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What should I do the last day before an exam?

Assalamu Alaikum, best wishes to all those who participated in the exam.I hope to share some of the things that will make your exam good.

16 Tips thing to do before the Last night of Exam 

  1. Don’t wake up too much the night before the exam. Good sleep helps in good exams.
  2. Have a good breakfast in the morning. If you have IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) Avoid Certain foods which are causes of worsen the diseases.
  3. The night before the exam, pen (black, blue), pencil, scale, Admit Card should be arranged.
  4. You can turn on the hand by writing 1 page at home in the morning. In winter it will give good benefits of your exam.
  5. It is better not to read much in the morning. You can look at the notes.
  6. Pray to the Creator before leaving home for testing.
  7. You can take,Glucose, chocolate or any sugar in your pocket, it gives good support in case of exam.
  8. Can be taken with extra twine (red-white).
  9. Fill in the OMR Sheet of the roll properly in the examination book.
  10. Try to reduce the quarrel in the book.
  11. Even if the question is not common, try to answer it all.
  12. Be aware of spelling mistakes.
  13. Try to keep the hand the same from beginning to end.
  14. Keep track of time; If you can do well, you can’t write more.
  15. Write the question number clearly.
  16. Don’t be Stressed.
Tips things to do before the last night of exam.
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