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The future of antibiotics depends on us

Antbiotic Awareness Week 2020

 is being celebrated in Bangladesh like other countries in the world.

This year, as every year, the World Health Organization(WHO) is celebrating world Antibiotic Awareness Week from 18 November to 24 November. The main theme of this year’s antibiotic week is 

“United to preserve antimicrobials”.

Basically, antibiotics are the main weapon of medical science and the human race against bacteria. However, inadequate,excessive, and unregulated use of antibiotics results in the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. These antibiotic-resistant bacteria are not only deadly to the individual but can also cause widespread outbreaks in the world.

Basically, many bacteria that live in humans body and other animals die as a result of unnecessary antibiotic application. But only a couple of the surviving bacteria resort to special changes in their genetic make up to make the antibiotic ineffective. As a result, even if the same antibiotic is used later, the specially modified bacteria are able to survive, and that is when antibiotic resistance develops. Thus, as a result of the arbitrary use of antibiotics around the world, more or less effective antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective in treating bacterial infections. Bangladesh is no exception. So there is no alternative to creating awareness in this regard.

At the instigation of a pharmacist without a doctor’s advice, taking antibiotics for common colds and fevers can cause serious side effects. Therefore, due to the reluctance to take antibiotics without the advice of a specialist or to complete the entire course of prescribed antibiotics, we are deprived of the benefits of antibiotics and are heading towards a catastrophe.

 World antibiotics awareness day   

According to a survey, antibiotic resistance was the cause of 400 out of 900 deaths at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in 2016. Therefore, Antibiotic Week is very important in Bangladesh every year to raise awareness of healthcare providers at all levels, including doctors, to bring antibiotic resistance to a tolerable level.

World Antibiotics week 2020 in Bangladesh.  

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