which have no health insurance. 

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UK Doctors Salary according to NHS

Total Salary = Basic Salary + Overtime Salary

UK Doctors Basic Pay scale 2021 per annum

As a physician in training in United Kingdom,you will earn a basic pay scale for 10 Programmed Activities or 40hours of a week. 
SpecialityBasic Salary/year
FY1(Trainee doctor
At first year)
FY2(Trainee doctors 
At second year)
During Specialist training39,467£- 50,017£/yr
Specialist Doctor37,923-70,718£/yr
Consultant Doctor70,761-103,490£/yr
Genarel Physician(GP)56,525-85,298£/yr

UK Doctors Basic Pay scale 2021 according to Grade and Code

FY1MF02 & 228,808£
CT1 MC51 & 333,345£
CT2MC52 & 439,467£
CT3MC53 & 450,017£
ST1/SpR1MS01 & 339,467£
ST2/SpR2 MS02 & 450,017£
ST3/SpR3MS03 & 450,017£
ST4/SpR4MS04 & 450,017£
ST5/SpR5MS05 & 450,017£
ST6/SpR6 MS06 & 553,077-56,077£
ST7/SpR7MS07 & 553,077-56,077£
ST8/SpR8MS08 & 553,077-56,077£}

You can download for accurate information abou UK doctors salary:

Doctors Basic Pay scale 2021 per month in UK

SpecialityBasic Salary/month
FY1(Trainee doctor
At first year)
2201 £/mo
FY2(Trainee doctors 
At second year)
2567 £/mo
During Specialist training3038£-3850£/mo
Specialist Doctor3160-5893£/mo
Consultant Doctor5896-8625£/mo
Genarel Physician(GP)4710-7108£/mo

NHS pay scale 2021:

Salary can be changed in deferent time you can check this following website :

Overtime Salary 

  1. Additional Pay after 10 PA or 40 hours work in a week.
  2. 37% enhancement for working ar nights, a weekend allowance for any work at the weekend, an availability allowance if you are required to be available on-call duty, and other potential pay premia.

Average Salaries of doctors in UK 2021

JobAverage Salary
Hospital Doctor 70,000£/yr
NHS doctor67,000£/yr
New doctors (Qualified)40,000£/yr
Junior Doctor
Junior doctor39,000£/yr
Foundation trainee doctor31,000£/yr

Average Salaries of doctors in uk according to Degree and Job quality 2021

Degree /
Average Salary(USD)
MBBS Doctor
(Internship with GMC reg via PLAB)
MRCP doctor/
MD doctor

All of you know doctors can operate as NHS or work as an employee for a private hospital or a clinic or tertiary center entire the country . In order to practice medicine in UK you need to first obtain PLAB or MRCP  exams. A Freshers doctors can normally earn around 2200£ to 2500£ monthly. Once you have enough experience in UK the best thing to perform is have your clinic and serve the patients which really works out well and doctors make around 2500£ to 5000£ monthly. Now these earning range are not accurate, or my assumptions acording to internet source. These are the annual income based on the market structure in United Kingdom(UK). You cannot get anywhere the exact figure of doctors salaries in United Kingdom or others by following others website, You can know Only about basic scale. There’s a catch, in Public or Government Hospitals doctors earn more than Private Hospitals doctors in UK.

Specialist doctor salary in United Kingdom

MD/MRCP  doctors salary range in UK is high about 3160-5893£/monthly. Md/MRCP  doctors salary range in UK is high about 37,000-70,000£/yearly.

Salaries of doctors in UK according to specialty 2021

SpecialityAverage Salary(USD)
Genarel physician 70,000£/yr
Internal Medicine 
Neurologist 129,000£/yr
★average Salary rang is not exact it is idea about earning. 

MBBS doctor salary in UK

MBBS doctors with Internship and GMC registration via PLAB monthly Salary range in UK is around 2200-2700£/monthly. Fresher MBBS doctors average monthly salary range is 2500£  in UK.

Foreign doctor salary in UK

Foreign doctors comes medical degrre such as MBBS,or MD, with Internship and GMC registration via PLAB monthly Salary range in UK is around 2200-2700£/monthly. If a foreign doctors come After MRCP they will pay according to NHS pay scale 2021. We already mention it above. Estimated salary range are in ST3+ area se above table. 

Remember : Salary range of a doctor will be double after 10 years from starting practice. 

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