Best Glucometer in Bangladesh

What is Glucometer?

Glucometer is a small device that use for check blood sugar instantly of Diabetes patients.

Use of Glucometer

  • Check Random blood sugar or RBS
  • Check blood glucose

Advantage of Glucometer

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient 
  • Cheap
  • Check by Self
  • Use in home

Disadvantage of Glucometer

  • Sometimes it gives false result 
  • It give 15% More result than OGTT test
  • Some time strips are not available.
  • Best test of Diabetes is HBA1C

Which are Best Glucometer in Bangladesh

  • Accu check active 
  • Accu check performa
  • Accu check instant
  • Accu check aviva connect 
  • Accu check aviva plus
  • Glucoleader etc

Glucometer price in Bangladesh

Accu check active: 2200 Taka

Accu check active
Accu check active

For Buy Glucometer at low price from

Warranty : 10 years
Delivery charge : 100Taka anywhere in Bangladesh.

Glucometer Price check on Amazon :

Price of Accu check instant : Accu check instant price check on Amazon

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Buy Glucometer online from the best health website in Bangladesh, We offer a wide variety and best of Glucometer for the common people  to choose from. offers Glucometer at the best price. They are easy to use at any place such as  home and clinic. They come in a wide variety color, design, nice style  also. They come in lightweight for easy use and carry to anywhere. They are ideal to use in colds, bronchial asthma, COPD(chronjc obstructive Pulmonary disease) or any respiratory tract infection.

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We provide best Glucometer with the latest features including fast result,  easy handle and cleaning, and also clinicaly validated and much more for easy to use. They also provide very fast and effective Random blood sugar result. This Glucometer provides powerful and great performance and shortened the times.

They are easy and simple to use for RBS test in home within a minutes. Just take the strip with blood in strip sensor and set it then wait and get fast result. They are made for cheek the random blood sugar instantly.

We provide Glucometer from the popular brands such as OMRON for you to choose from. It also come with the warranty from the manufacturer.

Glucometer / glucose meter are the perfect solution for the controing diabetes mellitus treatment of children, adults or elderly patients at home. is your one-stop medical equipment store for Glucometer. Find all types of Glucometer from Also if you need any kind of health and medical product, just place an order and we will provide  product to your doorstep. Thanks for shopping with

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