BCS english syllabus preliminary and written 2024

BCS preliminary exam cut Marks 2023
BCS english syllabus preliminary and written
BCS english syllabus 2024 preliminary and written

BCS english syllabus preliminary 2024

BCS english syllabus preliminary has two parts. Language and literature, Now we share about BCS english syllabus preliminary with important topics.

Language – 15 marks

A. Parls of Speech

The Noun:
Time Delete
The tiende
The Number
The Pronoun
The Verb:
The Finite: transitive, intransitive
The Non-Finites: participles, infinitive
The Linking Verb
The phrasal Verb
Modal verb
The Adjective
The Adverb
The Preposition
The conjunction

B. Idioms & phrases:

Meanings of Phrases
Kind of Phrases
Identifying Phrases

C. Clauses

The Principal Clause
The Sub-ordinate clause
The Noun Clause
The Adjective Clausc
The Adverbial Clause its types

D. Corrections:

The Tense
The Voice
The Preposition
The Determiner
The Gender
The Number
Subject verb agreement

E. Sentences & Transformations

The Simple Sentence
The Compound Sentence
The Complex Sentence
The Active voice
Tire Passive Voice
The positive degee
The comparative degre
The Superlative Degree

F. Words:

Uzge of wards as various parts of speech
Formation of rewards by adding prefixes and suffixes

G. Composition:

Names of Parts of Paragraph /latters/applications.

Literature -marks 15

H. English Literature:

  1. Names of writers of literary pleces from Elizabethen parlod to the 21 Century.
  2. Quotations from different drama/poetry of deferent ages

BCS english syllabus written 2023

BCS english syllabus preliminary it has 100 marks for written BCS Exam. We will add all info about BCS english syllabus preliminary. Now its under construction.

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