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The Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has directed State Minister of Information Murad Hasan to resign.

And this information was given by the general secretary of the party Obaidul Quader. That being said, the Ministry of Information went to the ministry for moral turpitude. Murad Hasan was in the discussion for several days. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. As a result, it was constantly going viral.

Murad Hasan used to say many things. Now the big question is, for exactly what word did his ministry actually go. Which of his words is actually equivalent to moral depravity? There is, of course, a problem in discussing this question in detail. Much of what he has said is unpublishable. Many of the interviews he gave publicly, knowingly, were so obscene that they were completely unpublished. Again, the telephone conversation that was leaked with the actress Mahiya Mahi is not disclosable. Murad Hassan is one of those rare people whose public or private conversations are not to be disclosed. So there will be some leeway in the discussion.

1. Wrong Speech about Zaima Rahman, and His family 

 It would be wrong to say that what State Minister Murad Hasan has said about BNP leader, former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, Tareq Rahman and his daughter Jaima Rahman in a performance by a presenter named Nahid is simply out of courtesy. That is to say, it was a reflection of a distorted mentality. This mentality is not only shown by the speaker Murad Hasan, but also by the presenter Nahid. Poisoning the top leaders of the opposition has become a part of our political culture. But Murad Hasan has surpassed everything.

But it is very rare for anyone to go to the post to talk about the BNP leader and her family. Therefore, it is questionable whether Murad Hasan’s statement about Khaleda Zia and Jaima Rahman will fall into moral turpitude.

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2. The bad manner used with the actress Mahiya on telephone 

The language used by the actress Mahiya Mahi on the telephone, the manner in which she was invited, the manner in which she was intimidated, the manner in which she expressed her wishes, all can be brought into moral decay. A few days ago this telephone conversation was leaked last night. In the beginning, people had to guess their identities by listening to their voices. However, actor Emon later admitted in the media that the voice belongs to him, Mahiya Mahi and State Minister for Information Murad Hasan.
So is this telephone conversation the moral deviation being talked about from the government? Or is it because of the names of the state forces that have been used?

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3. Allegations of joining the Awami League out of greed for power from BNP or Jamaat

 BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said in a meeting today that Murad Hasan used to be a memeber of Satrodol . Later he joined Awami League. Allegations of joining the Awami League out of greed for power from BNP or Jamaat are quite old. If the statement of BNP secretary general is correct, its latest addition is Murad Hasan. So what is the reason for the post of state minister. 

4. The women leaders of the party were angry and protested against this statement in the viral video of murad hasan

 In the viral video, State Minister Murad Hasan was heard talking about Rokeya Hall of Dhaka University and Chhatra League leaders of Shamsun Nahar Hall of Dhaka University. As he puts it, ‘they want to teach us the definition of etiquette. There are many Taslima Nasrins like Taslima Nasrin in Bangladesh, you know which one is sad?  They speak of Joy Bangla again. Are they doing Chhatra League, are they studying in Dhaka University again, if they were leaders again. But at night they did not stay in their own hall, they slept in hotels. Because, staying in a five star hotel is fun, and staying in Rokeya Hall and Shamsun Nahar Hall is one thing? If I say more than that, the procession may start. I will not say more. ‘

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The women leaders of the party were angry and protested against this statement. It is very difficult for others to sit at the same table with someone who has this idea and attitude about the leaders of their own party. Is this the reason for the job of the Minister of State for Information?
Apart from this, Murad Hasan has spoken a lot lately on various issues including the existence of state religion and having more than one Home Minister. 

What was the reason for going to the ministry?

So just as it is important to know the definition of Murad Hasan’s moral depravity, it is also important to understand the exact reasons for his resignation. Surely the government will inform. It is also important to know whether the punishment for these statements will be limited to resignation

About Murad Hasan MP

Name Dr Murad Hasan
ProfessionPolitics (Member of Parliament of Jamalpur 4 & State minister of Information since 2019)
Birth Date10/10/1974
Political PartyBangladesh Awami League
EducationSSC: Zamal Pur Zilla School 
HSC: Notre Dame College
MBBS : Mymensingh Medical College 

News Source : Wikipedia, Prothom Alo, Bangla Tribune, Television, and some YouTube channel. 

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