Best Alpha-lipoic acid supplement for Neuropathy  in 2022 USA and UK

Day by day increase neuropathy amongs diabetes patients, peripheral neuropathy most common type of neuropathy occurs in diabetics. Peripheral neuropathy patients have experience with tingling sensation, burning sensation in their limbs. Raising blood glucose a cause of diabetes in this condition some supplement have major rules to prevent neuropathy.

Which supplement is the best for Neuropathy?

Most commonly use the supplements to prevent neuropathy are following :

  1. Alpha-lipoic acid
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Acetyl L carnitine
  4. Benefotiamine
  5. L arginine
  6. Tumeric roots
  7. N acetyl cysteine
  8. Curcumin
  9. Fish oiletc
In this article I will discuss about alpha-lipoic acid.
Table of Content 
  • What is alpha-lipoic acid?
  • Benefits of Alpha-lipoic acid supplement
  • Best time to take Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Side-effects of Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Benefits of Alpha-lipoic acid in US
  • Best Brands of Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Alpha-lipoic acid research

What is Alpha-lipoic acid?

Alpha-lipoic acid is an chemical compound with has anti-oxidant properties produced in the mitochondria of cell,that imporve metabolic action,reduce Waight gain,prevent nerve pain.

What are the Benefit the use of Alpha-lipoic acid supplementation?

Alpha-lipoic acid is organic compound made in mitochondria in small amount. It also found in  some food such as yeast,It is very helpful effect on fatty liver disease, and liver is o8ne the best supplement for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, nerve pain, and nerve also act Against inflammation, reduce aging, and boost immunity.

What time is the best to take alpha-lipoic acid?

In Empty stomach is suit to take alpha lipoic acid.

Side effects/adverse effect of alpha lipoic acid 2022

• headache

• hunger,

• weakness,

• sweating,

• confusion,

• irritability,

• dizziness,

• fast heart rate

• a light-headed feeling etc.

Benefits of Alpha lipoic acid 2022

Alpha-lipoic acid is th types of fatty acids that fights against inflammation and oxidation reaction in human body. Alpha-lipoic acid Synthesized in the human body, you can consume alpha-lipoic acid by eating organic meat,vegetables,broccoli, and fruits. As a health supplement Alpha-lipoic acid has shown great benefits when it comes to fighting against inflammation and to preventing oxidation. There are also added benefits of the supplement that help in protection of the body against heaptic diseases,ischaemic heart disease, neurological decline that tends to happen with age and also prevent diabetic foot ulcer by reduce inflammation and improve nerve regeneration function.

Which are best brand of Alpha-lipoic acid Supplement?

  1. Nutricost Alpha Lipoic Acid
  2. Nature’s Bounty Alpha Lipoic Acid
  3. Naturana Neuropathy Support
  4. Pure Encapsulations Alpha Lipoic Acid
  5. Superior Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid
  6. Now Supplements Alpha Lipoic Acid
  7. Doctor’s Best Alpha-lipoic acid

1.Nutricost Alpha Lipoic Acid 

Alpha-lipoic acid 600 mg supplement provides the 600 mg of Alpha-lipoic acid  it standard for the body most people will be looking for. Each bottle is third-party tested to ensure overall quality of Alpha-lipoic acid  no matter what.I also got 240 capsules in a bottle for a very low and reasonable asking price, meaning you’ll be able to take these daily supplements for long duration before need to make another Alpha-lipoic acid products.


2. Nature’s Bounty Alpha Lipoic Acid 

Nature’s Bounty Alpha-lipoic acid supplement is one of the best choice to me. thanks to company its affordability. and also thanls to provide low concentration of ALA (Alpha-lipoic acid).

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We recommend as a physician it if you don’t need the full 600mg of Alpha-lipoic acid  most brands include, but still want to reap the benefits of this powerful Alpha-lipoic acid.they’re still a great choice for short-term nerve pain,neuropathy relief or if you’re on a low budget While they aren’t the most potent on the market.

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3. Naturana Neuropathy support

It is one of the best choie to support in diabetic neuropathy. It has many ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid, L arginine,acetyl-carnitine, benfotamjne,turmeric root etc.
It support nerve relief and nerve regeneration, it also nutritional support of neuron and do boost immunity

4.Pure Encapsulations Alpha Lipoic Acid

Pure Encapsulations Alpha-lipoic acid provides one of the lowest concentrations of Alpha-lipoic acid(ALA) on the Amazon now.Where it really shines is in purity,containing only less allergenic components and ruthlessly third party lab tested.

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5.Superior Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid

Superior Labs alpha lipoic acid hundred persent pure alpha-lipoic acid(ALA) supplement comes in a bottle of 120 and is produced high quality.It’s NSF certified, which is the highest quality manufacturing assurance organizations in the entire Superior Labs ALA supplement industry in US.

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6. Now Supplements Alpha Lipoic Acid 

Most Alpha-lipoic acid supplements don’t include extra ingredients components, which can have good or bad effect.

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Thankfully, Alpha-lipoic acid capsules are made with grape seed extract and Bioperine, which raise the antioxidant power of ALA and provide ancillary benefits of ALA

7. Doctor’s Best Alpha lipoic acid

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Some Doctors in United States  recommend it if you don’t need the full 600mg of Alpha-lipoic acid, 180 veggie capsules most brands include, but still want to reap the benefits of this powerful Alpha-lipoic acid.they’re still a great choice for short-term nerve pain,diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy relief or if you’re on a low budget While they aren’t the most potent on the local can use this. I also use that products for my family.  I have good experience above the all supplement.

Research about alpha lipoic acid for Diabetic Neuropathy

  1. Effects of 3-month treatment with the ALA in diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  2. Alpha lipoic acid delayed diabetic neuropathy and improve nerve function
  3. Oral treatment of Diabetes with alpha lipoic acid improve peripheral neuropathy. 
  4. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) has protective effect on neuronal cell damge with diabetics peripheral Neuropathy
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MBBS, Rangpur Medical College.
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