MCPS Question Psychiatry, july 21




Q.1. A 21-year-old male university student got admitted to a psychiatric hospital with the complaints of violent and aggressive behavior to the family members, self-injurious behavior (by taking multiple sleeping pills) and sleep disturbances for the last three months. He had poor academic achievement and used mobile phone most of the time. His parents also reported that he was involved in affair with a teenage girl which was not accepted by them.
a) How will you assess the case?
b) How will you plan management for this case?
What will be the prognosis for this case?
d) What advice will you give to his parents?

2. Write short notes on:
a) Polypharmacy in psychiatry practice.
D) Premenstrual dysphoric disorder.
c) Psychosocial factors causing depression.
d) Management of Treatment Resistant Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
e) Supportive psychotherapy.

Q.3. A 21-year-old lady recently informed her husband got second marriage. Her relatives brought her to emergency OPD with breathing rapidly. suffocation, tetany and palpitation. She also had fainting attack
a) What are your probable diagnosis?
b) What are the investigations will you suggest?
c) What is your management plan?

04) Write in brief on:
a) Social skill training for schizophrenic patients.
b) Factors that suggest high suicidal intent.
c) Common psychiatric disorders encountered in post-COVID-19 viral infection.
d) Principles of starting Anti-epileptic drugs.
e) Difference between pathological jealousy and obsessional jealousy.


1) A 72-year-old retired person is living alone under supervision of a paid worker. His children live abroad. He is a diagnosed case of dementia with diabetes mellitus. When he was brought to OPD with multiple injury marks on different parts of his body?
a) How will you approach this case?
b) Write the risk factors of elder abuse.
c)What will be your treatment plan?

2) Write short notes on:
a) Flooding- a behavior therapy.
b) Difference between dementia and pseudo dementia.
c) Procedures of admission in hospital for mentally ill patients.
d) Management of clozapine related side effects.
e) Management of Autism spectrum disorder.

3) A 17-year-old unmarried male diagnosed as patient of chronic schizophrenia has been
treated with haloperidol, olanzapine and quetiapine without any response for the last 2 years. He has rapidly gained weight in the last few months.
a) What could be the reasons for the poor response in this case?
b) What is the pathophysiological basis of rapid weight gain?
c) What are the options would you suggest to reduce weight gain for him?

4) Write in brief on:
a) Gender dysphoria.
b) Services available for people with intellectual disability in Bangladesh.
c) Psychiatric aspect of headache.
d) Nocturnal Eneuresis.
e) Motivational interview techniques.

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