How to Prepare for BCS Preliminary Exam

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How to Prepare for BCS Preliminary Exam
BCS Preliminary Preparation

BCS Preliminary Preparation within short Period

Today we will discus about How to Prepare for BCS Preliminary Exam within short moment. BCS means Bangladesh Civil Service. It is the highest prestigious government Job opportunity in Bangladesh. Most of the students want to be a BCS Cadre.

Tips for 44th BCS Preliminary Exam

1. Make a Proper Plan

Know the Syllabus properly, Collect a preliminary lecture plan of a coaching, then, write the subjects in a paper according to the topic. Tick ​​the day you read the topic. Finish all the topics once 7 days before the exam. Make a routine like yours. Make the planning above, keep it in front of your eyes, when you see it, you will want to read it, and you will see what has been read and how much is left.

2. Group Study and Exam

Talk to an interested person like you or a few seniors and form a messenger group with 10/15 people, share all the topics in the exam as long as you finish. Make one question every night and the rest will take the test. If it is 10 people, one person has to ask three questions in a month. If you continue to wear it, you will be able to finish it quickly.

3. Daily Exam through online or offline

Get admitted anywhere online or offline, give regular exams, finish your daily reading

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