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The marking system of FCPS Part 1 Examination 2023 of BCPS

MARKING SYSTEM OF FCPS PART 1 EXAMINATION 2021| fcps part 1 marking criteria|

The marking system of FCPS Part I Examination 2021 of the Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The marking system of FCPS PART- I EXAMINATION 2023 :

FCPS Part 1 January 2024 Will be held with Major Change In Pass mark & Duration : Update News by BCPS

  1. There will be no viva-voce or practical examination in FCPS Part – 1 exam Candidates will be assessed by a written MCQ examination and SBA(single based answer) examination.
  2. Pass mark will be70%in all papers.
  3. There will be no negative mark for incorrect/wrong response of the answer.
  4. Out of the total of 300(three hundreds) marks in three papers a grand total of 210 marks is pass mark. Candidates obtaining marks below 70 percent but above 65 percent in any one paper and more than 70% marks in each of the other two papers with a grand total of 210 marks will also be considered as pass mark. But Score less than 65(sixty five) in a paper will be considered as fail despite total aggregate more than 210 marks.
  5. Pattern and total marks of part 1 FCPS exam in each paper examination will be as follows:Type of questuon :(a)Multiple True-False
      type(question with 5 stem i.e.a.b.c.d.e)
      No of question 25
      Marks 25*2=50

    (b) Single Best Answer (SBA)

      (question with 5 stem i.e.a.b.c.d.e)
      No of question 25
      Marks 25*2=50
  6. Each correct response of mcq will be awarded a positive mark
  7. Each paper examination will be of one hour(60 minutes) and forty.
  8. Candidates securing below 25% marks in each paper the next examination.

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Signatured by this rule
Professor MD Mujibur Rahman
Controller of examination
Bangladesh College of Physicians and surgeons
67, shaheedTajuddin Ahmed sarani, Mohakhali, Dhaka- 121.2, Bangladesh Examination Department.

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