Fire at Rangpur medical College hospital 7 no ward.

in 7 no ward have Skin Department, Physical medicine Department, Neurology and Gastroenterology Department.

Have no any information to death by fire at Rangpur Medical College Hospital.

we are not confirm. When we will get proper news we will update the Information.

Rangpur medical College hospital news

Fire Control Situation Now

Fire are under control now. It control after 20 minutes after working of fire service team. The Fire Service team(5 unit), Electricin are working to control fire and Rescue the victims . The smoke of the fire coverd 3rd floor (specially Psychiatry Department) near main gate of the medical college.

at the result, All admitted patients of the Hospital are move from the Ward to outside of the hospital.

Source of fire

Some worker of the hospital say the source of fire from electricity. And some say, a patients of psychiatry Department fire at the matrass.

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