A complete Guide to the BSMMU residency admission test 2022

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BSMMU admission test MD/MS 2021

MD Residency Exam Type and Patterns 2022

SubjectNumber of Question
Total No of Question 200
Exam Duration 2 hours
Time per question 54 seconds
Question typeMCQ (True False)
 Stem No 5
Question PatternQ: Ptosis can be found in-
a)3rd nerve palsy
b)Horner’s syndrome
c)Myasthenia gravis
d)Dystrophia myotonica
e)Progressive External Opthalmoplegia


Ans: a)T b)T c)T d)T e)T

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MD Residency Marks Distribution 2021

SubjectNumber of Question
Physiology 40-5
Pharmacology 20-25 
Clinical 30-50

BSMMU Residency Exam Date 2021

BSMMU MD residency Exam will be held Next 17 December 2021( Most Possible Date). 
We will upload the notice after publish official notice from BSMMU. 

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