A guide to The MD/MS BSMMU Residency Exam in Bangladesh

BSMMU Residency Exam 2023

BSMMU Residency Exam

Residency exams are usually held on the 2nd Friday of November at the BUET campus each year. You can take the exam 1 year after completing the internship. The policy maker for this test and the entire course is BSMMU. Under BSMMU, various courses are running in various institutes and medical colleges. The total number of seats for different courses is around 1000. A total of 4 faculties are examined under. Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics & Basic and para-clinical. Gynecology is under the Faculty of Surgery. You will find the subjects in some faculties, how many seats, where there are seats on the website of BSMMU. Examination fee is 4000 Taka, before it was 5000 Taka.
The test is 3 hours. There are a total of 200 True False Questions. Mark 1 for each question. If a stem is wrong, it can be cut 0.05 (Very negligible). That means 1000 stams fall in 180 minutes and they have to fill the circle again. BSMMU does not provide any guidelines regarding mark distribution. But an idea is made by analyzing the questions of the past years.

BSMMU Residency Exam Marks Distribution

It is Possible Marks Distribution, BSMMU doesn’t offer any syllabus for Residency or Diploma Exam. But Diploma and BSMMU Syllabus and Preparation are almost same.

Anatomy30-40 Marks
Physiology35-40 Marks
Biochemistry5-10 Marks
Pathology30-40 Marks
Pharmacology20-25 Marks
Microbiology35-40 Marks
Faculty subjects (Medicine, surgery, Pediatrics, basic)15-25 Marks
Total200 Marks
BSMMU Residency Exam Marks Distribution

The range that I have given here is in question. Occasionally there may be more or less 2-3 questions.

Now let’s see what the curriculum is like after getting a chance at Residency. The course will start from March. Residency is divided into 2 phases.
Phase-A & Phase-B.
In Phase-A there will be rotation in different departments of your faculty for 3 months and after 3 months the block will be final, then the next block will start. For example, if you get a chance in Neurology, you will be blocked every 3 months, such as Cardiology 3 months, Nephrology 3 months, Haematology 3 months, etc. Then after 22 month when all the blocks are cleared you will give the final in phase in January.

If passed, Phase-B will start again from March of that year. If not, give it again in July after 6 months. You can give final exam in maximum 5 times in phase. Everyone knows what will happen if you don’t pass even 5 times. In Phase-B you will train your respectable subject for 3 years wherever you get a chance. Then there will be Phase-B finals.

While in the course you will get honorarium of 20,000 Taka per month for 5 years.

Residency has many advantages and disadvantages

BSMMU Residency Exam

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