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Although China is said to be the father of ancient medicine, it is also called the father of modern medical science. Using state-of-the-art technology in Chinese medical science, they are controlling much of the world’s medical science today. MBBS studies in China have become very popular among European, Asian, and American students due to the low tuition fees and the benefits of graduation and post-graduation. Every year 8000 international students come to the China to study MBBS and about 2000 Bangladeshi students are currently studying there.

Procedure to MBBS in China :

If you want to do MBBS in China, you have to apply through an agent or a student of that University. Cannot be applied directly to any University. The minimum qualification to apply in MBBS is to have Total 8 GPA in SSC(10 Class) & HSC(12 class). It costs a maximum of about 745 Chinese Yuan to apply. After applying you will get offer letter and JW202 form from University. JW202 form is provided by the Ministry of Education. Students studying at the University usually do the processing work because they get some funds from the University if they can admit more than 25 students, they will get scholarships in post-graduation in the University.
You will need to face the embassy with the offer letter and JW202 form, and you will be given student visa ( X Visa). If you have applied after the deadline, you will receive an Visit Visa (L Visa), which the varsity will then convert to an X Visa. MBBS in China University is in English curriculum but your offer letter will have 1 year Mandarin language requirement. You can take this language course any one year during 6 years of study in China. BMDC(Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council) recognizes only 45 Chinese Universities (See here-BMDC Recognized Medical University in China).Which is your Country recognized University? Before  your varsity  admission you must check this. Upon passing the final professional MBBS examination, a provisional certificate is given to do the internship in your country, and at the end of the internship a full registration is given by Medical Council of your country(BMDC in Bangladesh or MCI in India etc).

But after 6 years in China, a final certificate is given.
Chinese Curriculum for MBBS Study = MBBS 6 years (including internship)
Point to be noted!

How to become a BMDC registered Dr after graduation study in China?

There are many people in Bangladesh who are studying MBBS at China. This part is very important for them. You need to pass BMDC Registration Qualifying Exam to get recognition in Bangladesh. You need to show your final certificate as a qualification for BMDC exam.

China Final Certificate is available in two ways:

  1. Studied in China for 6 years
  2. After studying in China for 5 years, he can back to Bangladesh and will do one year pre-internship in any private university.

What is a pre-intern?

All the clinical wards of medical college in Bangladesh from 3rd to 5th year is called pre-intern.  This can only be done in a private medical college. Depending on the college, Bangladeshi private medical colleges have to pay 2-4 lakh Taka for this. If you want to pre-internship in Bangladesh, you will get the final certificate without doing 6th year internship in China. However, you have to give an MCQ test of 200 number, where you can pass only after getting 120 marks. Usually those who study in the Peking University, Capital University, Sun-Yat Sen University, and CMU University these universities they are do pre-interns in Bangladesh as their tuition fees are very high than other Medical University in Chaina. Also, many people do it for the Mandarin language problem.

BMDC Registration 2024:

  1. After Completing MBBS in China
  2. BMDC Registration Qualifying Exam
  3. If you pass,jojn Internship
  4. Then Get Full Registration for practicing in Bangladesh as a doctor.

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