MRCEM – Career as Emergency Medicine Doctors in UK for overseas

A guide to the MRCEM exam for international Doctors

What is MRCEM? 

MRCEM means Membership of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. It is a prestigious Degree in UK. GMC is required after MRCEM for join in NHS as Emergency Medicine Career.

What are the parts of MRCEM UK exam?

MRCEM exam has Three Parts,

  2. MRCEM SBA, 

Can I pay MRCEM PRIMAY after completing internship?

Yes you can pay MRCEM primary after completing in internship , for this you need permanent Doctor registration in your country. Such as BMDC for Bangladesh/MCI for India /PMDC for Pakistan etc.

How long does it take to prepare for MRCEM PRIMARY exam?

If you get the right instructions, after four to six months of sincere effort and perseverance, you will pass the MRCEM PRIMARY at first attempt.

Can MRCEM exam be given from Bangladesh?

You can pay MRCEM PRIMARY and MRCEM SBA / INTERMEDIATE from Bangladesh.
For MRCEM OSCE / Final part, you have to pay from UK, Oman, India, Dubai.

Is there an obligation to train for the MRCEM UK exam?

You can sit in MRCEM OSCE / Final part by gaining 6 months experience of working in Emergency Department of any hospital in your country. No training is required for MRCEM PRIMARY and Intermediate.

How about job offer after passing MRCEM?

MRCEM UK, a highly respected and prestigious degree from the Royal College of England. Job offers are plentiful and salaries are enviable.

What level of job can be found in UK by passing MRCEM?

You have to take GMC registration after completing MRCEM. After completing MRCEM for GMC, you have to pay OET. Once you get GMC registration you will have the opportunity to work directly in the UK as a registrar .
There is no chance of confusion with MRCEM, you can get this information by going to the official website link of Royal College.

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