Medical admission 2021-2022 for foreign students in Bangladesh
MBBS admission Circular for foreign students

MBBS/BDS Admission Circular for Foreign-Students (Session 2021-2022)

  • Please be informed that the Directorate General of Medical Education of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Bangladesh has announced admission of foreign students in Government Medical and Dental Colleges for the academic year 2021-2022. This year total 221 seats are reserved for the foreign students, of which 117 seats are allocated for SAARC countries, 99 seats are allocated for Non-SAARC countries and 5 seats are reserved in non-
    SAARC quota under Bangladesh Government’s scholarship porgramme. Country-wise allocation of seats is as follows:

Seat reserved for SAARC Copntries
in Government Medical Colleges/Dental
Colleges/Dental Units

Seat reserved for Non-SAARC Countries
in Goverament Medical Colleges/Dental Colleges/Dental

  • In addition to admission in Government Medical Dental Colleges, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will consider application of foreign students for admission in Private Medical/Dental Colleges in Bangladesh. List of Government and Private Medical & Dental Colleges and availability of seats as received from the Directorate General to Medical Education are enclosed at Annexure ‘A’ and ‘B’ respectively.
  • Criteria and procedure of application for foreign students in the said courses are enclosed at
    Annexure ‘C’a prescribed application form is also attached at annexure ‘D’ (application from is also available at:
  • Interested candidates have to submit an online application through platform. Deadline of submission of online application is 30 April 2022 for both Government and Private Medical Colleges Dental Colleges/Dental Units. No application will be considered after the deadline,
  • After submitting online application through online platform, candidates have to collect a system generated printed copy of the application form. Candidates have to submit system generated printed copy of application form (03 sets) along with hard copy of application Passport (a copy with each sets), all academic documents (a copy with each sets and original of (a in their country’s respective Bangladesh Mission. Hard copy of application form with fee
    copy of Telégraphic Transfer (TTY/SWIFT Message Copy of USD 70 $ (Seventy US Dollar) must be submitted by 4 April 2022. All academic documents & relevant papers must be attested by Ministry of Foreign affair of the candidate’s own country.
  • Applicants must have aggregate GPA.8.0 (Eight) for Government Medical/Dental Colleges/Dental Units and GPA 7.0 (Seven) for Private Medical/Dental Colleges/Dental Units.
  • Detailed information of application procedure (including online application) and its deadline
    will be found in following websites: /
    Enclosure: As stated [6 pages)

Criteria for Admission of Foreign Students in the MBBS and BDS Courses in Government Medical Colleges / Dental Colleges/Dental Units in Bangladesh for 2021-22 ademic year

A) Equivalence of Foreign Degret:
Must have pasked qualifying examinations (H$CI ‘A’ level) equivalent examination.
• SSC/”O” Level or equivalent exemination be passed preeding 3 years of HSC/A lovda equivalent.
ASCI’A’ level or equivalent examination be passed in 2021/2020
Minimum aggregate GPA in SSC/U”level or equivalent and HSC I ‘A’ level or equivalent
examination: 10(elehti
• Minimum GPA in SSC/O level or equivalent or in HSC”A’ level and equivalent examination 3.5
• Minimum GPA in Biology: 3.5
For calculetion of GPA ega: the marks obtained in SSC level or equivalent exam, only top 5
subjects are considered. Therefore; GPA in ‘O level (total marks obtained in top.five subjectsys.
• Optional subject shall be considered if GPA is below $(five)
. For calculation of GPA against the marks obtained in HSC/’A’ level or equivalent exam, only
subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) se considered. Qualifying Grade in cach sut
individually is “C”. Therefore, GPA in ‘A’ level= (total marks obtained in three subject)

B) Application Form: Duly filled application forms in triplicate along with following documents, copy of passport and 3 passport size pholographs are to be reached the Ministry of Foreign AlTairs, Dhaka by 17 April 2022 rough Bangladesh Missions abroad.

C) All certificates must be duly attested. By the competent authority, l.e. Education Board, the Foreign Ministries of the respective countries and respective Bangladesa Missions abroad.
• Successful applicants have to produce all academic certificates, admit cards and mark-sheets/transcripts in original at the time of their admission
• Tuition Fees: For Government medical and dental college students from SAARC countries will require to pay tuition and other fees at the rate changed to a Bangladeshi student. Students from other countries will heve to psy 55000 (five thousand) per academic year in addition to the tuition fees charged to a Bangladeshi

D) Application Fee: Each applicant must send USS 70.00 (seventy) /BD Tk 6,000/- as non-
refundable application fee by Telegraphic Transfer (T. TYSWIFT Code through
Name of Nostro A/C
Account No. SWIFT Code
Standard Chartered Bank, New York 3582020365001 SCBLUS33
Mashrea Bank Pse. New York
AB Bank Ltd, Mumbai
5001-000003-155 ABBLINBB
Beneficiary “Director, Medical Education & HMPD, DGME, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh. A/
No: 0430020002489 with Rupali Bank Ltd, Molakhali Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh, T. I received copy
Deposit received memo) must be attached with application forti.

E) Only Applications transmitted through Bangladesh Missions abroad will be accepted. Applications
must reach Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhakay 17th April 2022.

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