(NIVW) National Influenza Vaccination Week : December 5-11

National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW): 5-11 December 2021

National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW) highlights the importance of continuing flu (Influenza) vaccinations through the country. It’s not just the holiday season; it’s flu season. Viral Flu symptoms usually increases in October month but peaks between December and February month per year. Some times it can hppenbon may 

If you have not gotten your flu symptoms yet, the first week in December is a high risk time do it.

THERE were 49 million flu illnesses are present during recent. Of those who got the viral flu, 960,000 people were hospitalized for viral flu. And Another 79 thousand people died from the flu or flu-related disease ls or complications.

The CDC(Disease Control Center) recommends that anyone over the six months age get the flu vaccination. vaccination is a important for preventing flue like disorder of high risk bor of experiencing flu-related complications. 

High Risk for Flu related complications :

  1. 1. over the age of 65
  2. 2. Pregnancy 
  3. Young age
  4. Children with chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and cancer etc. 
  5. heart disease
  6. If these people get the flu, they are at a high risk of getting other illnesses due to complications. It include severe pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinus infections,lung abcess,Secondary bacterial infections. The flu can make aggravated Chronic diseases, such as asthma, COPD,and heart disease etc. 
  7. The flu vaccination comes in either single shot or a nasal spray. The flu vaccination also available in different forms such as Intravenous or Nasal.  Anyone who gets (specially over the 65years group) the flu vaccination is at a lower risk of getting influenza virus infection.  Since Influenza viruses are constantly changing due to their antigenic shift and antigenic drift mechanism, it’s important to take a flu vaccination every year.

How to monitor you and your child and others 

If you have not take flue vaccine already, the best way to take during the week. If you have child, you ensure your children have had their influenza vaccinations 2021 during Influenzas vaccination week. If you have to take care of old grandmother, grandfather, and also mother, father and or loved ones, take them to the clinic or pharmacy for getting their influenza vaccine.

Symptoms of the Flu:

In influenza patients have feel the symptoms which are include: 

  1. fever, 
  2. Body ache,myalgia, 
  3. chills,
  4. sweats, 
  5. fatigue, and 
  6. headache etc.

 How to prevent flu :

You have to maintain proper hygiene and handwashing techniques.Don’t spread the flu! Instead, spread awareness by using.You have to wear face mask. It’s prevention seems to ne covid 19.

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