Liver anatomy and Physiology

liver is the second largest organ in the human body and it is first largest gland also.

Liver Structure and Function
Liver with Gallbladder

Functions of Liver

Type of FunctionsDescriptions
Protein SynthesisAlbumin,
Blood Coagulations factor,
Complement factor,
Ceruloplasmin (Bind with Copper),
Protease inhibitors, etc protein synthesized by liver
MetabolismCarbohydrate,Protein, and Lipods Metabolism occurs in liver
Storage functionLiver store Iron,Copper, Vitamin A, D and B 12.
Excretory functionsBile salts and Bilirubin
Blood Production and DestructionLiver formation of Red Blood Cell during Fetal life
On the other hand It aslo destruction of Red blood Cell in Adult life
DetoxificationIt also Play functions of detoxification of toxic Products in the body.
Functions of Liver
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