Tips for new doctors and new passing final professional MBBS students

Internship tips for new doctors in Bangladesh 

MBBS means Bachelor’s of Medicine and bachelor’s of Surgery

Which rules are important during internship for a new doctors in Bangladesh?  

Many thing are very important During Intern periods for a new doctors in Bangladesh. Some of them we mention in this article following it: 
  1. If the internship starts earlier, it will end earlier. Internship Completion Certificate, BMDC Certificate can be taken earlier. Many people cannot sit in BCS or postgraduation for a short time.
  2. Everyone fill up the BCS form. Not doing government service is the next thing. It is better to do FCPS part I/MD/MS Residency part I /MPHand BCS quickly.
  3. If you have made a gap in MBBS, they should be serious about one year of internship. Learn from seniors.Then no one will teach. It is better not to do clinic duty if there is not much problem of money during internship
  4. What should I do in my career? I have to make it full and final during the internship. Get details from FCPS, MD, M Phil,Diploma,MPH to the Seniors or teachers or Our Website, keep preparing.
  5. If you want to pursue a career in basic or paraclinical out of the country, keep in touch with those who are already out and collect info from them.
  6. You will hear about the frustration and lack around the medical profession from now on. But keep in mind, everyone’s luck is pre-determined.
  7. At one time many people will be bored with the medical profession. There are many. But remember the medical profession is really the greatest profession in the world. There is a lot of respect and love in this profession.
  8. Many times the patient’s relatives, journalists, political leaders will disturb you. There is no need to get involved in troubles and arguments with them.
  9. Those who did not pass this time. stop crying,upset, and prepare for the supplementary exam.
  10. Find out those seniors , many have become part I postgraduation, come with BCS viva but they did badly for the first time in final professional exam. Again many have passed the first time final professional exam but have not yet been able to do anything.

You should remember : 

Life is a 200 meter race competition. Someone runs 100 meters hard first, someone last 100 meters. Everyone touches the finish line. Someone read a little before. So keep running.

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