How to Control Diabetes and lower Blood Glucose Level

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Diabetes is Most common disease in the world.

Diabetes is one of the major public health threats in the world today. It is not a bacterial or contagious disease. The disease is caused by a lack of the body’s essential hormone insulin or a decrease in the effectiveness of insulin. Obese people who eat more food and those who do not exercise or work less are more likely to get the disease.

How to control Diabetes easily

In some cases, pre-existing men with this disease can cause diabetes inherently. This disease can also occur during pregnancy which is called Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.

Earlier it was said that if a person urinates frequently, he is suffering from diabetes. However, studies have shown that repeated urination is not the only way to diagnose diabetes, but only by reviewing various symptoms and checking blood glucose levels. Diabetes is defined as a blood glucose level of 8 mmol / liter or more on an empty stomach and a blood glucose level of 11.1 mmol / liter or more two hours after a meal. There are basically two types of diabetes.

Type-1 or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus which occurs when insulin production is low or not. Type 2 or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus which occurs when insulin does not work properly or the patient is overweight in proportion to production or devlop insulin resistant. Blood glucose levels also rise during pregnancy. But the child recovers after giving birth. But if you are not aware of the possibility of developing diabetes later.

There is nothing to fear if diabetes is under control. A moderate diet, physical activity such as daily activities, regular walking and exercise, keeping body weight in proportion to height, etc. play an effective role in controlling diabetes. As well as taking medication or taking insulin injections as advised by the your doctor. Many times when the amount of glucose in the blood decreases or increases, the patient may feel sick. In that case, necessary measures should be taken by measuring the amount of glucose in the blood with a glucometer. Many people stop eating altogether if they have diabetes. But in this case the complexity increases even more. It should be noted that the number of protein foods is more than the number of carbohydrate foods in the daily diet. As well as eating any one of the seasonal fruits every day.

Diabetic patients also need to take care of their hands and feet, they have higjer tendacy to devlop diabetic foot ulcer. Patients with diabetes take time to dry out any wound. So be careful not to injure the body. The habit of smoking, drinking or drinking with white leaf-jorda should be given up. You have to practice walking for 45 minutes to one hour daily. Those who have not yet had diabetes but are likely to have it should also be aware.

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