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Some inspirational story 

As your life goes through complex situations, take a look at these inspirational stories. Reading these will not only bring peace to your soul, but it will also bring new ideas or changes in you which can lead you to something better. Read on and be prepared to smile.

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Best inspirational story-1:

Everyone has a life story

A 24-year-old man looks out of the train window and shouts to his father, “Look, Dad, the trees are running backwards.”

Baba Hasal, a loving couple sitting next to him, was watching the childish behavior of a 24-year-old man with compassion. Suddenly he said again ‘Look Dad, the clouds are running with us’. The couple could no longer keep quiet and said to the boy’s father, “Why don’t you take your son to a good doctor?” The man laughed he said, “We are coming back  from the hospital. My son was blind from birth. Today he regained his sightrope

Best inspirational story-2:  Motivational story 

Every human being in this world has a inspirationl  story. You don’t judge someone completely without knowing it. The truth may surprise you.

Best inspirational story-2:Get rid of your problems

A man’s had a  favorite donkey which fell into a deep hole. He tried thousand times but couldn’t pull it off. So he decided to bury it alive. The soil or land was poured on the donkey from above. The donkey felt the burden, swept the bottom and stood thereon. because the soil was being poured, it began to comb the village and stood thereon. The more soil was thrown, the upper it began to rise. By noon the donkey had come up to the pasture. Many of the issues in our lives are like this – by overcoming the issues and learning from them, one can open the door to new possibilities in one’s life.

inspirational story-3: Elephant rope

A man was passing by an elephant, suddenly he stood up. He was surprised to find that the front legs of such a large creature were tied with only a rope. There are no other chains or cages. It is clear that they can be free to break it at any time but for some reason they are not doing it.he man asked the trainer next to him why the elephants were standing and making no attempt to leave. The trainer replied, when they were much smaller in size, we used to hold them with the same rope. That rope was enough to hold them back at that age of them. They still believe that they can’t break it. So they don’t even try to be free.

The man was surprised. These elephants can be released from captivity whenever they want, but they cannot, for this belief, stay where they were.

How many of us, like elephants, can never be stuck in this kind of belief that we have failed once?

Failure is a part of learning and success . We should never give up our aims and lives.

Best inspirational story-4: Potatoes, eggs and coffee beans

Once a girl complained to her father that her life was miserable and she did not know how to fix it. She is tired of struggling. Another problem starts when one problem is not solved.Her father who is a chef, took her to the kitchen. He took water in three pots and put the pots on the stove fire. When the water began to boil, he put the potatoes in one pot, the eggs in the second, and the coffee bean in the third.

Then he said nothing more to his daughter, letting them be cooked. The girl was waiting impatiently and wondering what her father was doing.

After 20 minutes he turned off the stove. He picked up the potatoes and eggs and put them in a pot and a cup of coffee. Then he asked his daughter, “Do you see?”

The girl quickly replied ‘potatoes, eggs and coffee’.

He asked his daughter to look up and touch the potatoes. The girl noticed that they were soft. Then he told the girl to crack the egg. He noticed that the egg was cooked and hard. Finally he was asked to sip coffee. Its fragrance brought a smile to his face.

She asked her father what that meant. He began to explain that potatoes, eggs and coffee went through the same adversity – boiling water.

But the reaction of each was different. The potato has become smooth from hard, hard condition.

The outer shell of the egg preserved the molten yolk inside until it was soaked in boiling water. The inside of the egg has hardened.

And after adding coffee to boiling water, the color of the water changed and new things were created.

‘Which one are you?’ He asked his daughter. ‘How do you actually react to adversity? Are you a potato,are you an egg or a coffee bean?

Advice: Around us, a lot of things happen to us. But the main thing is, what is happening inside us. Which one are you.

Best inspirational story-5:

A bowl of ice cream

When am dropped a lot, a boy entered a coffee shop. The waiter put a glass of water in front of him.How much does an ice cream Sunday cost? 50 cents, the waiter replied.

The little boy took his hand out of his pocket and looked at a lot of money. How much is a plate of plain ice cream? He asked. Many people were waiting at other tables. The waiter became a little impatient.

He replied. 35 cents.

The little boy counted the money again and asked for plain ice cream.

The waiter came with ice cream and left the bill on the table. The boy finished to eat the ice cream, paid the bill and then left the coffee shop . The waiter came back and cleaned under the table and was surprised to see what he saw.

Put 15 cents next to the empty dish – his tip

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